Released: 16 Jan 2020

Made by Crazy Tooth Studio for the Microgaming platform, we have an amazing graphics design and a depth of perspectives in a game has a very entertaining gameplay too. Those who choose to play on Seven 7's will find out that the game begins on a single reel, which in turn expands to two, three, four and so on as you progress in it. 

Seven 7’s  Slot

Seven 7’S Slot Review

Play the Seven 7’s slot for a chance to land more sevens and win cash prizes, including the jackpot prize of 250,000x. 

Seven 7’s Introduction

Crazy Tooth Studios are releasing another online slot at the beginning of 2020 that is insanely original. Alongside The Incredible Balloon Machine slot we have a game that is all about the number seven.

A cinematic introduction presents the game by taking us to the four corners of the earth, passing from sea to sea. We get the hint, the proverbial seven seas are a huge expanse and sailing means freedom. 

So the question is, does all of this have anything to do with the Seven 7's slot jackpot prize of 250,000x? Let’s say it may. 

Something which is rather bizarre and hasn’t been heard of (not at least to our slots experts) is that the game has a single symbol You’ve guessed it. Yes there is that BAR symbol too, but that’s about it, and the most important achievement of the game is to land as many sevens as possible in order to gain bigger prizes. 

We had mentioned that Seven 7’s has a jackpot prize, and we’ll cover that important detail of the game in just a bit. 

Seven 7’s Design Features

Crazy Tooth Studio is a Nevada based producer of online and land casino technology which has a number of excellent releases. Some of these have been made for Microgaming's Quickfire platform, and this is telling about their quality.

In the game at hand the designers have created a stunning, almost kaleidoscopic pattern that fills in the space around the reel set. Since we know that the reels expand, the 'drum' itself avails one position to the right as soon as there is another seven in view on the Seven 7's slots

Although it seems rudimentary, this action creates a specific dynamic that sits well with us. Add the original way in which the game's only symbol has been made and throw n the wooden paytable above, and you have a modern-classical online slot that simply works. 

How to Play Seven 7’s Slot

Like in all of their latest releases, the developers have made a clean-cut design around the game controls. To the right side of the reels are all of the game's buttons.

From top to bottom we have the menu button, the poker chips, the fast forward, the autoplay and the spin.

The first button on that column loads the menu where the players can view the gameplay information, game rules and other details that may be valuable to some.

One tick below, the three poker chips open up the list of available bets. The amount that is selected as the active bet is displayed below. Seven 7's has a narrow, or should we say, modest range of bets that starts with ten pennies and ends with £10.00 per spin.

Two arrows pointing forward are the universal symbol for fast forward. Long gone are the days of cassette players and even compact disc systems, but we still have online slots and this is the button that you can implement to make the reels spin a lot faster than the usual.

Finally, the autoplay button lets you choose from a list of number presets for the automatic spins. Select any one of these  presets to initiate the game in the autoplay mode where each spin will deduct the active bet once. 

How to Win Seven 7’s Slot

Counting the wins is as simple as it gets. Land two sevens to score a win. Land three for an even bigger win. Two sevens pay double on the bet, three pay 10x, four pay 25x, five pay 75x, six pay 250x.

Now these are some amazing figures and the only thing that doesn't help make for a winning outcome in the Seven 7's slot is that pesky BAR symbol. If stops on the reels you go back to square one, that is, start with a single seven. 

Seven 7’s Slot Jackpot Prize

Land seven sevens to get the jackpot prize of 250,000. 

The 2x symbol is a wild and substitutes for all paying symbols, adding the value behind the X.

Seven 7’s Free Play

If you have access to Quickfire or have an account at any of the online casinos on this page that host demo slots, you will be able to find the Seven 7’s slots as a free play demo slot.

Seven 7’s Closing Thoughts

We can’t stress it enough - we have an original game here and one that most players will be tempted to try. But is it going to last? Best is to claim a welcome offer and find out yourself and the potential jackpot prize is worth the endeavor. 

Claim a welcome offer from this page and discover Seven 7’s slots at top rated online casinos. 

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