Spin the four reels and land the juicy fruits in Fruit Machine, an outstanding BetEnd slot machine.





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Fruit Machine Slots Online


What could be a better theme for a video slot game if not the standard fruits that were used in almost all the first land based slot machines, and were the inspiration for the business? Open Bet has the answer as they implemented, even More, Fruits in their slot game! Fruit Machines uses fruits only as the symbols of the video slot game where


Fruit Machine is based on an island, next to the sand with the sea in the background. Without a doubt one of the happiest place for everyone in the world, and now enriched by the fantastic symbols that are vibrant, lit and colourful. The music is outstanding and happy, while game graphic ensures that you see the happy faces of the fruits while the reels are spanning. Overall it has a happy feeling to it and you will definitely want to play it again as it evokes positive feelings from inside you.


Besides taking inspiration from the past land-based slot machines regarding the symbol, Open Bet decided to add one more feature that was typical for the slot machines a few decades ago. It has only one payline and four reels spinning, making it simple and pretty straightforward video slot game to be played and understood by everyone. The gameplay is sloth and the spinning of the reels is fast. There are the standard options like “Max Bet” that will feed the adrenaline-hungry players, but also the best way to win the greater and most lucrative rewards of this game. The “Auto Spin” is here to give you a rest and make the reels spin for themselves. You just need to set the denomination and the number of spins before clicking it and relaxing.


As we mentioned before, the symbols of this game are all in the food niche. We can see Strawberries, lemons, pineapples, pears, watermelons, cherries and oranges. The two highest valued symbols are the coconut and the peach. Only four in combination on the one payline will award you a win, with the cherry awarding 0.40x your stake while the coconut gives you 200x and the peach 2,000x your stake. It is pretty easy to land them since this is the only way to win prizes in this game as there are no special symbols and no bonus features, which is strange for a slot game.


If you are interested in positive vibes, overflow of happy feelings and a big chance to win lucrative wins, you should definitely try Fruit Machine. Open Bet went back to the roots of the slot machines, took the fruits as the main symbols and with one payline enlarged the chance for a lucrative win.

Give it a spin on one of our sites, claim the bonuses and free spins that we offer, and have an amazing time!

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Fruit Machine free play
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Fruit Machine slot
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