Released: 1 Jan 2014

Dragons and fire CAN bring you nice whopping rewards if you know how to play!

Fortuna The Dragon Slot

Fortuna The Dragon Slot Review

Gamesys are know for releasing slots that are on the cute and cuddly side of things. Even when their games don't involve any living actual or imaginary creatures, they still manage to make an awesome display of pleasantry, such as in the famed Double Bubble slot with its Double Bubble free play features. 

This review is dedicated to one of their lesser-known slots. Why it didn't reach popularity is hard to say, even though it has a maximum possible payout of 200,000 coins times the winning bet. At any rate, Fortuna The Dragon slot provides a true slots experience on a reel set of three rows, five reels and 25 paylines, so it is worth checking it out. 

How To Play Fortuna The Dragon Slot

This Gamesys release has been made in simple terms. To set up for the gameplay all you need to figure out is how much you want to spend per spin and that can be done from the Coin Size field. The value for that option ranges from one penny to few hundred pounds, so that leaves the players with enough range to play with a bet that fits their style of play. 

Besides this setting, everything else is already set up, with the 25 paylines working at full speed at all times, powered on dragon breath and sheer luck. But when it comes to playing Fortuna the Dragon slots one feels there is an eerie semblance to the now legendary Double Bubble free play slot. 

Is this because we have two games from the same creator or was it a way for Gamesys to offer up another great game, which in turn did not quite make it on the list of celebrity online slots? We can't be for sure, but there is a semblance and also enough bonus features to make a lot of other online slots just a tad envious.

Fortuna The Dragon Slot Design

The game can induce a 'cuteness overload' thanks to the pack of dragons on it. We aren't quite sure which is Fortuna the dragon and which is the other one, but we can suppose it is the cute little green dragon, which by all appearances, may as well be a baby dragon. 

Now, his mom and dad are right there, in the form of a green and a a red dragon, looking over his growing up. There is another red dragon that is presiding over a hoard of golden coins. This ruler of the gold is a gracious dragon who pays 500 for an instance of five. The other symbols above it also pay 500 and 1000, respectively. 

There is another instance of lower-valued symbols that range from the nine to the ace, which are the cards numbers and letters. There are two more symbols - the Wild, which is the fortune that our pet dragon could lead us to, and the scatter, which is the Fortuna the Dragon slot logo symbol. 

How To Win Fortuna The Dragon Slot

We have an array of hefty payouts in this game, and these are all available through some lucky outcomes on the reels. On the subject of outcomes, let's just throw it in there that slots are games of chance that don't require any skills to be played, so everything rests at the hands of Lady Luck. 

Back to the winnings, we all know that the luckiest and most difficult to obtain outcomes are those that involve five matching symbols. Thankfully, there is the Wild symbol that can substitute for any of the other symbols, except the Scatter. If you manage to land the two dragons symbol you can get 1000x. 

Amazingly, there are two other symbols that can pay 500x for five, that can be substituted by the Wild, and the Wild itself can pay the 1000x prize too. So we have here stupendous opportunities for landing a neat payout during the regular play. 

Fortuna The Dragon RTP

Each online slot game has a Return to Player probability outcome, which is represented by a number percentage of the sum of funds that will be returned back to the player over an unspecified time of play on the same game. The Fortuna the Dragon RPT of 94.33% states that over a period of time, the player will get back that much from the money that has been spent on the slot. 

However, the RTP doesn't specify how much the player can gain in an instance of big winning, in which case the RTP may go well beyond the 100% mark. But to reach that possible outcome, the player must hit a big pile of luck on the reels and end up with a strong winning combination, which is quite possible and happens to the slots players out there. 

You can play Fortuna the Dragon slots and other similar, dragon games at a number of casinos. Start by claiming your welcome bonus, right from this page. 

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