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Northern Lights Gaming

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This European company is one of the latest aspiring software developers that has created about a dozen of exciting video slots so far and is certainly on the right track to becoming a big name in the industry. Read more about what it offers and check out the video slots, right here on SlotsWise.

Northern Lights Gaming Games

Everything You Need To Know About Northern Lights Gaming

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Our Verdict on Northern Lights Gaming

This may not be a company that you have heard of, but it is possible that you have played one of their games, as most of them are made in collaboration with some of the biggest names in the iGaming industry and they are played in many casinos.

Northern Lights Gaming was founded by extremely talented and professional individuals that have been a part of some of the biggest video slots in the past and certainly know how to bring exceptional gaming experiences to their players. Continue reading and learn all about this aspiring company.

About Northern Lights Gaming

The Northern Lights Gaming story began in 2017 when a small but highly experienced team founded this company in the hopes of creating something new and exciting. The headquarters is in Stockholm, Sweden, but recently another office was opened in the city of Manchester, UK.

This company creates all of their games in accordance with the strictest rules and regulations of the markets. They have also accomplished this by making sure to create their games in collaboration with bigger and more established companies that already hold licenses from some of the most reputable jurisdictions.

northern lights gaming

Winning prestigious awards is never easy, especially not in this extremely competitive industry. Northern Lights Gaming is also a young company, so it still has a ways to go before it wins any official accolades and recognitions, but considering its work ethic, the company is definitely on the right track.

With Northern Lights Gaming, you can find some really incredible games and the founders wanted to showcase that through the name of the company. That is probably why they chose to use the name for the magnificent aurora lights, which are certainly some of the most stunning sights in the world.

Northern Lights Gaming Games

As we already mentioned, Northern Lights Gaming has not created a lot of games yet, although they are constantly working on developing new ones and expanding their portfolio. So far, their official library consists of about 13 games in total.

Most of the newcomers focus exclusively on video slots at the beginning and that is also the case with Northern Lights Gaming as well. All of their games belong to the video slots category, which means that the company doesn’t offer any table games or bingo, at least not yet.

northern lights gaming games

There are unfortunately no games that offer jackpots either. The maximum win potentials of these video slots are great and can bring you great profit, but there are still no fixed or progressive jackpots on offer. Hopefully, the developers will include jackpots in their future releases.

You can look forward to excellent HD graphics and impressive visual design that are definitely a big plus when it comes to the overall experience. The sharp visuals make it a much more enjoyable experience and allow you to fully immerse yourself in the theme of the game.

Another great thing about the video slots by Northern Lights Gaming is the satisfactory RTP rate of the games. The developers have made them suitable for all types of players by making them above the industry average. Hopefully, they will continue this trend with the games in the future as well.

northern lights gaming slots

When it comes to diversity in terms of the themes and concepts that the games revolve around, it can be said that the majority of players will be quite satisfied. All of the games have a different theme, but there is only so much you can include in 13 games. However, even with the ones they have so far, you can look forward to very entertaining gaming experiences.

Popular Northern Lights Gaming Slots

It seems that the developers at Northern Lights Gaming wanted to play it safe for the time being, which is why they did not experiment with any unique and more dynamic layouts and ways of playing. 

The games come with the somewhat standard 5x3 format, but they are equipped with great bonus features that include collecting scatters and the innovative Ultraways mechanic.

It can be said that God of Fire, Divine Diamonds, Rock the Cash Bar, Aurora, and Niagara Falls are some of the most popular video slots by Northern Lights Gaming.

God of Fire Slot

In the God of Fire slot, you can join Hephaestus, the Greek god that will accompany you in his realm where you can earn big. The visuals of the game are incredible and the god can use his powers to conjure up some exciting bonus features and help you out.

god of fire slot

Divine Diamonds Slot

With the Divine Diamonds slot, you get to indulge in a great retro-styled game that includes classical reels and symbols. You can earn many great prizes with this game, but the biggest wins can be achieved by collecting as many scatters as possible.

divine diamonds slot

Rock the Cash Bar Slot

Rock the Cash Bar slot is a really surreal game that will take you to a nightclub full of fruits and drinks. The neon lights are everywhere, from the symbols to the bar and they create a really exceptional atmosphere that is just perfect and will make you feel like you are on a crazy night out.

rock the cash bar slot

Aurora Slot 

This game presents the name of the company and it seems to be just as phenomenal. Aurora slot will take you to a forest illuminated by the moonlight and the colourful northern lights. The atmosphere is magical and immersive, plus you can win great prizes.

aurora slot

Niagara Falls Slot 

Niagara Falls slot is a retro-looking video slot designed to look like a land-based slot machine. It is a really fun game to play with a unique atmosphere and many great bonus features such as stacked symbols, multipliers, shakes, and more. 

niagara falls slot

Mobile Experience

The exciting gameplay and sharp visuals can also be experienced on mobiles and tablets alike. The games are made with all the latest technology, which means that you can play them even on smaller devices that run on Windows, Android, or iOS operating systems. There are no downloads necessary and you can play them directly in the browser of your preferred device.


It is never easy for an aspiring new company to make it in such a competitive and dynamic industry, but it seems that Northern Lights Gaming is doing really well in that regard. 

The company has managed to prove itself with the great games it has created and also to collaborate with some of the biggest names in the industry, which proved to be a very productive decision.

All of the games you can find in the Northern Lights Gaming portfolio are engaging and they offer lots of fun, including potentially very lucrative outcomes. The games may be simple when it comes to gameplay, but they also include great bonus features to help you out. 

Check out some of the games we offer here on SlotsWise and enjoy!


What types of slots does Northern Lights Gaming offer?

Northern Lights Gaming is still a young company and so far it has only focused on developing exceptional video slots, so you won’t be able to find any table games for example.

Which are the most popular Northern Lights Gaming slots?

God of Fire, Divine Diamonds, Rock the Cash Bar, Aurora, and Niagara Falls are some of the most played Northern Lights Gaming slots today.

Are Northern Lights Gaming slots secure?

Northern Lights Gaming created its video slots in collaboration with some of the biggest names in the industry, which means that they are all in accordance to the licences that those companies hold.

Are Northern Lights Gaming slots mobile-friendly?

All of the Northern Lights Gaming slots are made with sophisticated technology that makes it possible to play them on smaller devices that run on Windows, Android and iOS operating systems.

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