Released: 9 Jan 2020

Merkur/Edict are offering another online slot that's been set in Ancient Egypt. You are in the shoes of an adventurer whose mission is to save the girl, whose symbol is the most valuable at 500x on the winning bet. Scribes of Thebes has 10 selectable paylines, three rows and five reels. There is one bonus feature that comes with a special symbol to help increase chances for bigger wins. 

Scribes of Thebes Slot

Scribes Of Thebes Slot Review

Open the book of magic and play the Scribes of Thebes slots for a chance to win cash prizes and bonus features. 

Scribes of Thebes Introduction

An adventure through the epic avenues of Ancient Egypt is made available by Edict Gaming by way of the Merkur Group. Slots players can open a single or a double book and trigger a free spins bonus feature that comes with one or two special symbols.

The base game in the Scribes of Thebes slot takes place on three rows and five reels. These spin across ten paylines, which are always active, and the eventual winning outcomes occur with three symbols of the same kind that fall starting on the leftmost reel.

Scribes of Thebes isn't an especially unique game but it does captures the Ancient Egypt theme well. Other than that, the layout leans on the simple and to-the point side, as does the gameplay, which is quite typical for this production company. 

On the other hand, the payouts in this game are pretty chunky as we shall disclose in the rest of the review.

Scribes of Thebes Design Features

Design-wise we have a game that passes the basic standards for a modern online slot. The picture symbols are three dimensional and there is depth to drawings, but they don't seem to 'jump' at you with the same quality that we've seen in games like the Ankh of Anubis slot.

Scribes of Thebes slots causes the winning outcomes to shine and gleam and this is especially visible on the high-paying picture symbols. This invites an entertaining reel action, but we can't say that it's very dynamic. One reason is that you can't short-stop the spins, so each turn will take a second to stop. So if you are anxious this game will show you how to bide your time. 

How to Play Scribes of Thebes Slot

Your adventure through the corridors of Thebes can begin once you have selected your bet and the number of paylines that you wish the game to play on. 

The number of paylines can be set from the button in the bottom left corner of the screen. The default number is ten active paylines but press the lines button to choose between one and ten. 

This number will impact the total bet, which is configured by the number of active lines multiplied by the bet per line. In that respect, the values range between one penny and £2.00 per line, which makes Scribes of Thebes slot a penny slot, when you play on a single payline.

The maximum bet is consists of payline bet of £2.00 and all ten lines, which leads to a total bet of £20.00 per spin. That is unless you have opted for the Double Book mode, which doubles the bets, so the maximum will cost £40.00 and the smallest bet on all ten lines would cost £0.10 per spin. 

To start the reels spinning press the green Play button in the bottom right corner, and if you wish to engage Scribes of Thebes in its autoplay mode, select from the number of automatic spins from the presets.

How to Win Scribes of Thebes Slots

Players can choose to rock this game on a single payline or few or all ten, and another option that exists is to choose whether the total bet to be as such, or to play double for a chance to get more free spins games and special symbols.

The symbols in this game are quite valuable and this is especially true regarding both the picture symbols and the high cards. In other slots, the high cards pay back the winning bet, or slightly more, when you trigger a five-symbol win. 

In Scribes of Thebes slot the high ards pay 0.5x on the bet for only three of the same and 10x and 15x for five of the same. With the picture symbols there are two symbol wins and they pay 0.5x on the bet, except the girl whose symbol pays 1x for two of the same. 

The girl is the most valuable symbol. Five matching symbols result in stunning wins of 500x on the bet. The sarcophagus pays 200x for five, the Bastet statue and the scarab plate pay 75x.

Scribes of Thebes Bonus Features

There is only one bonus feature but it's worth for two. It's a free spins bonus that is triggered by three or more scatter symbols, represented by the book. If you opt to play the bets double, by selecting the Double Book button in the upper left corner, the three scatters will trigger 15 free spins with two special symbols. Playing with a single book the scatters trigger 10 free spins and a single special symbol. 

Scribes of Thebes Free Play

The slots experts at Edict Gaming had made this game available to the players as a free play demo. Anyone who wishes to try it can do so with demo credits. 

Scribets of Thebes Closing Thoughts

With payouts such as those listed above, we have a high-paying game, even with small bets. Say you trigger five girl symbols with one pound, the prize is an amazing 500 quid, but this is a rare symbol so it doesn’t occur in fives too often. On the other hand, one or two special symbols in the free spins and we get instantly improved chances for a bigger win. 

Claim a welcome offer from this page and discover Scribets of Thebes slots at top rated online casinos. 

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