Released: 1 Dec 2012

Sushi Bar is the hottest sushi spot in town! Play now!

Sushi Bar Slot

Sushi Bar Slot Review


They say that aspiring sushi chefs need to spend seven years of their lives washing dishing and the sushi master's utensils if they ever want to receive the good word and become an 'Itamae'. We'll fast forward all that time to get to the Sushi Bar slot, in which you are the sushi master who can spin the reels and win a potential prize of 450,000 credits.

The game is all about the sushi rolls and the rolls of cash that you can score on three rows, five reels and 25 paylines. Everything in this Betsoft game is in the sign of the Japanese craft of wrapping fish, eel and other creatures from the sea in a bundle of seaweed and rice. What  is more, you will find an animate chef and a picture-only gig with free spins and a doubling wild. 

How To Play Sushi Bar Slot

The slots professionals at Betsoft have created a sush masterpiece filled with lively action and an attentive 'Itamae'. The entire surface is covered and utilized to fulfill a full slots experience that is not only visually stimulating, but also potentially lucrative. The bottom of the surface, right underneath the reel set, is reserved for the ticker displaying the figured that are pertinent to the gameplay, which is set by relying on the cushions at the bottom of the Sushi Bar slot screens. 

In the bottom left corner you will find a wooden frame with the lettering Choose Coin. This is where you select the coin size that you are willing to spend per active payline. Speaking of paylines, there is a total of 25 that can be played as active, but that number can be changed to anything between one and that number. 

As for the purple pillon which is titled Bet Per Line, it sets the level of the bet, which means, it takes the coin size, and extrapolates it across the selected number of levels on the paylines. There can be a total of five levels for the credit or bet per line, and that brings to most expensive bet to £125 per spin, while the smallest bet is just one penny. If you wish to select any number in between these amounts, you are free to do so by playing with the settings. 

Sushi Bar Slot Design

This is our favorite part about this Betsoft slot game, besides the thought of hitting the top payout. In Sushi Bar you will find all of the things that one expects to find at a true Japanese sushi bar. There is the sushi master, who in our perception of the matter is more often a grumpy, stern man, than a jolly, smiling guy like the one in the bottom corner of the reel set. 

The symbols are all very much on point. You will find a mighty symbol of 5000-worth represented by the sake pot and cups, next is the sushi cutting and rolling board, next is the traditional Japanese dish with a pair of chopsticks, then comes the box with sushi rolls, a plate of wasabi and pickled ginger, another square plate of sushi, then another one and yet another one - oh, forgot to mention - the last five symbols are all shaped like the cards symbols from ten to ace! Clever, right, so much so that you would barely recognize it.

The Sushi Bar slots wild symbol is a bottle of soy sauce and a small saucer filled with the substance, and the scatter symbol is a ceremonial fan with an imprint with a scene from the famed Japanese cherry blossom event. 

How To Win Sushi Bar Slot

This is the third time that we are going to cite the top payout of 450,000 credits, and with a good reason. This is the game's jackot which makes it a coveted slots title that the players enjoy being on. Just as a reminder, it wouldn't hurt to reiterate that the slots don't require any skills to play as these are games of chance that depend for the outcomes on the random numbers generator. This mathematical machine dishes out lillions of number sequences, thus ensuring that all outcomes are random.

Now the top payout is possible and it probably requires a string of events to occur, such as playing with the top wager and getting the free spins bonus during which a top paying symbol would occur a number of times, and with the wild symbol, so that the final winnings are doubled. This is our imaginary scenario which doesn't mean it is the only way to getting the top sum. 

All you need to win the Sushi Bar slots is a stroke of luck, but to help you get going on the right footing, why not 

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