Released: 13 Dec 2022

Go on a space adventure with the Reapers slot! Follow the Reaper in the hunt for energy deposits to collect wins. With an 8x8 reel, the Reapers slot is easily playable on all devices. Energizers, Erupters, Expanders, and much more awaits players. Keep reading to find out how to win up to 20,000x your bet!

Reapers Slot

Reapers Slot Review

The Reapers slot from Print Studios is an 8x8 grid slot where you create a winning combination when landing five or more matching symbols in a cluster. Unlike many regular video slots, the space-themed Reapers slot comes packed with about a dozen unique features for players’ entertainment. 

Table of Contents 

  1. About Reapers Slot
  2. Design, Symbols, and Graphics
  3. RTP, Variance, and Payouts
  4. Gameplay and Features
  5. Our Verdict

Reapers slot

About Reapers Slot 

The Reapers slot comes from Print Studios, one of the youngest gaming providers in the industry. They are enthusiastic and creative in making their slots, and the Reapers slot is no exception. 

This space adventure slot uses the Cluster Pay mechanic and comes on an 8x8 grid, with cluster pay wins instead of regular paylines. The minimum bet in the game is 0.25p, and the maximum bet is £50, and I recommend starting with the lowest bet to see how the game works before raising the stakes. 

The minimum bet is not as low as in most other slots, which may not appeal to beginners. However, the slot is worth the try, as it can land players some nice wins if lucky. 

The winning combinations in the Reapers slot occur when at least five symbols of the same type land in a cluster. The maximum win in this slot is 20,000x the bet, which is a bit higher payout than other grid slots. 

Regarding features, they sure look cosmic - Reapers, Barries, Collect, Energizer, Charges, Special Abilities, Expander, Energizer, Linker, and Erupter are the top features of the game. 

Design, Symbols, and Graphics

I have played many space-themed slots that looked similar. However, the Reapers slot has a unique feel thanks to its 8x8 game setup and the exciting symbols. 

The Reaper dominates the game, searching for energy deposits. There are pillars on the sides of the game grid, and the Reaper gun sits in the bottom right corner. The gun interacts with the reels during the gameplay, shooting at the grid, which I found astounding.  

Reapers slot review

Regarding symbols, there are various aliens in different colours - blue, green, purple, orange, and red. If you land at least 15 of the same symbol in a cluster, you will get rewarded between 25x and 500x the bet.

During spins, you can activate five special abilities - Energizer (blue), Linker (green), Transformer (purple), Expander (orange), and Erupter (Red). 

The game sounds and lively tune perfectly match the overall atmosphere, and many players will enjoy the gameplay. 

RTP, Variance, and Payouts for Reapers Slot

The Reapers slot comes with an RTP of 96.47%. The volatility is high, and the maximum payout is 20,000x the bet. 

In our Variance, Volatility, and RTP Guide, you can learn more about return-to-player percentages and other essential definitions. 

Reapers slot print studios

Gameplay and Features on Reapers Slot

The basic gameplay goes on an 8x8 reel, with 64 positions where the game symbols land. The majority of the playfield does not have symbols on individual spins, so creating winning clusters feels and plays out differently than other grid slots. Now let’s look into the main features of the Reapers slot. 

Collect Feature

Each time there is a winning cluster, a reaper that matches the winning cluster symbols will appear on the free space adjacent to the winning cluster. The Reaper transforms the winning symbols into energy cells ready to collect. 
Charge Feature 

After the Reaper collects five energy cells, its charge ability gets enabled. Then it can shut down one of the barriers. 

Reapers slot reapers feature

If the Reaper collects one of the power core symbols, it will activate its unique ability. The colour of each Reaper determines which of the following unique ability it will get:

  • Energizer- each Reaper generates an additional energy cell;
  • Erupter- multiplies the value of collected wins up to 10x;
  • Expander- allows the Reaper to contain symbols within a 4x4 radius; 
  • Linker- links with other reapers and exchanges energy cells;
  • Transformer- transforms symbols for higher payouts. 

Bonus Game Feature 

Once all barriers on the grid get unlocked, players can regain control of the energy cell facility. There are five levels, each containing 75 grids with unique symbols. 

Bonus Buy Feature 

This feature may not be available to UK players, but I will shortly explain what it does. This Bonus Buy feature is not even remotely similar to other buy features in regular online slots. 

With this feature, you can buy up to five guaranteed reapers, but purchasing them does not guarantee you will unlock all barriers necessary to enter the bonus game. 

The price for buying five reapers is high - 425x your current bet, which makes me wonder if it is worth it to pay so much if it does not guarantee to unlock all game barriers and reach the higher-paying bonus game.  

Other Print Studios Slots

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Our Verdict 

The Reapers slot provided me with an exceptional gaming experience. This was my first time playing a space-themed slot with such unique features. And I am confident it won’t be the last. Overall, playing this game felt like a mix between a slot game and some arcade video game.

Reaching new levels and progressing in the story is something we can see in video games, so creative minds from Print Studios did a great job mixing and creating such an exciting slot.  

The game was a bit challenging to understand at first, but the great thing is that there is an excellent tutorial that guides you when you start playing. As soon as you grasp the game, you will have no problem understanding its mechanics and gameplay. 

There are a variety of reapers in the game with unique abilities to activate. Various boosts and levels offer attractive gameplay. The game developer put a lot of effort into making a unique design and visual effects, which many will find exciting. 

Perhaps this game will appeal less to more traditional players, but anyone seeking something new and extraordinary will find the Reapers Slot a pleasant alternative. 

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