Released: 21 Nov 2023

Step into the 90s workday adventure with the Nine to Five slot by Nolimit City. The graphics channel a retro vibe, adding a unique twist to the ordinary nine-to-five life theme. Beyond nostalgia, this slot offers more than meets the eye – brace yourself for a chance to win up to 9,217x your bet.

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Nine To Five  Slot

Nine To Five Slot Review

Clocking in daily from nine to five – quite the grind, isn't it? Pinning down this slot's genre is no easy task. While its theme screams retro, the daily 9-to-5 hustle resonates with a modern struggle. It's a unique blend of vintage vibes and contemporary challenges.

In line with the expectations, Nolimit City presents a mix of familiar and extraordinary features. You'll find standard elements like Wild and Scatter Symbols alongside xNudge Wild, xWays, Ivory Tower Spins, Middle Management Spins, God Mode, and more.

Table of Contents 

  1. About Nine To Five Slot
  2. Design, Symbols, and Graphics
  3. RTP, Variance, and Payouts
  4. Gameplay and Features
  5. Nine To Five Casino
  6. Nine To Five Mobile
  7. Nine To Five Demo Play
  8. Our Verdict

About Nine To Five Slot 

Nine to Five slot is an excellent game by Nolimit City with a retro vibe. The slot features five reels, four rows, and 1,024 ways to win. You will form winning combinations by landing 3 to 5 identical game symbols from left to right. 

With a betting range from 0.20p to £280 per spin, this game exceeds the standard £100 max bet. This means that the game can be a perfect choice for any player, whether a high roller or a more casual one. Regarding the maximum payout, it can reach up to a solid 9,217x your bet.

How to Play Nine To Five Slot?

Follow this step-by-step guide to navigate the basics of gameplay:

  • Place your bets ranging from 20p to £280 per spin
  • With 1,024 ways to win, land three to five of the same symbols from left to right to score a payout.
  • Look out for the potential for significant max wins of up to 9,217x your bet.
  • Have fun!

Design, Symbols, and Graphics

The 90s corporate world awaits you with the Nine to Five slot, where the RatRace organization turns office life into a quirky family affair. Embrace nostalgic vibes with a cheesy soundtrack, complete with dial-up internet sounds. 

If you belong to the generations from that time, you will find this slot amusing and relatable. The game's design captures the essence of cubicle life, featuring classic office phrases with a humorous twist. Enjoy the charming work life of Excel spreadsheets, strong coffee, and a cubicle with a view.

The reels showcase office essentials like fax machines, lunch boxes, I Heart EVO coffee mugs, and staplers. Among the higher-value symbols are four office workers, with the Manager symbol offering the highest payout of 0.75x, 2x, or 4x the bet for 3, 4, or 5 in combination. 

Watch for other symbols like the transforming yellow ID Wild into Green or Red Wilds, alongside xNudge Wild, xWays, and scatters that spell 'Climb The Corporate Ladder.' When you enter the main bonus features, you will encounter symbols like Overtime, Layoff, Lawsuit, Tech Layoff, and Ctrl+Alt-Del.

Here is the complete paytable of the Nine to Five slot: 

  • Fax Machine: 3, 4, or 5 symbols worth 0.2x, 0.3x, or 0.6x the stake
  • Lunch Box: 3, 4, or 5 symbols worth 0.2x, 0.3x, or 0.6x the stake
  • Coffee Mug: 3, 4, or 5 symbols worth 0.25x, 0.35x, or 0.7x the stake
  • Stapler: 3, 4, or 5 symbols worth 0.3x, 0.4x, or 0.8x the stake
  • Medi-Ocre Office Worker: 3, 4, or 5 symbols worth 0.4x, 0.55x, or 1.25x the stake
  • Every-Dave Office Worker: 3, 4, or 5 symbols worth 0.45x, 0.6x, or 1.5x the stake
  • Woo-Tang Office Worker: 3, 4, or 5 symbols worth 0.5x, 0.75x, or 2x the stake
  • Manager: 3, 4, or 5 symbols worth 0.75x, 2x, or 4x the stake
  • Scatter: 3 or 4 triggers Middle Management or Ivory Tower Spins
  • Mega: Landing fully stacked awards the maximum win

RTP, Variance, and Payouts for Nine To Five Slot

The Nine to Five slot has a favourable RTP of 96.03%, slightly above the 96% industry average. However, Nolimit City offers alternative versions with 94.06% and 92.10% RTP, so always make sure you are playing your preferred version. 

On top of that, this is a highly volatile game, where winning combinations may be less frequent but considerably more valuable should they land. Plus, the maximum win potential can reach up to 9,217x your bet.

