Released: 29 Apr 2020

The reel-set on Fruit Rush also departs from the standard 3x5 with a four-row, six reel layout. Besides these few details, everything else is same old on the surface. Fruit symbols, an old wallpaper pattern background, the big, square buttons and so on and a random number generator that is famed for its unpredictability in delivering big wins.  

Fruit Rush Slot

Fruit Rush Slot Review

Gamomat are known for making fruit-themed slots and nearly all of their games in this category look the same. With theFruit Rush slot the company is shaking things up, by upping the number of paylines from the usual 10 to 20. Another notable difference is this number is fixed, which warrants a more expensive small bet of 20p per spin.

Fruit Rush Introduction

Gamomat, the company behind this game, has released many other slots that have been made for the gaming cabinets. Fruit Rush was not made as an online slot, so let's call it a privilege that some of the players out there can select this particular game from the roster. 

Fruit Rush Design Features

One thing is certain about Gamomat and that is their firm resolve never to step away from this design. In some of their fruit slots machines they have an odd symbol, such as the orange seven in the Fruit Rush slot, but for the most part, it's always been plums, cherries, oranges, watermelons and the such. 

Whatever bland remarks come out about this game can't tarnish the unmistakeable look and feel of a classical slots machine. The analogue sounds and exclamations remind of the casino floor, but there is also a very upbeat elevator music theme that sounds kind of cool.

How to Play Fruit Rush Slot

Start the game by pressing the green spin button, which is located in the bottom right corner of the screen. To the left of that button is the one for Autoplay and another look to the left is the Max Bet button should anyone ever feel on a whim to blow off a heavy £100.00 per spin easily. 

Before anyone makes the first spin on the game right away, it is best to note the automatically-assigned total bet. The casino's default may be an amount you wouldn't spend right away, so it's better to change it by pressing the minus and plus buttons. The smallest bet is 20p per spin and there are many available amounts between that and the maximum bet.

Those who want to play Fruit Rush slot in autoplay mode can press the correpsonding button. A menu opens up where you can select the number of automatic spins and add a value for the mandatory "Balance Decrease By" setting. Optional settings are Balance Increase and Single Win Exceeds. 

Last but not least, Fruit Rush has a menu button in the upper left corner of the screen. Press it to view the game's paytable for the payouts, among other information such as the game rules and a couple of settings. There really isn't a need to read any of this because the game rings-up all winning outcomes automatically. 

How to Win Fruit Rush Slots

The winning outcomes are made in the most straightforward of manners. Three matching symbols need to occur on a payline starting on the leftmost reel, for the game's basic payout level. Optimal wins are made with six matching symbols on a payline. 

One of the things that are sorely missed in this game are the wild symbols. There isn't a scatter/bonus either so all wins must occur in the base game and by plainly getting three matching symbols. 

In terms of the payouts, Fruit Rush slot has a number pays back half of the bet when three matching symbols have been scored with the cherries, lemons, oranges and plums. The cherries pay a quarter of any bet for two of the same. 

The most lucrative wins are with the grapes, watermelons and the orange seven symbol. Six matching symbols of the first two result in 250x multiplied by the bet and an amazing 500x on the bet for the sevens. Payouts with six symbols are a rare site because the game's variance is low, but that doesn't mean big wins are impossible to occur. 

Fruit Rush Bonus Features

The game doesn’t have any extra features. Base-game wins are all that can happen thanks to Gamomat’s basic approach to the gameplay, with the exception of a gamble feature that lets you to gamble your winnings in order to double the win for every correct guess of the card.

Fruit Rush Free Play

Anyone who is interested in checking out this game can do so by playing it as a free play demo slot. The company has made it available as one at online casinos that host demo slots.

Fruit Rush Closing Thoughts

In simple terms, this is a classical slots machine that does only one thing that can excite the true players out there: provide a jackpot prize of 500x multiplied by the bet and a whole lot of smaller prizes that can get hefty nevertheless. 

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