Released: 11 Dec 2018

A game based on the Russia's last royal family - Romanov Riches slot is a Microgaming game released in 2018, 

Romanov Riches Slot

Romanov Riches Slot Review

Perspective matters a lot when it comes to history and historical events. Often events that are considered glorious by some, are shameful in the eyes of others. Still, we wouldn’t read too much into historical events and figures displayed on the reels of a slot game, as slots are meant to be fun and enticing, not to teach us history. You’ll surely understand why we start Romanov Riches slot review with this note.

Basically, we’re not here to discuss the history behind it, but the game itself, and Romanov Riches slot is one classic Microgaming slot, so if you have ever played a Microgaming, you will find multiple aspects of Romanov Riches quite familiar.

Romanov Riches Overview

The symbols that appear on the reels of Romanov Riches slots are, we could say, quite generic. You’ll see gems and standard card symbols – 10 to Ace. On the other hand, you will see a number of more specific symbols in the background, behind the reels. You will see necklaces, rings and other pieces of jewellery. You will see no members of the Russian last royal family on the reels though, as many feel that it would’ve been inappropriate.

Even though this game features 15 paylines, the minimum wager is still consisted of 20 coins, whereas the total stake is 20 multiplied by coin size. The music is quite cheerful and arcade, it will remind you of retro video games, like the ones that were popular in the early 1990s.

When a winning combination of occurs, you will see some animated features. Things will get quite colourful. Visually and in terms of gameplay options, Romanov Riches will remind you of other Microgaming slots, as we already mentioned.

How To Play Romanov Riches

Before you can press the spin button you will need to choose a stake, or alternatively go with the default option, but that’s still a choice. As we said, the minimum stake is 20 coins, where the minimum coin value is one penny, so the game can be played with a minimum of 20p.

The maximum amount that you can wager on a single spin of Romanov Riches is £100. We would advise caution if you intend to wager a larger amount, as it is generally not a good option to place more than 1% or 2% of your total stake on a single spin.

If you set your coin size to 50p and the number of coins at five, you will be playing with £100, but you can also click on the max bet button and set the stake at £100 directly.

The game features a lot of other settings and options. You can choose a range of options for the sound settings and select if you like basic graphic features or advanced ones.

How To Win Romanov Riches

A winning combination in Romanov Riches slot is formed when at least three instances of the same game symbol are arranged across a payline, but they have to be arranged from the leftmost towards the rightmost reel.

If a combination is consisted of three of the lower valued symbols, the win will match the amount that has been wagered per coin. So, if you’re playing with a quid per payline and you hit a winning combination consisted of three 10s, you will win a single quid.

In addition to the standard symbols that appear on the reels during spins, the game also features a wild symbol that can replace all other symbols except for the scatter. The wild also awards the highest winning combination, but only when you hit five symbols across a payline. In this case, you would win £5,000 if your wager amounts to £100, or £500 if you play with £10.

Romanov Riches Bonus Features

This game comes with three bonus features:

  • Mystery Stacks
  • Re-Spin Feature
  • Game Bonus

Every reel on Romanov Riches comes with a set of mystery symbols and when the feature is activated a single symbol takes the position of the set of mystery symbols, whereas the other sets will be substituted by different symbols.

When you get a matching stack of symbols the re-spin bonus will be triggered. Stacks have to appear on two to four of the reels. They need to start at the leftmost reel, just like a winning combination. The stacked reels are locked during every re-spin. However, if you get all reels to be stacked, a re-spin will not be triggered.

A set of bonus symbols triggers the bonus game in Romanov Riches. The bonus game comes with multiple reels and the number of activated wheels depends on the number of symbols – three stacks trigger the first wheel, four trigger the first and the second and five trigger all three wheels.

Our Romanov Riches Review

While it doesn’t feature the Tsar, the Tsarina or Rasputin on the reels, this Microgaming slot comes with few exciting bonus games. The RTP is 96.08%, so slightly higher than average.

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