Released: 1 Nov 2007

No longer the sensation of old, but Double Diamond's 'Wild as Multiplier' schtick still distinguishes it from other single-payline slots

Double Diamond Slot

Double Diamond Slot Review

This game was created in 2007, but it might just as well have been produced in 1987 instead. Don’t worry though, it appears that this was the exact aim of the makers of Double Diamond slot. Single payline three-reelers aren't generally of much interest now, but there are quite a few players who enjoy this kind of old-fashioned games. If you’re one of them, then we think you’d be particularly fond of Double Diamond slot, an IGT game that is available at few of our partner sites.

The graphics are extremely old-fashioned, and the tune doesn't even come up to the standards set by good 1980s home computers. But then again, all that was done deliberately, and we can’t say that the game doesn’t serve its purpose. After all, it was released more than a decade ago and its still popular today. 

Double Diamond Overview

However, there is one rather intriguing feature that sets Double Diamond apart - and that, in fact, made this game something of a sensation when the original machine was doing the rounds in casinos and amusement arcades. There are no free spins, and no bonus games. What you do get, though, is a Wild that also acts as an award multiplier.

Score a winning combo that involves a single Wild, and you'll get double the payout. But should you have two Wilds making up your combo, you'll scoop four times the payout. And if you get a combination of three wilds, you can get 1,000 coins, which is the maximum payout in Double Diamond slots.

How To Play Double Diamond Slot

This game features a single payline, so the stake is decided in total, not per line. Once you choose how much you wish to wager, you can press play and set the reels to spin. Double Diamond slot RTP percentage is 95.44%, which can be considered an average percentage. The RTP isn’t influence by the amount of your wager, or how long you’ve been playing for. Your losses or wins don’t affect the odds on your next spins. 

The expected RTP reflects the theoretical odds over a very long period of time and a large number of players. A particular gaming session may vary in terms of RTP and it can vary both ways – i.e. it can be higher or lower than the advertised theoretical RTP. 
As the game is pretty straightforward and retro, there aren’t too many buttons either. In addition to the Play button, there’s only a wager button where you can set the stake for the next spin. There’s no Max Bet button or Autoplay.

How To Win Double Diamond

We’ve already told you that this game features a single payline, so you will need to get multiple instances of the same symbols across the single payline placed centrally on the reels. The symbols are the standard symbols that you get on retro games – bars, sevens and cherries. There’s also one special symbols that acts as a wild, i.e. that can replace standard symbols and complete a winning combination.

You can get a winning combination with different bar symbols, as long as all three symbols placed across the payline are bars, it doesn’t matter if they are double, single or triple bars. In addition to being a wild, the game logo also acts as the award multiplier. One of the Double Diamonds will produce 2x the win, two Double DIamonds in a winning combo creates 4x the win, and three Double Diamonds scoops 1,000x the bet.

The cherry, on the other hand, is the only symbol that pays regardless of how many instances appear across the payline. Even a single cherry generates a payout double times your wager. Still, the highest payout in Double Diamond Slot is the winning combination consisted of three game logos and in that case you will win 1,000 times your stake. 

Double Diamond Bonus Features

It is fair to say that this game doesn’t come with any standard bonus features, after all this is an old-fashioned fruity game. Despite the fact that the game is retro and still has a few advanced, modern features, such as the wild symbol. Old games didn’t come with wild symbols, so this is a novelty compared to older slots. 

Our Double Diamond Review

Despite the fact that this slot was released back in 2007, it is still played today and that says a lot. It doesn’t feature amazing graphics, after all was released more than a decade ago and its theme is retro, but still, if you’re not looking for graphics, this might be a fun and refreshing game.

Double Diamond is featured at some of our partner casinos, so if you’re looking to play it, register, claim your bonus and have fun!

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