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Aurum Signature Studios

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Aurum Signature Studios is one of the newer providers to enter the iGaming world and has delivered some really exceptional slots so far. The studio has become a partner of one of the leading names in the industry and continues to grow. You can read more about what Aurum Studios has to offer in this in-depth review below.

Aurum Signature Studios Games

Everything You Need To Know About Aurum Signature Studios

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Our Verdict on Aurum Signature Studios

Unlike other casino games providers, Aurum Signature Studios consists of an independent team of experts and enthusiasts, that include artists and developers alike. Quickly after being established, the studio released a few excellent games, which caught the attention of players and other providers.

Because of this, in 2020, Aurum Signature Studios entered into a partnership with Games Global, a titan in the iGaming world. Today, the studio creates video slots exclusively for Games Global. You can read this full review to learn more about the specifics and what this provider can offer.

About Aurum Signature Studios

Aurum Signature Studios first entered the scene in 2019, which is quite recent. It was founded in South Africa, specifically in the city of Durban, which is still where the headquarters is located. Technically, the company has only about 3 years of experience, but it is made up of talented experts that have been creating some exceptional games so far.

Being a partner of Games Global and creating video slots exclusively for it means that Aurum Signature Studios also operates in accordance with the same rules and licences. This is quite important because it entails that the Aurum slots are safe and they offer random outcomes and fair play.

It appears that Aurum Signature Studios still hasn’t managed to win any awards. However, something that sets this company apart from the competition is the fact that it specialises in creating bespoke video slots. In other words, the developers would create titles exclusively for a specific brand. The studio has also released a few general games as well, which have no brad affiliation.

Aurum Signature Studios Review

Aurum Signature Studios Games

The portfolio of Aurum Signature Studios currently boasts around 30 games in total, which is not bad. However, the releases might be a bit slower, as the company seems to focus on quality rather than quantity.

In terms of the types of games it offers, Aurum Signature Studios’ main and so far its only focus is video slots. The company still hasn’t ventured into creating other types of casino games, such as table games or video poker, and it continues to release only high-quality slots.

Jackpots have not been omitted from the Aurum slots either. Since this studio is a partner of Games Global, it included the incredible Mega Moolah progressive jackpots into some of its titles too. This means that in addition to the excellent visuals and gameplay, jackpot enthusiasts can also find something to enjoy.

Aurum Signature Studios Portfolio

The artists at Aurum Signature Studios make sure that all of the games they release are packed with immersive and captivating visuals. The appearance of each game perfectly matches the theme, so players can enjoy fitting colours and designs for each experience.

One thing that is not consistent with the Aurum Signature Studios’ slots is the theoretical RTP rates. Depending on the game you choose to play, the RTP can vary from 96% to as low as 93%. When it comes to the jackpot slots, the RTP would naturally be considerably lower than the industry average.

You can find a great portfolio of games at Aurum Signature Studios, which can provide an incredibly entertaining experience. As we mentioned, the slots are made with captivating visuals, but they also come with engaging backstories, elaborate gameplay and great potential prizes.

Popular Aurum Signature Studios Slots

The Aurum Signature Studios slots include fun and immersive gameplay that can potentially deliver some exciting rewards as well. When it comes to the layout arrangement, the developers seem to prefer the standard 5x3 layout. However, they combine it with top-notch graphics, immersive visuals, and captivating backstories. There are also some exciting bonus features as well, which may be of great help if you manage to trigger them.

Some of the most popular Aurum Signature Studios slots include Book of Mrs Clause, Wild Wild Romance, Mega Moolah: The Witch’s Moon, Knockout Party, and Deadmau5, among others.

Book of Mrs Clause Slot

With the Book of Mrs Clause slot, you can enjoy the Christmas spirit with some lovely visuals and a charming atmosphere. The theme is perfectly captured and you can also enjoy some fun bonus features as well.

Book of Mrs Clause Slot

Wild Wild Romance Slot

The Wild Wild Romance slot can take you on an exciting reel adventure to the dangerous frontier. However, romance seems to be blooming as well and you can spin the reels for the chance to win some exciting rewards. What’s more, there are some stunning visuals as well.

Wild Wild Romance Slot

Mega Moolah: The Witch’s Moon Slot

In the Mega Moolah: Witch’s Moon slot, you can immerse yourself in the fantasy realm, full of magic, spells, toads, and broomsticks, but that’s not all. In addition to the great atmosphere and visuals, the game also offers the Mega Moolah progressive jackpots.

Mega Moolah: Witch's Moon Slot

Knockout Party Slot

The Knockout Party slot is quite unique and different, especially when it comes to the theme choice. It combines over-the-top costumes and boxing, which might sound strange at first, but can actually create a fun gaming experience. The game is made with vibrant colours and a great soundtrack to keep you entertained.

Knockout Party Slot

Deadmau5 Slot

The Deadmau5 slot revolves around the world-famous DJ by the same name. You can enjoy an electric atmosphere, full of fun bonus features, interesting symbols, and an overall fantastic gaming experience.

Deadmau5 Slot

Mobile Experience

Aurum Signature Studios is a modern and sophisticated game creator that makes sure to provide the best possible gaming experience to its players. Because of this, all of the games are made with HTML5 technology, which allows you to play them even on the go. You can simply open the games directly in the browser of your smartphone or tablet and enjoy the same visuals and gameplay. What’s more, there is no need for any additional downloads.


All in all, Aurum Signature Studios is a promising video slots provider that shows great potential. The fact that it became a partner of one of the biggest names in the industry is good enough proof that it has something special to offer. 

The video slots that Aurum Signature Studios has released so far include captivating gameplay and visuals, great bonus features and potentially even some incredible prizes. Now that you’ve read all about the studio, you can check out some of the incredible video slots we offer here on SlotsWise and enjoy.


What types of slots does Aurum Signature Studios offer?

Aurum Signature Studios currently focuses exclusively on video slots and aims to provide the highest quality possible. So far the developers have not ventured out into other casino game types.

Which are the most popular Aurum Signature Studios slots?

Knockout Party, Mega Moolah: The Witch's Moon, Wild Wild Romance, Book of Mrs Clause, and Deadmau5 are among the most popular video slots in the Aurum Signature Studios portfolio.

Are the Aurum Signature Studios slots secure?

Yes, Aurum Signature Studios creates slots exclusively for Microgaming, which means that it also operates according to the same licences. This means that the games offer the same level of security and fair play.

Are the Aurum Signature Studios slots mobile-friendly?

Yes, all of the games are made with HTML5 technology, which means that they can be played on smaller devices as well. You can simply open a game directly in the browser of your smartphone or tablet and enjoy the same visuals and gameplay.

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