Released: 6 Feb 2024

The Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis slot from ELK Studios continues the sag of the Nitropolis slot series. Bursting onto the scene with explosive flair, it delivers a post-apocalyptic mayhem, offering a chance to win a top payout of up to 25,000x.

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Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis  Slot

Gritty Kitty Of Nitropolis Slot Review

The Nitropolis series is likely the most famous series coming from ELK Studios, boasting the fan-favourite titles Nitropolis, Nitropolis 2, Nitropolis 3, and Nitropolis 4, which you can check out right here on SlotsWise.

The Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis packs many features. This one has Wild & Scatter Symbol, Feature Reel & Avalanche, Nitro Wild, Nitro Reels, Nitro Match, Nitro Upgrade, TNT Symbol, Big Coin, Big Symbols, Assassin Spins, and Free Spins.

Table of Contents 

  1. About Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis Slot
  2. Design, Symbols, and Graphics
  3. RTP, Variance, and Payouts
  4. Gameplay and Features
  5. Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis Casino
  6. Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis Mobile
  7. Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis Demo Play
  8. Our Verdict

About Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis Slot 

ELK Studios is back at its best, creating the Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis slot. That’s the first slot in the upcoming Nitropolis standalone series, The Battle of Nitropolis. 

Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis features six reels, 4-8 rows, offering a fantastic 262,144 payways. You can wager between 0.20p and £100 per spin, with a tempting maximum win of up to 25,000x their bet. 

The game is rich with features and offers two distinct bonus games, offering an immersive gaming experience. Keep reading to find out more. 

How to Play Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis Slot 

You can start playing the Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis slot by following a few easy steps. Here they are:

  1. Begin by researching and selecting a reputable UK online casino offering the Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis slot. Check and compare a few online casinos and examine their game libraries to confirm they have this excellent game.
  2. Ensure you have a proper budget before playing, promoting comfortable gaming and responsible play. That will make your time playing more pleasant and stress-free. 
  3. Familiarise yourself with the game’s essentials, including the slot’s six reels, 4-8 rows, potential 262,144 payways, and the paytable.
  4. Choose your wager wisely, with the game allowing bets ranging from 0.20p to £100 per spin.
  5. Have fun.

Gritty Kitty Slot

Design, Symbols, and Graphics

In this post-apocalyptic world setting, four animal clans rule. The action happens in a messed-up Chinatown with toxic gas coming from roof canisters. When you hit a bonus, everything turns purple for a remarkable contrast. 

Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis puts you in a futuristic Asian-style street. It’s like a wild party with banging music that mixes guitar, synth, electronic dance music, metal, and hip-hop. The game is a blast, and you are right in the middle of the action!

The lower-paying symbols – 10, J, Q, K, and A – pay 0.3x the bet for a winning combo of six. On the other paying side, the higher-paying symbols like tuna, pots, cats with masks, and Gritty Kitty reward 0.6x-3x the bet for a six-of-a-kind. 

Wild symbols boost wins by replacing other paying symbols. Additionally, landing three or more Scatters activates the Free Spins feature.

RTP, Variance, and Payouts for Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis Slot

The Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis slot has an RTP of 94.0%, which is below the industry standard. However, it provides high-volatility gameplay, so wins may be less frequent but more significant if landing. The top payout in this excellent slot is an impressive 25,000x your bet. 

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Gameplay and Features on Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis Slot

A lot of action is going on in the reels of Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis slot. Here are the top features that make the gameplay entertaining. 

Avalanche Feature

The winning symbols vanish after each win on the main grid (except Nitro Reels). The winning reel grows by one row, and symbols from the Feature Reel drop in, with new symbols filling the grid. 

The Feature Reel fills from the right. If there are new wins, the process repeats. The Max Rows feature might kick in during a spin, increasing rows to a maximum of eight.

Nitro Reels

Nitro Reels consistently occupy two symbol positions and can include a maximum of 12 1x1 pay symbols. On the other hand, Big Nitro Reels cover six positions on the grid and hold a maximum of six 2x2 pay symbols.

