Released: 9 Dec 2020

Christmas Tree is the latest Christmas themed slot by Yggdrasil, released just in time ahead of the 2020 holiday season. Find out more about this game that features cascading reels and the Blizzard bonus.

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Christmas Tree Slot Review

Unlike, for instance in the Gift Rap slot, here we don’t need to tell you that this is a Christmas-themed game, it is pretty evident based on its title. Released at the beginning of December 2020, Yggdrasil were right on time with a game that might prove to be the biggest hit of the 2020 Holiday season.

About Christmas Tree

This is a slot game by Yggdrasil, a slot developer based in Malta, but founded in Sweden, with offices in Poland and Gibraltar. Despite the fact that Yggdrasil got their first licence in 2013, they have released a range of popular games over the years and have won a number of prizes and awards.

Christmas three is a classic Christmas game, it has an unusual layout with seven reels and six rows and the popular cluster pays feature. This is not the only Yggdrasil Christmas game released in 2020, Carol of the Elves was launched towards the end of November and it already one of the most popular Christmas games this year.

We said that the reel set isn’t standard, and let’s add that the reels have the shape of a Christmas tree, the layout is triangular.

There are no standard paylines due to the specific layout, this is a Cluster Pays game. Winning combinations can include up to 27 symbols and the maximum amount that you can win in Christmas Tree slot is £1 million.

Design, Symbols and Graphics

The overall feel and the atmosphere of the game will not disappoint anyone, especially those who like Christmassy games. Cluster Pays slots are not a new thing, but here the option is neatly incorporated into the Christmas theme and the symbols actually form a tree.

The graphics include a wide range of Christmas symbols, including candies, decorations bells and what not. There are no standard card symbols here, all of them are Christmas related.

RTP, Variance and Payouts for Christmas Tree

The theoretical return to player percentage for this game is 96.40% which is definitely not bad, considering that most slots are somewhere between 95% and 96%.

The hit frequency in the game is 31.6%, which means that you can expect a win once in every three or four spins and that makes the volatility medium.

Volatility simply means how predictable the game is in terms of how often can you expect to win, so in this case it is medium, i.e. it is neither too unpredictable nor too standard. It is a relative term, it doesn’t mean that you can actually predict which spin would be a winning one because if that was an option everybody would simply increase their wager ahead of that spin.

The maximum payout is 25,000 times your wager and considering that the maximum stake is £40 his means that you could win a maximum price of £1 million pounds. There aren’t a lot of games where you could win a mill, so that’s something you should bear in mind if you’re considering giving Christmas Tree a try.

Gameplay and Features on Christmas Tree

As we said, this is a Cluster Pays slot, so that makes it pretty different from other standard multiline slots. The game has two bonus features which are linked to each other. We will explain each below.

Multipliers can be activated during these features, and as we said, the maximum win is £1,000,000 which can be won if you get the highest possible combination with a £40 wager, which is the highest wager in Christmas Tree.


Cascades or cascading reels are a standard feature on a number of new online slots. All winning symbols, i.e. all symbols that participated in a winning combination are cleared immediately after a win so that new symbols appear, this creating an opportunity for a second win.

If three or more cascading wins happen in a row, the player can get one of the following:

  • Five free spins
  • Total win multiplier
  • Coin win

The free spins are a standard bonus feature available on a number of other games. Here there’s an active snowman during each spin and the a win multiplier is also added. It is increased with every spin, but the feature itself cannot be retriggered.

The total win multiplier gives you a chance to have your win increased between twice and 30 times.

Finally, the coin win gives you an opportunity to win between five and 1,000 times your bet.


Things don’t end with the cascades. Following the end of the Cascade bonus, the Blizzard feature is activated and during this feature you get between three and nine mystery symbols. These symbols are then transformed and they become the same symbol, thus giving you a chance of another win. During any spin the snowman on the left of the reels can wake up and start throwing snowballs onto the reels. When a snowball hits a symbol, that symbol turns into a wild as a result

Christmas Tree on Mobile

This is a completely mobile-friendly game, much like the other Yggdrasil games that have been developed recently. You can play this game on an Android or an iPhone, you just need to log in to the site of the casino where you wish to play. It’s as simple as that.

Is there a Jackpot on Christmas Tree

While there isn’t a separate jackpot on the Christmas Tree slot, it is possible to win a very substantial amount of money especially if you’re playing with a large wager. The multitude of bonus features and the unusual layout paired with the medium volatility makeup of the lack of a standard jackpot, not to mention the fact there the game also features a relatively high RTP.

Other Yggdrasil Slots

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This is just a fraction of the Yggdrasil slots that we have reviewed. There are dozens of other Yggdrasil games that you can play at the SlotsWise-approved casinos.

Slotswise Verdict

This game definitely has the potential to become the most popular game of the 2020 holiday season. With its Christmas Tree layout and the exciting Cascades feature make it a particularly good choice. We would definitely recommend it, especially if you’re a fan of holiday-themed and Christmassy games in general.

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