Released: 21 Feb 2020

Golden Cryptex is not your typical online slot game because it includes cracking the cryptex code in order to be awarded free spins. Provided by Red Tiger Gaming, the slot is scheduled to be released next month. It comes with a couple of interesting features, such as golden spins, golden pointer bonus, second chance feature, and more. Golden Cryptex involves cryptography and is a pretty unique game. Are you ready to crack the code?

Golden Cryptex Slot

Golden Cryptex Slot Online

Do you actually know what is a Cryptex? It exists in real life and it was featured in the famous novel The Da Vinci Code. A Cryptex is a cylindrical device with symbols that can be rotated. If the user matches the right combination of symbols, the Cryptex opens and reveals its secrets. This story was transferred into the Golden Cryptex slot where you are able to crack the code hidden in the Golden Cryptex and win free spins.

Golden Cryptex is a video slot developed by Red Tiger Gaming and will be available to play from the next month. It will feature five reels and three paylines, as well as a mix of interesting features. A slot which has medium to high variance, Golden Cryptex has the potential to reward up to 1,525x the stake and its RTP is 95.78%.

To crack the golden cryptex code, players first have to choose bets that can range from £0.10 to £60. There are no individual lines to select here. You just have to pick the bet amount that will go in the next spin, three paylines are used, and that’s it. The symbols are a combination of silvery gold royals and premium symbols. 


Even though Golden Cryptex is not a typical slot that you are used to these days, it is very well designed and graphics is a strong point to it. We will say that this is a mystery-themed slot since your job is to spin the reels to reveal symbols and find the code. The game is presented as a cylinder as host for the five reels, with three symbols on each reel. All in all, it is a well-made slot with high-quality graphics and the soundtrack provides a pleasing gaming environment.

How To Play Golden Cryptex Slot

Don’t worry, you don’t need to learn code cracking in order to play this slot. Yes, the game’s reels are placed inside a cryptex, but spinning the reels is the same as in any other slot. You place your bet that can be from £0.10 to £60 and click the spin button. The buttons for placing bets and spinning are located under the reels, in a friendly place. 

First, you place your bet with the plus and minus buttons, then click the yellow spin button on the right side. Next to them is the Autospin button located, which allows you to let the game spins by itself for a number of times that you choose. Spinning the reels is enough to crack the code, but you need to form a winning combination of five symbols on the middle row first.


The symbols you will find in this slot are a mix of premium symbols and silvery gold royals (10-A). The premium symbols are a star, bell, horseshoe, and the number 7, all styled with precious metals and gems. 

How To Win Golden Cryptex Slot

You need to form a combination of five identical symbols in order to win. With its five reels and three rows, the game can make great payouts on the three always active paylines. The most valuable symbol of them is the ‘7’. Land five 7s and you’ll win 150x times the stake.

As far as the gameplay is concerned, the base game has a tendency to get repetitive at some point, but there are various features to mix things up.

Golden Cryptex Slot Bonus Features

Golden Cryptex’s features involve cracking the cryptex code which is not hard code. Just land five matching symbols and the mechanical pieces will twist and turn. There is a line above the reels where five symbols are placed, and this is called the Cryptex Code. 

These symbols are aces during the base game, but they chance when free spins are activated. On the left side of the reels, there is an arrow called the Golden Pointer which points to the middle row during the base game. Your goal is to get five Aces on the Golden Pointer for which you will be awarded 10 Golden Free Spins.

Moreover, if three or four Aces land on the Golden Pointer, there is a chance that the game will respin the other rows that don’t have aces. This feature is called Second Chance, and it allows moving more Aces that are on the top or the bottom row to the Golden Pointer.

Another bonus feature that is included in Golden Cryptex is called Golden Spins Bonus game. When you activate the bonus game, the Cryptex Code is upgraded from Aces to the lowest premium symbol. Now, symbols can land on any of the three rows, instead of landing only on the middle row. 

As long as one symbol from the Code lands on each reel, players will win the Cryptex Cash prize. The amount of this prize is the same amount that you will win for five of a kind of that symbol. When you crack the code during the bonus game, you will be awarded three free spins to the round, and the Cryptex Code will be upgraded to the next premium symbol.

Golden Cryptex Slot Closing Thoughts

Golden Cryptex has a unique gameplay system which makes it very interesting to play. Moreover, it has great bonus features, as well as amazing design. Red Tiger did a great job of developing such a game. The game’s mysterious features keep the players’ attention for the whole time of playing.

Key Features
  • ProviderRed Tiger Gaming Group
  • Reels5
  • Min Bet0.10
  • Max PayoutTBC
  • RTP95.78
  • Paylines3
  • Max Bet60.00
  • Bonus Rounds0
  • VarianceMedium-High
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