Feature Reel

On top of the main grid, the Feature Reel has three rows and six reels. It shows feature symbols, empty spaces, and empty cells. Feature symbols drop onto the playing grid through the avalanche feature, becoming active. These symbols include:

  • Nitro Match - switches Nitro Reels symbols to a random matching pay symbol.
  • Nitro Wild - replaces Nitro Reels symbols with wilds.
  • Nitro Upgrade - increases symbols in Nitro Reels.
  • TNT Symbol - explodes adjacent reel symbols.
  • Wild Symbol - substitutes any pay symbols, paying as the highest symbol.
  • Big Coin - gives instant payout when covering the Feature Reel.

Assassin Spins

Assassin Spins activate when the Assassin symbol covers the Feature Reel. You get three Assassin Spins with a chance for coins, Nitro Reels, TNT symbols, or blockers. 

If a coin lands, it locks in place and resets the spin count. Landing a Nitro Reel also resets the count. If you hit a Golden collector symbol, it collects the value from all coins on the grid.

Free Spins Feature

You’ll receive 8, 10, 12, or 14 free spins if you land three, four, five, or six scatter symbols. Nitro Reels stay sticky during free spins, and you can earn more free spins by re-triggering the feature.

X-iter Feature

The X-iter feature is unavailable in the UK, but it gives players in certain other jurisdictions the following options.

  • Bonus Hunt - Pay 3x the bet for a round with more than 3x chance of triggering the bonus game.
  • Big Blocks - Pay 10x the bet for a round with a guaranteed big symbol landing on the main grid and Feature Reel.
  • Nitrofest - Pay 25x the bet for a round with a guaranteed Nitro Reel on both the main grid and Feature Reel.
  • Bonus - Pay 100x the bet to purchase free spins.
  • Super Assassin Spins - Activate Assassin Spins with a maximum number of rows for 500x the bet.

Please note that the X-iter feature is not available in the UK. 

KItty Gritty Online Casino

Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis Casino 

Discover the excitement of Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis slot at top-notch UK online casinos offering ELK Studios’ latest releases. Choose online casinos with easy navigation, friendly customer service, and flexible payment methods for a smoother gaming experience. 

You should only join secure casinos with solid encryption and valid licenses to protect your info and transactions. Playing at a safe online casino ensures a fun time with Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis slot, plus peace of mind for stress-free gaming. Here are some great recommendations.

Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis Mobile

Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis brings the action to your fingertips with its compatibility with various mobile devices and operating systems. Whether you have an iOS or Android device, the game ensures an engaging mobile experience. 

Enjoy the vibrant graphics and thrilling gameplay, making every moment on your mobile a delightful and flexible gaming adventure wherever you may find yourself. 

Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis Demo Play & Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis Free Play

Discover Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis easily using the demo play option, allowing a no-risk exploration of the game’s features. The demo play is available at some online casinos, so browse around where you can play it for free and have fun without risking cash. 

You can also engage in free play by seizing a no-deposit or free spins casino offer, injecting additional thrill into your gaming experience. Uncover the game’s dynamics without financial commitment, and who knows, you might land real wins without investing your own money. 

Free play offers are enticing opportunities that ensure you understand the game’s excitement before leaping at real play.

Other ELK Studios Slots

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Our Verdict 

Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis keeps things familiar with its big blocks, Nitro Reels, and coin combo, offering many winning possibilities. The coin thing is not exactly new – many games use it, and I am starting to find it a bit repetitive. However, looking at this game independently, it’s pretty cool. 

Nitropolis fans will enjoy the regular bonuses and the new Assassin Spins. Despite my minor gripe about the coins, the Nitro Reels make it enjoyable. It’s a solid start for the series, and I hope for more gameplay innovations in the next sequel.

Discover the Gritty Kitty of Nitropolis slot by claiming a welcome offer from this page and playing at top-rated online casinos.

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