Released: 6 Jun 2023

Dive into the captivating world of otters and explore their underwater utopia in the brand-new Otterly Amazing slot. The fresh new slot from Blue Guru Games offers an exciting and adorable reel adventure with stunning visuals and a maximum win of up to 17,752x the stake!

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Otterly Amazing Slot

Otterly Amazing Slot Review

Playful sea otters will be your companions in this unique slot game. Even though the premise is similar to games like the Big Bass Amazon Xtreme slot and the Shark Frenzy slot, there is still a level of originality. 

This is likely the first time a game provider used sea otters as inspiration for their slot, and they did not make a mistake - the game is excellent! The Otterly Amazing slot offers a great set of features, including Free Spins, Stacked Wild Multiplier Kelp, Stacked Mystery Kelp, Stacked Wild Kelp, and more!

Table of Contents 

  1. About Otterly Amazing Slot
  2. Exclusive Q&A With Blue Guru Games
  3. Design, Symbols, and Graphics
  4. RTP, Variance, and Payouts
  5. Gameplay and Features
  6. Our Verdict

otterly amazing

About Otterly Amazing Slot 

Structure-wise, the Otterly Amazing slot features a dynamic setup with five reels and flexible rows ranging from 4 to 7. The variable rows can offer between 40 and 70 paylines, requiring at least three symbols of the same type on neighbouring reels, starting from the first reel on the left.

However, the betting possibilities range from the lowest option of 0.20p to £40 per spin. This range could have been bigger, making the game more appealing to high rollers as well.

Otterly Amazing Q&A With Blue Guru Games

It was a great pleasure for us to speak with Lloyd Roberts, Head of Studio at Blue Guru Games, and learn exclusive information about the brilliant Otterly Amazing slot. Here's what Lloyd had to say:

What was your inspiration for developing the Otterly Amazing slot?

"Despite the fact that otters are the first animals I recall visiting at a local wildlife park, I recently read an article about the reintroduction of otters into the Northern Pacific after generations of overhunting. Due to the dwindling numbers, the urchin population were allowed to flourish, destroying the kelp forests which support so much of the local ecosystem."

How did you combine the slot’s gameplay with its theme?

"The core of Blue Guru is storytelling, and we always work to create a seamless connection between our feature sets and the narrative. We created a collect system that, much like in nature, leads to increasing kelp grass and the Otter's love of urchins! We found that using otters is an amazing way to convey a more serious overarching message."

otterly amazing qa

Can you explain what special symbols are available and what they trigger?

"During base play, the players will be subject to stacked mystery reveal kelp and the stacked mystery reveal wild kelp. Landing a minimum of 3 urchin scatters triggers the urchin crack reveal, where we offer a range of free games between 8 - 20."

Otterly Amazing has a free spins bonus feature too. How does it work?

"During free games, we’ve implemented two urchin collect systems. Collecting the blue urchins increases the wild kelp multiplier values. When collecting the pink urchins, the player will increase both the wild and mystery stack length, add additional paylines and remove low pay litter symbols."

What is the max win in the game, and how can players achieve it?

"The urchin collect system, which results in symbol elimination and increasing stacked wild multiplier values, can be used in Free Games to obtain a maximum win of up to 17752x bet!"


Design, Symbols, and Graphics

A charming otter-themed game design awaits you in the Otterly Amazing slot, where you'll meet these fascinating and adorable sea mammals. The background showcases the otter king gracefully floating amidst the vibrant corals while the reels look vibrant and colourful. An engaging, catchy, upbeat song played while I spun the reels, instantly capturing my attention.

Otterly Amazing Slot

The low-paying symbols in the game depict sea litter, such as a plastic bottle, a plastic cup, a lunchbox, a can, and a plastic bag, granting 1x to 1.5x the bet for five matching symbols. On the "otter" hand, high-paying symbols feature yellow, blue, pink, and red sea otters, rewarding 2x to 5x the stake for five matching symbols. 

There are also Wild symbols in the game, presented by Golden Seaweed, paying 10x the stake for five-of-a-kind wins with them and substituting for regular paying symbols, but not the Scatter. Lastly, the Purple Coral acts as the Scatter symbol that can trigger the bonus round.

RTP, Variance, and Payouts for Otterly Amazing Slot

The Otterly Amazing slot offers high volatility and an RTP of 96.09%, a good value around the industry average. Moreover, the game's max win of 17,752x the stake is impressive too.

You can find deeper explanations and definitions of return-to-player percentages and slot payouts in our variance, volatility, and RTP guide

Gameplay and Features on Otterly Amazing Slot

A few features await you in the Otterly Amazing slot, so let's explore them in more detail now and see what they offer.

Stacked Wild Kelp Feature

During the base game, you may encounter the Stacked Wild Kelp symbols, which may lead to some great outcomes.

Free Spins Feature

Landing at least three Purple Coral scatters will trigger the feature, awarding you 20 free spins. Collecting more Scatters can unlock extra rewards during the feature, so look out for Pink and Blue scatters, each bringing distinct benefits. 

Pink Scatter Symbol

Gather three Pink scatters to unlock ten additional paylines, remove one symbol type, and add one position for the Stacked Wild Multiplier and Mystery Kelp. You'll also earn an extra free spin. Keep collecting to unlock a total of 70 paylines. Note that after removing all lower-paying symbols, future collections will grant only one additional free spin.

Otterly Amazing Slot Free Spins

Blue Scatter Symbol

Collecting three Blue scatters granted me a 1x extra multiplier across all three multiplier levels and an additional free spin. Also, the Stacked Wild Multiplier Kelp revealed up to three random multiplier values whenever it contributed to a win.

Stacked Wild Multiplier Kelp

While enjoying your free spins, watch for the Stacked Wild Multiplier Kelp appearing randomly on the reels. This unique kelp can hold up to 3 multipliers, starting at 2x, 3x, and 4x. 

By collecting Blue scatters, you can increase these multiplier values. Like the Wild symbol, the Stacked Wild Multiplier Kelp can substitute for other paying symbols, creating more rewarding combinations.

Stacked Mystery Kelp

In both the base game and free spins, the Stacked Mystery Kelp may make its appearance. This kelp is the game's mystery symbol, revealing the same randomly selected symbol type.

Bonus Buy

The bonus buy option is unavailable in the UK, but where available, it allows access to the Free Spins feature for 100x the stake.

Other Blue Guru Games Slots

Blue Guru Games is a promising new game provider known for its distinctive game settings and innovative mechanics. We have a few reviews on their engaging video slots, like the Book Of Thieves slot, the Leprechaun Heist slot, and The Curse Of The Mummies slot. 

Our Verdict 

Overall, the Otterly Amazing slot is an incredible game that brings the fascinating world of sea otters to life. Diving into this sea adventure was fun, thanks to the melodic tunes and entertaining gameplay. I enjoyed chasing wild multipliers and free spins, where Scatters collections hold the key for unlocking higher payouts. 

Blue Guru Games combined entertaining elements to create a memorable gaming experience. The Otterly Amazing slot offers excellent features and a mesmerizing theme that will captivate you. Moreover, it has a great maximum win potential of up to 17,752x the stake!

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