Published 27 Jul 2022, 1:37 p.m.

Pariplay is a popular iGaming aggregator, known for its innovative products and services. You may have heard about Pariplay's unique Fusion aggregation platform or its Ignite Studio Development Program. The company is present in a wide range of markets and has partnered with some of the biggest gaming operators in the world. 

We've had the chance to talk to Callum Harris, Director of Partnerships at Pariplay, and learn more about the company's history and unique products. It was great to take a sneak peek into the effort Pariplay puts into developing innovative products and technologies. So, if you want to see what Pariplay has done and what else the team is planning to release in the future, continue reading our interview!

Welcome, Callum! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. Before we begin, could you introduce yourself and Pariplay to our readers?

"Pariplay is the No. 1 aggregation platform and content provider, best known for innovative products including the Fusion® aggregation platform and the Ignite® Studio development program. The Fusion platform is designed to present operators with not only over 13,000 games from the industry’s leading developers but also a comprehensive suite of back-office conversion and retention tools.

We also recently re-branded our in-house gaming studio, resulting in the birth of Wizard Games. It’s a distinctive business unit within Pariplay, with a dedicated team, that has already produced some excellent, innovative and engaging products."

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What do you believe is the main advantage of Pariplay compared to other gaming companies?

"Our Fusion® aggregation platform allows for a unified approach to content delivery, focusing on providing greater efficiency and exceptional ROI for our partners.

Gaining new customers can be difficult and costly for both operators and suppliers. Our motto, and business approach, is to make life easy for them. As a direct outcome of working with us, they put in less effort and get for better results. Our offering allows us to stand apart through the scale of content and a commitment to ensuring partners get the attention they deserve.

We pride ourselves on the breadth of content we can bring to market. This can be our partners through Fusion, or our Ignite program, which sees a collection of different suppliers able to build titles on our platform. Through our broad umbrella collection of companies, we’re able to provide more than 100 operators with the potential to have a complete verticals solution through a single API – from sportsbook to slots.

In addition, another key advantage of our platform is the way it allows for rapid deployment of this great amount of content through the fastest and most flexible integrations.

We also provide swift access to regulated markets, we are currently able to provide our aggregation service in more than 20 regulated jurisdictions all over Europe, the US, Canada and Latin America."

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Your Games Studio has been rebranded to Wizard Games. Could you tell us more about Wizard Games? Why rebrand?

"The rebrand was part of a strategic move to allow Pariplay to be positioned specifically as a leading aggregator and studio partner, with Wizard Games a separate entity developing products that form part of the wide-ranging content offering (along with other game vendors).

The Wizard Games strategy is to combine time-tested recipes with innovative ideas, to deliver the most value-driven iGaming experiences for regulated markets around the world. Quality content will always win out and we have already seen our games gain real traction in regulated markets all over the world."

A couple of months ago, we also had a chat with Joey Hurtado, Managing Director at Wizard Games. Click here to read our interview and learn more about Pariplay's Games Studio! 

Your games are filled with innovative features and in-game mechanics like wilds, free spins, multipliers, etc. How do you decide upon features that are added to the games?

"It’s all about tailoring a game so that it includes features that are appropriate for that particular title. We want our players to be engaged and entertained and it might be that a certain mechanic might not work as well within the framework of one title compared to the other.

There is an expectation from a broad spectrum of players, though, that they are served a regular diet of games that are rich in features. For our design team, it’s vital that we combine innovative elements with game styles and mechanics that players have grown to know and love. In short, it’s a balancing act."

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What is FUSION and how does it benefit the gaming operators?

"Fusion® is the first aggregation platform that is able to offer operators casino games, sportsbook, instant and live games, virtual sports, poker, fantasy sports, and bingo, seamlessly within a single API. The volume and diversity of content provided by Fusion® is of huge importance, as operators can offer a portfolio of titles that will appeal to all player demographics and preferences.

Partnering with Pariplay means operator technical teams can spend time on innovation and on improving products, instead of dealing with the numerous direct integrations that would be required to offer games from a double-digit number of suppliers. Our platform also does a lot of heavy lifting for suppliers, meaning that studios can focus on core game development instead of investing time and resources in direct integrations, while also gaining access to the worldwide regulated markets we hold licences in.

Additionally, Fusion® enables operators to gain access to various player engagement tools to provide an added level of excitement. These tools are designed to boost engagement, increase ROI and drive-up retention rates, helping operators stand out in the crowd."

And what about the Ignite Studio development program? What does it offer to the gaming studios?

"The Ignite® program is a flexible, turnkey development framework for game developers to create and deploy globally through our comprehensive set of iGaming licences. This means they get maximum coverage immediately on launch, leveraging Fusion’s global regulated network and Pariplay’s proven technologies. Ignite supports any coding language and allows for games to be built much more quickly and with substantially lower costs, empowering game developers to reach global markets."

We are curious about your engagement tools: Pariplay Tournaments, Spin That Wheel, and Raffle Rocket. Could you share some details about the inspiration and development of these tools?

"The Fusion® Tournaments solution adds excitement to a player’s game journey through a simple configuration that comes at no extra cost to the operator. It works out of the box across any third-party title and features a real-time leaderboard and seamless, cross-platform UI. It also features segmentation and flexibility, meaning operators have the choice of what rewards to offer and when, and can be run at no cost to the operator.

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Spin That Wheel ™ is a lucky wheel tool that engages and rewards players through a feature that can be launched on top of any third-party title, increasing revenues at no extra cost.

Raffle Rockets, our newest engagement tool, offers a powerful solution to boost player engagement by enabling operators to create a raffle promotion in three simple steps. The options within Raffle Rocket are customisable and can fit into any promotion or campaign and there are multiple rewards options. With all three of these examples, it’s about handing the controls to the operator to help give them a competitive advantage, without incurring any added costs."

You have a strong presence across European and American markets. Do you have plans to expand your business to more markets?

"We see huge potential for aggregated content within regulated markets across LatAm. What’s important in this region is that platform providers such as ourselves are able to put before players content that truly resonates with a particular country or region.

It’s really exciting to already see how up-and-coming games studios are dedicated to producing fresh, locally relevant content within LatAm and our Fusion® aggregation platform and Ignite program will help get these sorts of games to market quickly. In LatAm and elsewhere, we believe the new breed of dynamic studios can play a major role in attracting and retaining players who have specific preferences that are common to a particular region."

What else can we expect from Pariplay in the near future?

"More (much more) of the same: more games, more engagement tools and more regulated markets worldwide. Naturally, North America is a region of real interest for the iGaming industry and we will continue to seek licences as new states and provinces open up for business.

In these regions, we know that our aggregation platform is extremely powerful in providing operators with everything they need to hit the ground running. At the same time, we will never stop thinking outside the box to come up with fresh innovations that can help our partners hit new heights. These are exciting times not only for Pariplay, but for the iGaming industry in general."

Thank you Callum for your time and insight into Pariplay's games and future plans.

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