Released: 1 Apr 2012

An iconic film becomes an iconic slot, as Scarface combines strong action with a pulsating mini shootout game

Scarface Slot

Scarface Slot Review

What We Say -Al Pacino's gangster-turn remains one of the more iconic roles in Cinema. Here it's recreated in all its bloody (and hyper-violent) glory in this X-rated slot. Cut-scenes and snatches of dialogue from the film are scattered throughout, making this far more than a game with the Scarface title tagged on. The reel symbols are suitably brooding, and the various effects are graphic and hard-hitting.

However, what really makes this slot a hit is the sheer range of Wilds. The main Wilds are all Stacked. Spin them so that all three parts of the reel are filled with the Wild, and its magic features will be activated. The Nudge Wild is very nice for notching up big bonuses, and can be found only on the second reel. The fourth reel Wild unlocks the lucrative Free Spins game, where you get 15 free spins and a 3x Multiplier to amass some stunning winnings. Best of all, though, is the third reel Bonus Wild, which takes you through to a pulsating Bonus Game, where gunmen try to surround you. Pick your targets carefully, and try to shoot them before they can get to you - the more enemies you gun down, the higher your final bonus will be. You can also spin Partial Wilds, and these can be used to create full Stacked Wilds.

The way the game handles Wilds makes it rather distinctive. Some very nice bonuses are available, and this slot mixed style and substance to create one very explosive package. If you like film or heart-stopping action, this is a fabulous slot.

How to Win - Stacked Wilds are available on the second, third and fourth reels. In each case, the Wild to fill the entire reel before it is activated. On the second reel is a Nudge Spin that nudges down a place while the other reels spin to create further combos. On the third reel is  the Scarface Bonus Wild, which triggers a Bonus Game where you have to shoot the enemy - the more enemies you take out, the higher the bonus. The fourth reel Stacked Wild scores you 15 free spins and a 3x Multiplier. Partial Stacked Wilds can also appear, and these can turn into full Stacked Wilds.

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