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Present on the market for over 25 years, Bluberi Gaming claims to make “Gaming Built Around You”. It has developed a great selection of games that are predominantly used in cabinets for land-based casinos. Here are the best Bluberi Gaming slots!

Everything You Need To Know About Bluberi Gaming

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Our Verdict on Bluberi Gaming

We highly recommend you Bluberi Gaming. Bluberi has been in this game for 25 years and the main focus is on providing a thrilling experience to players.

Once you enter the site, you will be greeted by the motto of “Gaming Built Around You” and news about their latest slot games. Plus, all you need is easily accessible, from the games, to support their support and even to reach out to the sales department.

About Bluberi Gaming

Established in 1994 and based in Montreal, Canada, Bluberi Gaming Technologies is a company that is actively providing land-based casinos with exceptional casino games. This provider offers a protection program through patents and trademarks for numerous gaming concepts which include community gaming jackpots, tournaments, bonuses and game bonuses. 

​When it comes to licenses, Bluberi Gaming is licensed to operate across land-based casinos in the United States, Latin America and Canada. That’s why it adheres to the strict guidelines of the US states where the games are available. As mentioned previously, European casino players and players from the rest of the world can play Bluberi’s games via the Quickfire platform at online casinos.

Based on the fact that the company has a built strong relationship with software giant Microgaming, you can have an idea of the quality and reputation of this exciting games developer.

So, why choose Bluberi Gaming slots over other providers? Because this provider incorporates different games, from simple fruit machines, fun bingo games to deluxe 3D titles too. 

Bluberi Gaming Games

Players can enjoy a wide range of different games, from simple fruit machines, fun bingo games to deluxe 3D titles too. The company also made linked games that shared a progressive jackpot, enabling players to win a slice of the jackpot from whichever of the linked games they are playing.

The most dominant games at Bluberi are slots. Some of them have 2D graphics, some of them follow modern industry trends. Also, some of them have 3D graphics and cut-scene animations with interesting themes and characters and themes.

For example, you can play with a lumberjack called TimberJack. There are also a variety of multi-level progressive jackpot games as well as bingo games available. There are four different 30-ball bingo games including Doubling' Bingo, Turkey in the Straw Bingo and Touch the Gold Bingo.

bluberi gaming

There are three different types of progressive jackpot games available to play. You can choose from AP (Local Progressive Jackpots), WAP (Wide Area Progressive Jackpots) games and there are LAM or WAM (Mystery Jackpot) games. Players can compete against each other to win a special prize or the jackpot. Also, the progressive jackpot games are available only across land-based casinos. 

The video slots are divided into 3 different categories: Classic, Deluxe and Premium. The most entertaining ones are the games from the Premium category, which feature 3D graphics and animations and interesting 3D cartoon-like cut-scenes. These games are focused around more unique themes, like the Conga Party slots and Lobster Creek.

The Deluxe games have innovative bonus games, free spins and creative wild. You can find the Cash & Cheese slot where you get to win additional money in the Mouse Spins mode by finding as many pieces of cheese as possible and if you find the Mouse in the centre your win is multiplied.

The Classic games have a bit more traditional themes and symbols like fruits, bells and the most famous game from this category are the Cherries Gone Wild slot. 

Popular Bluberi Gaming Slots

Some of the most popular games released by Bluberi Gaming are the following:

Cherries Gone Wild Slot

This memorable 30 payline, 5 reel video slot machine slot gives you the ability to wager for a minimum of $0.01 per slot spin. Symbols such as red seven, blue seven, green seven, Cherries Gone Wild game logo and a Gold bell can place you into the Fruit world. 

cherries gone wild slot

Conga Party Slot

This is a wonderful 30 line, 5 game reel online video slot. The music and dance design are well thought out and the returns are good. To begin, you can start wager of $0.01 up to a large bet of $15, you will find there are a lot of options. Once you start playing this slot game, we’re sure it will continue to keep your interest.

conga party slot

James Win Slot

WIth 30 lines and 5 reels, this amazing James Win game is a blast to play. You have a chance to play for a minimum of just $0.01 on a slot spin. You can also include all 30 lines to up a bet to the max of $30. An insane payout will have more than one wilds on James Win in the final tally. 

james win slot

Honey Buziness Slot

honey buziness slot

This 30 pay line, 5 reel video slot machine is something exceptional and fun to playHoney Buziness gives you the ability to play for as little as just $0 .01 on a slot spin. Also, all 30 lines can be included to place a bet as big as $30. Also, a great big advantage of playing This slot game is the fact the slot's wild icon bear wild allows you to connect pay combinations with any other icons.

RoboJack Slot

robo jack slot

RoboJack is a neat slot with the 243 pay-line, 5 slot reels. Playing this video slot brings more than enough fun by showcasing symbols including a treasure chest, a battery powercell, a robot sporting a $ and an atom. You can wager on RoboJack from an initial minimum bet of $0.01 to $0.50.

Mobile Experience

Bluberi Gaming is an HTML5-based online casino which means that you can access the site from any smartphone and tablet device you want. The mobile looks amazing on smaller screens so you can play your favourite slots on the go.


Bluberi Gaming has been for 25 years, offering a vast selection of games, including the latest slots, jackpot games and many more. The site is very easy to use and navigate and once you land on it, you will be greeted with the motto of “Gaming Built Around You”. Feel free to check the best Bluberi Gaming slots released so far and see if there's something for your taste!


Are all Bluberi Gaming slot games mobile-friendly?

Yes, they are. As they are built with HTML, that means that all the games can be accessed from a desktop or any tablet and mobile device. The mobile experience works in the same way as it does on the desktop version.

Are the slot games from Bluberi Gaming secure?

Yes. Bluberi Gaming is fully licensed and regulated to operate across land-based casinos in Latin America, Canada and the United States.

Which are the most popular slot games from Bluberi?

The lobby contains online slots, jackpot games, live casino games with Augmented Reality features. and even bingo games. The most popular ones are Conga Party slot, RoboJack slot, Honey Buziness video slot, Cherries Gone Wild Slot, James Win online slot and many more.

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