Published 27 Jun 2023, 2:16 p.m.

Lucksome is one of those gaming studios that continue to impress us with top-notch online slots. If you've ever played a Lucksome slot, you'll know how innovative this company is - high-end graphics, awesome animations, innovative features, and, most importantly, big payout potentials!

Bryan Upton, Founder, and Johan John, Senior Product Manager at Lucksome, participated in our interview series to give our readers insight into the studio's history, work, as well as upcoming releases. If you want to learn more about Lucksome's top-performing games, as well as get a sneak peek into their upcoming titles, keep reading the interview!

Welcome, Bryan and John! We're so glad to have you and Lucksome in our interview series. First things first, could you introduce yourself and Lucksome to our readers?

"Hey Slotswise and Slotswise readers!  We are Bryan and Johan, and we make games in our studio here in Malta with a small team of talented people, Team Lucksome!"

voodoo temple slot

Your slots are really eye-catching, which makes us curious about the creative process. Could you give us some insight into it?

"Our process kicks off with a seed of an idea. This could be an exciting game mechanic, an enticing theme, or even a distinctive art style. Once this seed grows into a full-fledged concept, we shift gears to the pre-production stage.

Here's where the magic begins as our artists and game designers pool their talents to create compelling game mechanics, a striking visual style, an immersive soundscape, and a compelling narrative. It's all about ensuring every piece of the puzzle not just entertains but also enhances the total gaming journey.

The next stop on the journey is the production stage. In this phase, our devs work their ways, turning the creative designs into tangible, playable features. The goal here is smooth, engaging, and bug-free gameplay. The aesthetics and mechanics work together to keep the player thrilled and anticipating what’s next.

saint nicked slot

Meanwhile, our math wizards are working behind the scenes. They're crafting the game's algorithms behind the mechanics, making sure the odds, payout structures, and overall RTP is aligned with industry benchmarks and our commitment to fair play.

Once we've got the game's main elements in place, we move to the testing phase. Rigorous internal testing ensures all components function perfectly. 

Then comes the localization process, where we adapt the game to the various markets we cater to. This involves translating the game into different languages and fine-tuning certain features to align with cultural nuances.

Finally, just before release, we submit the game to accredited testing labs. They independently validate the game's compliance with the laws and regulations of our target markets. It's our way of making sure our players get a top-notch, fair, and fun gaming experience, no matter where they are."

You’ve launched a new slot titled Bon Bomb™ Bonanza Hyperboom™. Could you give our readers a short introduction to the game and why they should play it?

"Certainly! Bon Bomb™ Bonanza Hyperboom™ is a 6x5 scatter-pay game that's full of sweet surprises. What makes it stand out is the innovative Hyperboom™ feature, a collection-style mechanic that boosts multipliers as you collect winning symbols during win streaks.

bon bomb bonanza hyperboom slot

The excitement starts when you collect 50 winning symbols, which upgrades the Hyperboom™ meter, boosting the multiplier that starts at 2x. Watch for the Candy Bomb symbol as its explosion rewards the total win from that spin with the Hyperboom™ multiplier. This multiplier is uncapped, giving players massive winning potential. Also, more bombs add they multiply together to get even bigger wins!

Landing four Scatter-Bonus symbols triggers the Free Games bonus round, where the Hyperboom™ multiplier begins at 5x and doesn't reset, escalating the win potential. The feature now needs just 25 winning symbols for the Hyperboom™ meter to upgrade the multiplier.

In some jurisdictions, the game includes a side bet to double the chances of winning Free Games and an option to buy into the Bonus game at a lower price point, adding more thrill. With a maximum win of 20,000x, Bon Bomb™ Bonanza: Hyperboom™ provides an explosive, fun gaming experience packed with innovative features and massive winning opportunities."

And what about Treasures of the Dead™ Hyperlines™? How challenging was the development process of this game, and how complex are the implemented features?

"It was definitely a challenge!  Firstly taking on one of the world’s most loved mechanics, then adding the persistent state and spiciness of the Hyperlines and then presenting that in a way players can understand was definitely a challenge but one we scaled with finesse I would say!"

treasures of the dead hyperlines slot

What was your inspiration for the Gates of Etherea slot?

"I would coyly say Never Ending Story and the Sphinx Gate!  We loved the mysterious and deadly feeling of that part of the film."

How important would you say the collaboration with Blueprint Gaming has been for your success?

"They have been more than critical.  They have a wide and ever-growing distribution network, a robust platform and a technology stack, and they know how to build games fast and very well.  Without their support, Lucksome’s journey would’ve been longer and more challenging."

gates of etherea slot

Can you name the top 3 slots from Lucksome that should be checked out by players who have never tried your games before?

"Saint Nicked (yes, I know it's not Christmas, but the game is hilarious, dare you to disagree!), Bon Bomb Bonanza is very much liked by players.  The Game that started it all, Divine Links.  High Volatility? Voodoo Temple, dark, beautiful and fiery wins!"

Could you give us a sneak peek of what’s coming next from Lucksome in 2023?

"We're absolutely blazing a trail right now! We've got so many irons in the fire: our latest release, Bon Bomb Bonanza with the explosive Hyperboom™ mechanic, has hit the ground running and is creating quite the buzz!

divine links slot

Come July, we're upping the ante with the launch of Joker Lux and, of course, 6 in Chamber. Then, hold onto your hats because in early September, we're rolling out our groundbreaking Dynamic Ways mechanic FatStacks™ with the inaugural game, Miami Cash. 

But that's not all for sure.  We've got a legendary sequel in the works based on a brand you'll definitely recognize, and we're cooking up two entirely new grid game concepts as well. The sky is looking pretty blue for Lucksome.  Stay tuned for more updates soon!"

Thank you for your time! Is there anything you would like to share with us before we say goodbye?

"If you’re interested in what we do and are doing, please subscribe and follow us on Instagram and Youtube. We only post when we have something important to say, so don’t expect a lot of spam from us, or you can visit us on our website

Feedback is always welcome!  Thanks for having us Slotwise!  Bry and Johan"

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