Released: 20 Jun 2019

Play Kongo Bongo slot with the minimum bet of 1.00. Why so high? Because the game has a top payout of 600x for that amount and 800x for the highest bet of 100 pounds. That translates to £600.00 win for the three stars combination and £80,000 for the same symbols on the biggest bet. With this in mind, a simple one-reel game could have a lot to say. 

Kongo Bongo Slot

Kongo Bongo Slot Review

Play the Kongo Bongo slot if you are ready for a simple summer adventure on three reels and one payline, and 800x top pay. 

Kongo Bongo Overview

Tom Horn Gaming are someone and something in the world of online casino slots. So we are pleasantly surprised by one of their mid-2019 releases called Kongo Bongo slot. The title gave away some detail as to the possible theme, but it didn't say anything about it being a three-reel game. Super! We like diversity in the offering of online slots and this is just the game with a summer vibe. So let's get into some details before deciding if this is the lucky slot we'd like to get on. 

How to Play Kongo Bongo Slot

The fun starts with the press of the spin button. That orange round button is located to the right of the reel-set, readily available to be clicked of pressed on your computer or mobile device. But before we do that we may want to take a look at the available wagers. This can be done by selecting the blue button that aptly says BET on it and here we have a smallest bet of £1.00 which is quite a sum for a little game of three reels. Going through several increments, the bet amounts double with each click until reaching the maximum wager of £100.00 per spin. 

It is a bit of a lack that there isn't an autospin button, but that's the choice of the game developers. That leaves the players without the option of setting a number of automatic spins while the monkey skips in place in anticipation of the potential winnings. So the players have to push the spin button for each turn, which is just fine for the summer's long days and the languid passing of minutes. 

The only other button that may come in useful is the musical note on the left side of the reel-set. Pressing this button toggles the sound off and on. The question mark undeneath it opens up the game's rules, and the Kongo Bongo slot paytable is in the top right corner - that is all of the symbol pays are displayed there. 

How to Win Kongo Bongo Slots

The game doesn't have too many symbols. In fact it has a total of seven and payouts are made only when three matching symbols stay on the single payline. The most valuable symbol is the star, that is, the combination of three stars on the payline and it pays 600x. The next symbol in that regard are the sevens, which pay 400x on the line. 150x is paid when the congas line the reels and 50x when we get the bananas. The rest of the symbols are three combinations of the classic BAR - single, double and triple, paying 30x, 20x and 10x respectively. All of these amounts are for winning bets made on £2.00 or more. Bets that are higher up on the scale deliver bigger pays, that is 800x for the stars symbol. 

Kongo Bongo Bonus Features

The game's bonus features are nowhere to be found. Is it because it is a retro slot with one payline only? That may be the only explanation. Not only that, but Kongo Bongo slot doesn't have a wild symbol either. So in this regard we have a fully plain and simple one-line game that the developers have decided to let it stay that way. And many players seem to like it. 

Kongo Bongo RTP

The game has an average return to player for the theoretical winning outcome. It's been set at 96.07%, just on the edge, and that works with any bet that has been made. So the players could expect to win back 96.06 per cent of the money bet, but over an indeterminate number of plays. The winnings could be bigger, if a big win occurs. 

Kongo Bongo Mobile

The game has been fitted for mobile, and it isn’t like there is much to fit with the single payline and three reels. That gives the players the possibility to play this game if it is up their alley. If you aren’t sure whether the game can play on your android or apple device, claim a welcome offer at one of the casinos on this page, as all of these are mobile friendly. 

Our Kongo Bongo Slot Review

Retro games are retro games, but not all are made with a single payline. There isn’t anything here that hasn’t been seen before, so a decision whether to play or not should be made on your hunch feeling. If you enjoy retro games and the simplicity of one-payline slots that don’t have bonus features, then Kongo Bongo slot is the game for you. 

Play this and other retro and classic slots when you claim a welcome bonus to one of the casinos on this page. 

Key Features
  • ProviderTom Horn Gaming
  • Reels3
  • Min Bet1.00
  • Max PayoutTBC
  • RTP96.06
  • Paylines1
  • Max Bet100.00
  • Bonus Rounds0
  • VarianceTBC
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