Released: 12 Jun 2020

The game takes place on an irregular reel-set that has three reels in the middle across three rows and one individual position along the sides. This layout produces 27 paylines and wins occur with at least three symbols which must land on adjacent positions across the reels, starting from the left. 


Scopa  Slot

Scopa Slot Review

Habanero Systems have taken the famous Italian card game Scopa and turned it into an online slot with an irregular reel-set, yet one that can churn out some sweeping wins. The game takes the Neapolitan style of playing cards, which involve some human characters as well as objects like vases, swords and sun discs, and mixes these on a game of 27 paylines. 

Scopa Introduction

Scopa slotmakes for a fun slot adventure on what is seemingly a simple game. The players can progress through several Italian cities during the free spins bonus, where each city comes with unique set extras, such as multipliers, and rules pertaining to the wild and scatter symbols. 

So regardless of whether you have player Scopa or not, the online slot makes any rules of the card game irrelevant, as the focus is solely on the paylines and the potential wins.

Scopa Design Features

In terms of graphic design the game i sunlike most slots we've come across in our experience as players and reviewers. Naturally, Scopa reflects some of the card game's cards, which are unlike a standard deck of 51. The symbols on the paytable are high-paying portraits and low-paying objects such as vases, sun discs, pikes and feathers.

The symbols are animated, but only slightly so, as they move or nod when part of a winning outcome. What is kind of bizarre is that the travel between the Italian cities is taking place not on a boat but on a train, while the setting does seem kind of Enlightenment-era with the buildings in the background.

Nevertheless, Scopa slots is lively in all aspects of the design and comes with a swell musical theme that adds to the positive impression.

How to Play Scopa Slot

Set up for the game by selecting a coin value and bet level. The first setting can be found in the bottom right area of the screen and to the left of the window that shows that account balance. By pressing the minus and plus buttons the players can scroll throught he available coin sizes, which range between one penny per BET and £20.00.

When the bet level is raised to higher levels, the coin size extrapolated across the fixed BET causes the total bet per spin to assume some exorbitant limits. The maximum bet on Scopa slot is an insane £3000.00 per spin.

At any rate, the players can certainly choose an amount from a wide range before pressing the play button, which can be found underneath the third and middle reel. One way to play Scopa is by programming the autoplay option. To do this, press the corresponding button and select one of the automatic spins number presets and add optional controls. 

How to Win Scopa Slots

Winning outcomes in the game are made with at least three matching symbols. The wild, which is a card that has a ribbon with that word scrawled across it, is a substitute symbol that can replace any other except the scatter and sun disc.

Multiple payline wins are possible in the Scopa slot when the symbol on the leftmost position is followed by another of the same kind on the second reel and yet another of the same, or a wild. Nevertheless, one payline wins is not the only thing this game can do.

In terms of symbol values, most lucrative is that of the king, which pays 17.50x for a win consisting of five symbols. On the other hand, three kings falling on adjacent reels pay only 0.95x multiplied by the winning bet, and that makes it apparent that the game doesn't return the wager with wins of only three symbols.

That's why there is the sun disc symbol, which pays 13x multiplied by the bet and interacts very well with the wild symbol.

Scopa Bonus Features

In terms of extra features, let's start with the Scopa payout, which is when all symbols on the screen are part of a winning combination. In the event, the game pays an additional 25x.

The scatter symbol triggers 13 free spins when three appear on the middle three reels. If the middle three reels are visited by the sun disc symbol and by the scatters, the free spins get a 5x multiplier on all wins. 

Each triggering of the free spins feature takes the player to a new city. The bonus begins in Genoa, which offers x1, x2 or x3 random multipliers with the wild symbols.

In the Milan games the wild comes expanded on the reels. In Naples, each wild symbol that lands will cause another symbol to become wild. 

In Tuscany, the low paying symbol category changes randomly into wilds, and lastly, in Venice, one wild is guaranteed to land on every of the 13 spins, on reels two, three and four during the base game, and two wilds during the free spins bonus. 

Each of the locations is unlocked following a bonus feature, and these can be changed by pressing the location button in the bottom right. 

Scopa Free Play

The game is available as a free play demo slot, enabling players to check out the gameplay and features with free credits.

Scopa Closing Thoughts

Typical for Habanero games, the paytable has some cruddy payouts, which means all rides on the bonus feature and the thing that the wilds can do on each location of the game.

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