Released: 28 Nov 2019

Pull the lever on this retro slots machine that is just in time for the Christmas season. With a low to medium variance and a theoretical return to player of 95.00% we have a nine rows with three reels each. Three matching symbols make up the winning outcomes and there are no wilds or scatters. 

Xmas 3x3  Slot

Xmas 3x3 Slot Online

Play the XMas 3x3 slot to spin your line bets on nine individual reel sets and for a chance to win up to £8,070.

Xmas 3x3 Introduction

Just in time for Christmas a retro slot game is offered with a slight twist. Instead of the usual three rows and five reels that's been a typical layout for the occasion, the Xmas 3x3 slot comes with three rows that appear nine times on one grand reel-set. 

With the peculiarity also come the chances for a potential big win or a maximum prize of £8,070 which can result from a single spin. Like most retro slots the three reels on a single row need three symbols of the same kind for the game to register a win. 

In Xmas 3x3 there are nine chances for a win from a single spin, however these 'paylines' aren't fixed and the players can choose to play with any number or rows because each one spins independently on its own and takes a line bet on its own also.

A range of bets enables a good choice in how you want to take on this reel adventure, so let's get to some finer details. 

Xmas 3x3 Design Features

1x2 Gaming own the slot but they have not owned the awesomeness to create a more engaging visual experience. 

Perhaps it was never their intention so we have a set of winter season symbols that are as frozen as an epic icicle hanging from a bridge. Still, cuteness abounds despite the lack of animated cuts because the symbols of Xmas 3x3 slot communicate positive feelings. 

Who doesn't adore gingerbread cookies, Christmas tree decorations, candy cane, snowmen, stars and snowflake molecules?

Another thing that is absent from Xmas 3x3 is a musical theme, but no one expected any of that anyway, so we are fine with the total retro vibe. 

How to Play Xmas 3x3 Slot

You can begin your adventure on the reels as soon as you select a bet per spin. This can be done by working the minus and plus buttons in the left bottom corner of the screen. 

Also, you have the option to select how many rows are active, which will impact the amount of the total stake sum displayed in the bottom right corner, 

Simply clicking or tapping on the small, individual reel sets turns them off and on. That way, you can have only a single one active, which at a cost of £0.10 for the smallest bet per row, the total stake is also ten pennies

Conversely, if you have all nine rows active on the Xmas 3x3 slots and on the smallest bet per row, the total stake is going to spin at £0.90

The biggest bet per single row is £5.00 making the total stake for all nine reel-sets the maximum of £45.00 per spin. 

1x2 Gaming couldn't make it any more retro than this, because they hadn't included an autoplay button, so each turn needs to be made manually (not literally) by pressing the familiar Spin button.

How to Win Xmas 3x3 Slots

Winning in the game means getting three symbols on any one of the single rows with three reels. Since there can be a total of nine of these always active, the optimal outcome is to get any three matching symbols on every single row. 

The most valuable symbol and one that rarely stops on any of the reel-sets is Santa's sleigh. Three of these symbols pays 500x multiplied by the triggering row bet. Next in terms of value are the red bags at 100x and the christmas trees at 50x the line bet. 

Few other symbols in Xmas 3x3 slots pay amounts that are worth noting - the boxed present with 30x, the elf with 25x and the reindeer with 20x. The rest of the symbols pay amounts that are between 15x and 2x the line bet. 

Xmas 3x3 Bonus Features

Sadly the game doesn't come with any bonus features. In the manner of any given retro slot, here we don't have a bonus/scatter symbol. It would have been a pleasant thing to have a wild that substitutes for any of the symbols, but the developers at 1x2 Gaming had thought otherwise about this slot game.

Xmas 3x3 Free Play

No scatter/bonus, no wilds, but yes free play demo. This is the only thing that is given to us by the slots experts at the company. By no means are we dismissing the game as it can pay some sweet amounts, so it’s perfectly nice that a demo game can show us the look and feel of the game.

Xmas 3x3 Closing Thoughts

Anyone eager to play an unusual but highly playable slot, this is it. Visually it isn’t most appealing but excitement it does provide so why not give it a try?

Claim a welcome offer and discover Xmas 3x3 slots at the online casinos on this page. 

Key Features
  • Provider1X2 Gaming Group
  • Reels3
  • Min Bet0.10
  • Max PayoutTBC
  • RTP95.00
  • Paylines9
  • Max Bet45.00
  • Bonus Rounds0
  • VarianceLow-Medium
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