Released: 12 Oct 2017

Blood Suckers II is the new NetEnt slot that merges gaming and the gothic for the latest chilling addition to the slots scene. Spin to land excellently drawn symbols and win cash prizes!

Blood Suckers II Slot

Blood Suckers Ii Slot Review

Blood Suckers II is the new NetEnt slot that merges gaming and the gothic for the latest chilling addition to the slots scene. Spin to land excellently drawn symbols and win cash prizes!


Over the years, NetEnt have consistently produced fantastic video slots, leading to the high expectations that accompany each new release of theirs. And as expected, the latest addition to their roster, Blood Suckers II, has managed to meet ours.

On first appearances, Blood Suckers II seems to have been created with the same care and attention as every other NetEnt slots; the graphics are fantastic and eye-catching, helping this game become fully immersive. The gothic theme is apparent throughout and you can land various vampiric symbols to win cash prizes.

Blood Suckers II, like many other slots, has drawn on playing cards when designing some of the reel symbols. Although many video slots use playing card symbols, this slot has actually use the suits, hearts, spades, clubs and diamonds, to represent those of lower value.

While they may not seem to be entirely on theme, they have been designed in such a way that the gothic element is still visible. Plus, alongside the higher value symbols that are made up of four game characters differentiated by colour, the vampire theme is never too far away.

You can land a red male character, one in yellow, a green vampire-like creature and also a woman clad in blue for the higher payouts in the game.

How To Play

Before you spin the reels to try and land winning combinations for cash payouts, you’ll need to select your stake and there are a few things to take into account when doing this.

The most obvious thing to think of and choose if your coin value. The coin sizes start from as little as 1p and go up to £1. While you can’t play with any amount in between these figures, there is a considerable amount of options, meaning players of all budgets are welcome.

NetEnt slots also use a levels system and each level effectively works as a multiplication of your coin size and amount of paylines. Before you take into account your level, your stake is your coin size, multiplied by 25 (the amount of paylines).

So, if you’re playing on Level 1, your stake will just be your coin size multiplied by all 25 paylines, because they’re fixed. However, if you start to increase the level you’re playing on, your stake will then be multiplied by the respective number. For example, if you’re playing with a coin size of 10p on level 5, your total stake per spin will be £12.50. This is because 10p multiplied by 25 equates to £2.50, and then multiplied by the 5 levels leaves you with a £12.50 stake.

Once your Blood Suckers II stake has been established, you’ll then be able to spin the reels for the chance to win cash prizes! You can do this by clicking the large red button at the bottom of the screen or you can use the autoplay feature, setting the reels to spin consecutively between 10 and 1000 times in a row. As is the case with coin values, you can’t set them to spin any amount of times between these two numbers, but there are a fair amount of options to choose from.

How To Win

In order to receive some cash payouts for Blood Suckers II, you’ll need to land combinations of symbols across a payline. However, the amount you’ll receive is dependent on which symbols you land and of course how many.

As mentioned, the playing card suits represent the symbols of lower value, so landing three or more of them across a payline will reward you with the smaller payouts in the game. The different coloured characters reward players with higher payouts when landed in combinations. The red male symbol is the most lucrative and landing five of them across a payline will reward you with 500x your coin size.

Aside from the standard symbols, you can also land wins with the help of the wild symbol. This can substitute for all others to help fit in and create a win, although the wild symbol cannot replace the scatter symbol.

The wild symbol can also be landed in combinations of itself too and if you manage to land a full five across the reels, you’ll receive the game’s highest payout. Five wild symbols will reward you with a staggering 10,000x your coin size!

Bonus Features

On the topic of symbols, there is also a scatter symbol and this is pivotal when it comes to triggering the Blood Rose Free Spins round.

Blood Rose Free Spins - If you manage to land three or more scatter symbols anywhere on the reels, this free spins round will be triggered. You’ll be given 10 free spins and during this round any scatter wins come with a 3x multipliers. During the free spins round, you’ll be playing at the same total stake as you were when the round was triggered.

You can also trigger more free spins from within the Blood Rose Free Spins round by landing

Hidden Treasure Bonus Game - This bonus round is triggered when three or more bonus symbols are landed from left to right across a payline. This is essentially a picking round and you’ll need to select from the chests and coffins, revealing the following:

Red Rose Scatter - revealing three of these symbols will activate the Blood Rose Free Spins Round.

Key - uncovering a key will mean you reach the next level. If you then find a key on the ultimate level, your bet will be multiplied by 1000x.

Demon - revealing this symbol will end the round and you’ll receive no reward.


With the original Blood Suckers being so popular, notably because of it’s 98.00% RTP, the second installment has a lot to live up to. We think that it manages to hold its own with some great graphics and exciting gameplay.

Blood Suckers II also has a respectable RTP of 96.94% and with 25 paylines, there are plenty of opportunities for players to land combinations to win cash sums!

Plus, with a lucrative free spins round that also allows players to trigger even more spins from within it, Blood Suckers II is sure to entice all players for an eternity of fun!

Play Blood Suckers II at one of our featured casinos and claim your free spins bonus for the chance to win huge cash sums!

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