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Gameplay and Features on Nine To Five Slot

Discover numerous bonus features in the Nine to Five slot. Experience xNudge Wilds, xWays, and transforming wilds, complemented by two free spin features with a win multiplier. Let's explore all the exciting features this slot has to offer.

xNudge Wild, xWays & Wild Symbols

The xNudge Wild symbol exclusively lands on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5, always nudging to full visibility with each landing. Each nudge boosts the win multiplier by 1, and upon covering the reel completely, it may nudge an extra 0-9 steps. If multiple xNudge Wilds land, their multipliers multiply for a total xNudge multiplier.

The xWays symbol, resembling a post-it note, reveals 2-4 identical symbols, expanding the ways to win. If more than one xWays symbol appears, they all unveil the same symbol.

Lastly, the yellow ID Wild symbol on reels 2, 3, 4, and 5 transforms into either a Green Wild, an active Wild with a random 1-5x multiplier, or a Red Wild, a non-active symbol.

Middle Management Spins Feature

Trigger the Middle Management feature by landing three scatters on reels 2 through 5, granting 10 free spins. Keep an eye out for Layoff, Lawsuit, and Overtime symbols, each with distinct effects:

Layoff: Boosts the win multiplier by 1, potentially up to 9,999x.
Lawsuit: Decreases the win multiplier by one but never goes below 1x.
Overtime: Awards an extra free spin, with two simultaneously triggering the Ivory Tower Spins.

Ivory Tower Spins Feature

Trigger the Ivory Tower Spins feature with four scatters, granting 12 free spins. During this round, witness the evolution of Layoff and Lawsuit symbols into Tech Layoff and Ctrl-Alt-Del symbols:

  • Tech Layoff: Introduces a win multiplier, with the next Tech Layoff multiplier doubling, reaching up to 9,999x.
  • Ctrl-Alt-Del: Reduces the value of the next Tech Layoff by 4.
  • Overtime: It gives you an extra free spin each time it appears.

xBet Feature

Unfortunately, this feature is unavailable to players in the UK, but other players can activate it for a 10% increase in their bet. This feature blocks the last reel, significantly enhancing your odds of landing a scatter. That, in turn, boosts the likelihood of triggering the free spins features by more than twice. 

Big Win Not Found Feature

This feature is about landing that Mega symbol in the base game for the highest possible win. If a fully stacked Mega symbol appears on the reels, you win the max payout of 9,217x your bet. 

Bonus Buys 

The Bonus Buys feature is only accessible for players outside the UK, offering four buy options with costs ranging from 75x to 1,370x your bet. Here are the details:

  • Middle Management: Entry to Middle Management Spins for 75x your bet with an RTP of 96.45%.
  • Ivory Tower: Entry to Ivory Tower Spins at 200x your bet with an RTP of 96.17%.
  • God Mode: One spin with a Mega Symbol awarding the max win at 1,370x your bet with an RTP of 96.09%.
  • Lucky Draw: A mix of 60% Middle Management and 40% Ivory Tower at 125x your bet with an RTP of 96.22%.

Nine To Five Casino 

When researching online casinos to enjoy the Nine to Five slot, you should pick your gaming platform after considering essential factors. Look for casinos that host diverse games, including this and other slots from Nolimit City. 

Choose gambling platforms with a reputation for transparency, fair play, and secure transactions. A trustworthy online casino ensures your gaming experience is enjoyable and safe. 

Playing at a secure online casino guarantees that your transactions are safe and the games are fair. That way, you can calmly focus on playing and entertaining yourself. 

Explore our list of top online casinos, and you will make a good decision whichever one you choose. 

Nine To Five Mobile

Experience the Nine to Five slot on the go with seamless compatibility on mobile devices. Transporting you back to the 1990s - the game employs HTML5 technology, ensuring adaptability across various devices, including iOS and Android smartphones. Enjoy the nostalgic journey and the thrill of the game's unique features conveniently wherever you are. 

Nine To Five Demo Play & Nine To Five Free Play

You can also try out Nine to Five with its demo version - there's no financial commitment, just a preview of the game's features. 

We also recommend you take advantage of free play by claiming no deposit or free spins casino offers. These casino promotions provide a risk-free way to enjoy the game. That way, you can familiarise yourself before playing with real money. 

These offers might even let you win some cash, making it a thoughtful and enjoyable choice. Whether testing strategies or simply exploring the game's excitement - the demo and free play options provide a hassle-free introduction to the Nine to Five slot.

Other NoLimit City Slots

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Our Verdict 

The Nine to Five slot will take you on a nostalgia trip to the '90s. It might not appeal that much to all generations, but those who experienced time back then will love it. It perfectly captures the essence of office work. 

Gameplay highlights include the unpredictable yellow ID Wilds and two free spin options that I enjoyed. While max wins at 9,217x aren't Nolimit City's highest, the game offers decent potential.

The Nine to Five slot provides a unique spin on the rat race - occasionally tiresome, occasionally rewarding. In a nutshell, this game is a thematic rollercoaster through the daily work grind.

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