Online slots have become one of the most fascinating and fast-moving gamble games of all time. They appear by far later than the Roulette of Blackjack for example, but since the possibilities are endless with these awesome games, the focus might have twisted a bit.

In this article, we will be talking about the online slots, and how you can play these games.

History of Slots

The slots have been around since 1887 when the First Poker Gambling Machine was invented by Sittman and Pitt. It took nearly 100 years for the first video slot to be developed, as in meantime everything was manual and the land-based slot machines required a person standing next to it to do the payouts and take coins manually.

In 1996 the first online slot machines started to appear and since the online world opens up more possibilities, the slots progress faster to what we have now.

Online Casinos

Before playing any slot game, you should consider finding an online casino where you can play the games at. The online casinos are the places where you have a selection of slots which you can choose from and play them all at the same place.

Just like the brick and mortar casinos, the online world acts the same – you want to find a comfortable place where the people know you, you have your favourite spot, you enjoy the lights and the music in the background and you feel happy in your comfort zone. It’s the same with the online casinos, as the more you play the more loyalty points you receive and your rewards will be more lucrative.

The online casinos constantly have welcome bonuses and promotions for its players, so you can search for a welcome bonus that you might fancy, depending on whether you want free spins, in-game cash or some facilitators like bonus cash to play with. Search for the casino that enhances your gameplay and makes you feel safe and happy.

You can search for a game on the affiliate sites, and they have a ton of casinos to offer you, usually with reviews already written, which will help you make the decision.

How to Play Online Slots

Online slots came to this world in mid 1990s, and they had only three reels and one single payline. Nowadays, you can find slots with more than 100,000 paylines and reels beyond your imagination, but the core of the game stays the same – choose a denomination, level of the game, and hit the spin button. It goes way deeper than this, but the basic Principe of playing the slot games is the same as it has ever been.

Different developing companies have different style of creating their games, meaning you will find some different slots all over the online gambling market.

Spinning the Reels

After you’ve chosen the casino and the slot that you want to play, it’s time to start playing the game.

Spinning the reels is the only way you can make a difference in the slot game and win some lucrative prizes. The slot is played by setting the denomination 1st and then by choosing the level of the game and number of active paylines.

Once that’s done, you should hit the “Spin” button, usually located at the bottom of the screen.


Before spinning the reels, you can check the Paytables under the same named button which will tell you all about the paylines of the certain game you’ve chosen to play. The paylines are the lines that you need to land the same symbols at, and if a number of the same symbols land on the same payline, a winning payout follows.

Depending on the game, there are different number of paylines that you can see, from one payline up to more than 100,000 in certain unique games.


The denomination plays an important part of the slot gaming, as this is where you control how much cash you will invest in the game and how much the game will return to you.

Obviously, the more cash you invest you can expect more in return from the game, and the other way around.

All of the games have a fixed range of denomination that is previously stated by the gaming company, therefore if you are a played that wants to play with higher denomination and earn astonishing prizes, some games may be too low for your standards, so try to keep an eye on that when choosing a game to play.


The symbols are your tools in the slot game, and if you want to leave the game with a payout and with more cash than you joined it with, you need to pay attention to the symbols. Depending on the game, each has different symbols and different combinations that you can play with. In the Paytable menu you can see the symbols and you can see how they payout for a certain amount on the active paylines.

As soon as you hit the Spin button the symbols will start to spin and hopefully land in a winning combination.

There are special symbols that you can land, such as the Scatter and the Wild symbol, the Free Spins or Bonus symbols or different kinds of special symbols that activate the bonus features of the game, substitute the symbols and participate in the winning combinations of the normal symbols.

Bonus Features

Nowadays, almost every online slot game has bonus features to enhance the gameplay of the slots. The bonus features are usually the place where most of the money are awarded to the players, and they can be in form of wheel of fortune, pick up from selected objects, board games or something innovative and completely new, depending on the company that produced the slot.

There are way more options that you can use, like the Auto Play and Bet Max features, but we have them explained in every game, so it’s up to you to choose the game from our site, and you will be on your way!