Published 26 Jan 2023, 9:03 a.m.

Playson is a leading game developer that achieved great success so far and, thankfully, shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon.  The games you can find in Playson’s library are very impressive in the sense that they offer some truly spectacular and realistic visuals. On top of that, the company provides fantastic promotional mechanics and features to its partners.

Since Playson is one of our favourite slot providers, we hunted down its Chief Operating Officer, Vsevolod Lapin, to learn more about its releases. We talked about the popular Playson slots, the company's awards, promotional mechanics, and more. In addition, we found out what are the key reasons behind Playson's games being received so well by the players. Let's find out!

Welcome, Vsevolod! We’re really excited about Playson and are eager to hear more. But first, could you introduce yourself and Playson to our readers?

"I’m Vsevolod Lapin, the Chief Operating Officer at Playson. I oversee administrative and operational functions for the company. This includes planning our product portfolio, enhancing the games production process and expanding our presence in a variety of target markets. 

As for Playson, we are an ambitious slots provider which supplies top-notch content to online casinos across 22 regulated markets. We offer a portfolio of more than 80 omnichannel casino games that have been tested and certified in European territories. This offering consists of immersive animal-themed Hold and Win games, as well as fantastic fruit and book-themed mobile-first slots, available in many currencies and languages."

bozo cats slot

Playson won the Best Provider Award at the 2022 SlotsWise Gaming Awards. Why do you think you deserve this award?

"I believe we deserve the award simply because we offer products that have proven to enhance the operations of our customers. We are confident in our ability to engross players. We understand their demands and know what entertains them – whether it’s the theme, math, promotions or features. 

We feel that the performance of a title is a crucial part of what makes our relationship with casino operators a success. This is why we’re committed to curating and releasing content that not only impresses a wide range of players but motivates them to play. 

How many games are in Playson’s library? How many games are being released per month/year?

"Currently, we have a library which consists of 84 casino titles, with the most recent releases being Treasures of Fire: Scatter Pays, Pirate Sharky: Hold and Win and Hit the Bank: Hold and Win. 

Normally we aim to release around 15 to 20 games every year, but in 2022 we only managed to release 14 as a big part of our team is based in Ukraine. But for us, it’s all about quality over quantity, as at least half of our new releases are now among the top ten best-performing games – a testament to the brilliant work our developers and designers do. "

pirate sharky slot

Not only do your games look fantastic, but they also come packed with awesome features. We love your promotional mechanics, so can you tell us more about them?

"We always aim to offer our players the best possible product. This is demonstrated by the power mechanics seen in our Hold and Win titles, as well as the fantastic ten-spin cycle feature seen in our popular Solar games. 

Both of these features deliver a high-octane and immersive gaming experience whilst maintaining the rhythm of gameplay and making it suitable for short mobile playing sessions."

You recently released the Hit the Bank: Hold and Win slot. What can players expect from this release?

"They can expect their nerves to be tested as they work alongside the most fearless and charismatic gangsters in Chicago. Anyone who’s flirted with the idea of robbing a bank will enjoy this new release as they have the perfect chance to empty the vault. 

hit the bank hold and win slot

If that wasn’t enough, we’ve included a thrilling Bonus Game – one which exhibits a complex yet dynamic way to boost winnings. During this mode, a row above the reels displays different boosters for players to win. On offer is a 100-bet increase to each Coin symbol or the chance to multiply values by up to x50. 

The high volatility nature of this game is something which will attract a wide range of players; meanwhile, the artwork is something to be seen and truly eye-catching."

Can you give our readers a short introduction to the Royal Coins 2: Hold and Win slot and why they should play it?

Royal Coins 2: Hold and Win is a continuation of one of our most well-received slots. Staying true to the classic fruit-slot format, we implemented the traditional 3x3 layout but also paid close attention to how we can enhance this version. 

With Royal Coins 2, we wanted to give players a more engaging and immersive gaming experience. Our talented development team went back to the drawing board and created some of the most artistic symbols and animations available. 

royal coins 2 hold and win slot

As a regal slot, we wanted to make use of orchestral audio-visuals and harmonise this with the classic fruit slot feel. This is why, when players receive huge wins, Johann Strauss Sr.’s iconic Radetzky March can be heard in the background and Mozart-like music drives the bonus game. 

Aside from this, the title includes the usual features that entertain many across the world. A key addition is a superb Pile of Gold feature, which gives users the chance to trigger an additional Bonus Game.

And what about the Treasures of Fire: Scatter Pays slot? What was your inspiration for this release?

"This fiery slot is our first game that features the exciting Scatter Pays mechanic – we wanted to diversify our portfolio and give players the chance to benefit from an easy-to-understand feature that has grown in popularity. With Scatter Pays, all players have to do is match at least eight symbols to receive a win during any spin. 

treasures of fire scatter pays slot

Fans of Game of Thrones will fall in love with this mythical release as it invites players into a dragon cave filled with treasures, while the addition of the thrilling new mechanic promises a truly captivating gaming experience – with symbols paying anywhere on the reels."

In your own opinion, what are the key reasons behind your games being received so well by the players?

"Strong game mathematics and engaging mechanics is king, these are the foundations that make a brilliant game, and it’s crucial that you get the basics right. Another reason why our games are so popular is due to their sharp graphics, immersive themes and beautiful animations. Once you have a fine-tuned mathematics model, great artwork becomes the next area of focus. 

Offering a mobile-first interface is quite vital these days, so we place great significance on developing a world-class user interface – one which is merged successfully with familiar mechanics that keep players engaged. This allows our content to be enjoyed by a wider range of players, as they can play the titles remotely and don’t need to rely on a desktop or laptop."

If you could choose one, what would you say is your favourite Playson slot being released so far?

"I would have to go with the enchanting Solar Queen, which was first released in 2019. It’s such a special game for Playson, as it allowed us to enhance the quality of our mechanics and art - setting a benchmark for all future releases. From the very beginning, I knew that this title would be a huge hit as it provided the perfect combination of high-quality math, animations and features.

solar queen slot

Solar Queen established Playson as a brand capable of delivering top-quality and original games. It simply put us on the map and elevated our position in such a competitive industry. Even up to this day, the game is used as a gateway to our portfolio, and it’s a fantastic starting point for newcomers."

Could you give us a hint about some upcoming slots or maybe some new in-game mechanics?

"Towards the end of January, we’ll be releasing Pirate Chest: Hold and Win, a brilliant title that will feature the iconic Hold and Win mechanic, which is key to unlocking huge wins. The new release is packed with a host of features that are bound to keep players immersed as they try to take home treasure chests filled with golden riches. The game has it all: Free Spins, Boost symbols, Jackpots and Mystery symbols – so make sure you drop by our stand. 

pirate chest hold and win slot

Thank you for your time! Is there anything you would like to share with us before we say goodbye?

"We’re set to launch an exciting new promotional tool called Short Races. This fantastic standalone feature offers short competitions that provide players with an engaging gaming session. It’s a great addition to our strong promotional offering, and we can’t wait for fans to enjoy what’s on offer. We’ll be exhibiting the tool on our stand at ICE 2023, where delegates at the event will have the opportunity to experience it firsthand."

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