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Gamevy is a British developer of gambling games for online casinos founded in 2013. They have an interesting list of unusual slots that are based on quizzes, scratch cards and have jackpots, some of which have even won awards. Keep reading to find out more!


The company aims to promote its name and brand by presenting itself as a young, vibrant, and exciting team of people. They have a license to host gambling activity from the UK Gambling Commission – one of the most renowned and respected licensing authorities in the world of real-money gaming.

Gamevy Slots

Gamevy has not released many slots so far, but all of them appeal to users due to their unusual gameplay. Here are their most popular titles:

The Heist

The game which picked up that promising accolade is called The Heist and the strangest thing is that it doesn't feature spinning reels, nor a spinning roulette wheel. There are no playing cards in sight either. Instead, players in The Heist become the contestant in an exciting game show. Players still need to place a wager, but the gameplay itself is a mix of luck, skill and general knowledge, which means that players can rely on more than just sheer chance to win prizes. The game features a futuristic underground vault where players must enter by taking steps along a booby-trapped platform. Each step could result in a safe pass, open a general knowledge question, or trigger an alarm. If you make it into the vault, then you get the chance to play for the top jackpot by selecting random cash bags to steal.

Gears of Fortune

This is a trivia game in which you have to spin the gear to accumulate winning images on the scales. A special symbol opens a window with a question and each correct answer will increase your payouts.

Boss the Lotto

Boss the Lotto video slot is based on the "pick me" principle and your task is to collect six balls with prizes to get a guaranteed payout and all subsequent winning balls increase the prize already awarded.

Diamond Deal

Here, players open boxes on the game screen and have four attempts to find the diamond in one of them. One diamond gives you an award and restores the previous failed attempts and you are allowed to make another try to find one more winning symbols.

The Link

The Link is  a video slot with three reels, eight paylines, five types of pictures and a Wild symbol. Winning combinations land in three ways – three of them run horizontally, three vertically and two diagonally.

SpinLotto Scratch

As the name suggests, this is a lotto based scratch card which features two lines, one with your numbers and the other with winning numbers. You receive a prize if at least one number appears in both lines.

Our Opinion

Gamevy are definitely an atypical software company, although the general outfit is quite typical of the contemporary e-gaming scene. However, by being innovative and offering something different to the table, they are quickly developing a certain popularity which makes them stand out in the crowd. Players have more control over the action, whether it is simply picking random objects or answering quiz questions. That way, there is not just luck standing in the way between the wagers and a jackpot prize, which is definitely a plus.

If you like what you read, make sure to give Gamevy products a try!

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