Released: 5 Sep 2023

As we’re reaching the middle of the summer, ELK Studios has released the perfect game to suit the atmosphere - the Hawaiian-themed Hula Balua slot. With a maximum payout of an astonishing 25,000x the bet, I think we have a hot deal on our hands!

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Hula Balua Slot

Hula Balua Slot Review

Table of Contents 

  1. About Hula Balua Slot
  2. Design, Symbols, and Graphics
  3. RTP, Variance, and Payouts
  4. Gameplay and Features
  5. Our Verdict

The Hula Balua slot contains all the elements you might imagine when thinking of Hawaii; a whole lot of greenery, a bunch of tropical fruits, and a beautiful body of water set behind the grid. There aren’t any characters taking centre stage in Hula Balua, so that spot is left to the traditional Hawaiian mask that plays the ‘bonus’ role. 

The Hawaiian theme has appeared many times in the iGaming industry, in slots such as the Hawaiian Fever Slot, but after giving Hula Balua a shot, I must admit it brings a sense of a truly relaxing environment. 

About Hula Balua Slot

The Hula Balua slot is set on a 6-reel, 6-row grid, and the way wins are formed in this slot is based on scatter pays. What this means is, regardless of the placements of the matching symbols on the grid, a win is formed as long as there are at least eight identical symbols on the grid. 

The minimum bet for Hula Balua is  £0.20, and the maximum bet goes up to £100. This should bring players that like both low and high-stake betting to take a chance and try the slot out. 

Design, Symbols, and Graphics

Hula Balua slot is set on a beautiful background, a big body of water that resembles a lagoon with a waterfall, a lot of greenery, and a tiny Hawaiian house can be seen on the side of the grid. Probably, the reason behind this is to portray a more isolated location. The audio that ELK Studios chose for the slot isn’t necessarily Hawaiian but is suitable for a jungle-themed slot.

hula balua slot review

The graphics in the game are quite good, the slot runs smoothly, there are special effects each time a win is formed, and tiny light bugs can be seen flying over the grid. What struck me the most, however, is the fact that the background they chose isn’t still, and you can see the waterfall moving in the background. 

Regarding the symbols in this game, there are eight different coloured and different types of fruits, and they’re accompanied by the bonus symbol that is portrayed by the traditional Hawaiian mask. The symbols can pay from 0.1x up to 1x the bet for an eight-of-a-kind win, while major wins with 20+ symbols can trigger wins from 5x up to 200x the bet. 

RTP, Variance, and Payouts for Hula Balua Slot

The RTP for the Hula Balua slot is 94%, which is lower than the industry standard - 96%. Hula Balua is a medium-high volatile slot, which roughly means that players should experience a balance between smaller, frequent wins, and less frequent, but more significant wins. 

The maximum payout potential is 25,000x the bet, which is among the better numbers in the industry. 

You can use our RTP, Variance, and Volatility Guide to learn more about these metrics and how they impact online slots gameplay.

hula balua slot elk studios

Gameplay and Features on Hula Balua Slot

Hula Balua slot has additional features to spice up the gameplay: Sticky Redrops, Multipliers / Big Symbols, Elmo Wild Drops, Bonus Game, and X-iter. Let's explore how you can take advantage of them!

Sticky Redrops

When activated, this function selects a paying symbol and makes it sticky. All matching symbols that appear on the reels will stay locked in place. If additional matching sticky symbols or wilds land during a redrop, an extra redrop is awarded. 

Payouts are given when no more matching symbols or wilds appear during a redrop. Sticky symbols can be upgraded, and sticky redrop symbols can be sized 1x1, 2x2, or 3x3.

hula balua slot sticky redrops

Multipliers / Big Symbols

When matching symbols land in a square or rectangle shape, they merge to form big symbols. These big symbols can then generate multipliers based on the number of small symbols they cover, and the exact number is portrayed directly on the symbol. If a big symbol contributes to a win, its multiplier value is added to the global multiplier, which applies to all wins. 

Big symbols can further combine with adjacent big symbols, creating even larger symbols. This merging process adds an additional multiplier to the global multiplier. The global multiplier remains active until no more wins occur. 

hula balua slot big symbols

Elmo Wild Drops

When the Wild triggers this feature, Elmo Wild moves one column to the left, placing a random number of wild symbols on the grid during each redrop. The wilds persist until Elmo leaves the grid or is used in a winning combination. Elmo only appears during the last redrop.

Bonus Game

If 3, 4, 5, or 6 bonus symbols appear on the same spin, you'll receive 6, 8, 10, or 12 free drops, respectively. Two bonus symbols stacked vertically upgrade the bonus symbols to Super bonus symbols. 

The Super bonus game guarantees the presence of big symbols during each free drop. The global multiplier remains active during free drops, and obtaining 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 bonus symbols will trigger additional 4, 6, 8, 10, or 12 free drops.

hula balua slot bonus game

Other ELK Studios Slots

ELK Studios keeps releasing new slots, and each new release seems to be getting better and better. Our team has worked on numerous reviews for ELK Studios’ slots, and we have some recommendations for you. 

To start thighs off, you can check out the Black River Gold Slot for a maximum bet of £100 per spin, the Taco Brothers Slot for a maximum bet of £50 and an RTP of 96.30%, and lastly, the Cygnus Slot for a maximum bet of £100 and a maximum payout of 5,000x the bet. 

hula balua slot

Our Verdict

As a summer enthusiast, I couldn't resist trying out the Hawaiian-themed Hula Balua slot by ELK Studios. And let me tell you, it's the perfect game to capture that laid-back atmosphere. With a maximum payout of a jaw-dropping 25,000 times the bet, this slot offers some serious potential for big wins!

The design of Hula Balua perfectly captures the essence of Hawaii, with lush greenery, tropical fruits, and a beautiful water backdrop behind the reels. While there aren't any prominent characters, the traditional Hawaiian mask takes centre stage as the bonus symbol.

The graphics in the game are top-notch, providing a smooth gameplay experience. The special effects accompanying wins add an extra level of excitement, and the sight of light bugs fluttering over the reels adds a magical touch. What impressed me the most was the attention to detail, like the animated waterfall in the background, adding a dynamic element to the visuals.

In conclusion, Hula Balua by ELK Studios has managed to capture the true essence of Hawaii in a relaxing and visually stunning slot game. With its potential for massive wins, enticing features like Sticky Redrops and Multipliers, and the delightful presence of Elmo and the Bonus Game, this slot is a delightful tropical getaway for any player.

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