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Pulse 8 Studios is among the latest software developers to enter the iGaming industry and it has not disappointed in what we have seen so far. It is a company that works exclusively for one of the biggest names in the industry, so read on to learn about all the details.

Pulse 8 Studios Games

Everything You Need To Know About Pulse 8 Studios

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Our Verdict on Pulse 8 Studios

Pulse 8 Studios is not a company that has a lot of experience under its belt, but the games it has created are definitely the opposite. The company has created several exceptional games since its inception, which offer high-quality gameplay and worthy prizes.

As a company, Pulse 8 Studios works exclusively for Microgaming and creates video slots for their portfolio, which is only further proof that it brings something special to the table. You should read on if you want to learn more about the company’s accomplishments, or you can directly try some of their video slots.

About Pulse 8 Studios

Pulse 8 Studios is a UK-based company, which was established back in 2019. This makes it one of the youngest companies in the industry with a career of only about 3 years. However, Pulse 8 Studios has obviously proven very capable and it has created several incredible games so far.

As we already mentioned, Pulse 8 Studios creates its video slots exclusively for Microgaming’s portfolio, which also means that it works in accordance with the same rules and regulations. In other words, their games are completely secure and offer completely fair play.

pulse 8 studios

Since this is such a new company, it still has a way to go, before it can become a leading member of the industry, but it seems to be on the right track. Pulse 8 Studios has not won any prestigious awards yet, but considering their work ethic and their determination, they certainly will in the future.

The Pulse 8 Studios’ logo is a red Chinese dragon and that is what the company and the team consider themselves to be. The three main values of the company are fearless, ferocious, and enigmatic, which can also be seen in the types of games they make.

Pulse 8 Studios Games

We’re sure that you have guessed by now, but Pulse 8 Studios doesn’t have an extensive portfolio, which is only natural, as they haven’t been a part of the industry for very long. So far, their library consists of only about a dozen games, but they are constantly adding new games.

The team of developers at Pulse 8 Studios is still perfecting the craft for making exceptional video slots, which is why the company hasn’t ventured out into the other spheres of the gambling world, such as table games, bingo, keno, poker etc. Video slots are still the only thing they offer to their players.

pulse 8 studios slots

However, one thing that the developers have decided to include is jackpot games. There aren’t any games with progressive jackpots yet, but you can find a couple of games that offer incredible fixed jackpots that are worth playing for.

In terms of the graphics and the appearance of the video slots, Pulse 8 Studios does a really great job. The company definitely lives up to the role of working for one of the biggest and most influential names of the industry, so you can expect really immersive visuals, enhanced by exceptional graphics.

Now as far as the RTP of the video slots is concerned, Pulse 8 Studios is not particularly consistent. The theoretical RTP rates of some of the games are around or slightly above the industry average of 96%, while the others are way below that value and can even go down to around 93%.

pulse 8 studios games

Generally speaking, the Pulse 8 Studios video slots are really fun to play and they offer really enjoyable experiences. The red Chinese dragon logo is also a symbol of the types of games you can expect, as most of the games are heavily influenced by Asian culture.

Popular Pulse 8 Studios Slots

We already explained what Pulse 8 Studios offers in terms of both visuals and themes and they always combine them in really exciting and entertaining concepts. Because they still don’t have many games, the video slots are all played out in a typical way, so there are no games that employ the Megaways engine or the cluster pays system for example.

The most popular video slots by Pulse 8 Studios include Relic Seekers, Treasures of Lion City, 777 Royal Wheel, Basketball Star on Fire, and Ladies Nite 2 Turn Wild.

Relic Seekers Slot

With the Relic Seekers slot, you get to immerse yourself in an incredible adventure that involves searching for an old and powerful artefact. You will join a group of daring explorers and venture out to forgotten parts of the world in order to win amazing prizes.

relic seekers

Treasures of Lion City Slot

The Treasures of Lion City slot will take you deep inside a forgotten cave that hides precious gems, Chinese artefacts, and lots of gold. The game comes with an incredible atmosphere and fun bonus features to help you in your quest.

treasures of lion city slot

777 Royal Wheel Slot

The 777 Royal Wheel slot is a classical video slot in terms of the theme, but it does come with a certain level of glamour in regards to the appearance and the atmosphere. The highlight of the game is the wild wheel feature that can bring you some incredible prizes.

777 royal wheel slot

Basketball Star on Fire Slot

The Basketball Star on Fire slot is a perfect choice for all the basketball fans out there, as it offers a great atmosphere in the middle of the court. You will get to spin the reels while you are surrounded by a huge crowd and you might just win one of the 5 fixed jackpots.

basketball star on fire slot

Ladies Nite 2 Turn Wild

It seems that it’s Ladies Night in the club and with the Ladies Nite 2 Turn Wild slot you will be put in the company of several gorgeous ladies, who can bring you a lot of luck. The game offers an interesting wheel bonus, similar to the one in the 777 Royal Wheel slot.

ladies nite 2 turn wild slot

Mobile Experience 

All of the Pulse 8 Studios video slots are made with state-of-the-art HTML5 technology, so you can enjoy them even if you are on the go. It allows players to play these games on any Windows, Android, or iOS device, without having to worry about additional downloads.

pulse 8 studios review


Pulse 8 Studios is definitely on the right track to becoming a household name in the iGaming industry. The fact that it is still a young company, yet it has already been taken under Microgaming’s wing is definitely proof of that. All of their games are incredibly fun to play and the Asian influence that is present in most of them brings its level of originality.

As they say it themselves, the three main values and principles of Pulse 8 Studios are fearless, ferocious, and enigmatic. They are constantly working on perfecting their craft and coming up with new and exciting mechanics. You can check some of their most popular titles right here on SlotsWise.


What types of slots does Pulse 8 Studios offer?

Pulse 8 Studios is a new company that works exclusively for Microgaming. Its only focus is video slots of exceptional quality and they are made for Microgaming’s portfolio.

Which are the most popular Pulse 8 Studios slots?

Relic Seekers, Treasures of Lion City, 777 Royal Wheel, Basketball Star on Fire, and Ladies Nite 2 Turn Wild, are some of their most played releases.

Are Pulse 8 Studios slots secure?

Yes, because Pulse 8 Studios is a subsidiary of Microgaming, it means that it follows the same strict rules and regulations, so there is no worry about safety or fair play.

Are Pulse 8 Studios mobile-friendly?

All of their games are made with sophisticated HTML5 technology, which means that you can enjoy them in the browser even on smaller devices, without the need for additional downloads.

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