Released: 1 Jan 2010

Set off a chain reaction with this explosive online slots game for the chance to win three progressive jackpots.

Chain Reactors Slot

Chain Reactors Slot Online

Play to connect the winning reactions that deliver 500x and 250x times your wager, plus ackpot prizes that could ring-in in at the right moment in time. The Chain Reactors slot is one of those atypical online slots that surprise with the gameplay and the levels of fun and winnings. 

Chain Reactors Slot Overview

Let the like symbols drop and connect to make a cash-paying chain reaction in this unusual online slot that plays like a game app. The Chain Reactors slot has a Tetris-like gameplay in which the winnings come as result of connecting blocks of symbols in multiple directions, which then explode and leave room for new symbols which can put together more winning reactions. 

The Chain Reactors slot has several bonus features and a Jackpot. Scoring the jackpot is a matter of making more and bigger chain reactions, which as result scratch a new notch up on the Jackpot meter to the left of the reel-set. The game has ten symbols, all of which are round emoticon-like creatures that wink, peep their eyes and make funny sounds. 

Before we go on with the game's review, a quick mention is warranted, that the Chain Reactors slot is not a usual reel-set slot and is more of a novelty way of slots gambling. Despite that, this game will deliver winnings as well as great gambling entertainment to any player who is looking to get cosy on the couch and play just for kicks. 

Chain Reactors Slot Design

Chain Reactors is made of a seven by seven reel set and a style of play that is very common in mobile and tablet game apps. While usually slots machines have symbols that spin on the reel-set, this game has emoticons. Anyone familiar with the word "chat" in the sense of "online chat" will know that these smileys are emoticons, and they come in various characters. 

There is the ubiquitous yellow smiley, an orange shades-wearing guy, one that is shaped like a bomb, one with spikes sticking out, there is a purple girl-emoticon, and several others that have been given names like Horny, Zoid, Minty, Flame, Brainy and so on. Some of the emoticons appear during the regular game, while some interject on the reel-set during the free spins, and bring with them multipliers on your total winnings. 

The overall design features are not very exciting, so you wouldn't encounter any 3D animations and impressive sequences. The game is rather simple and that is good because it can work on pretty much any smartphone or computer. 

How to Play Chain Reactors

The question of how to play the Chain Reactors slots is rather straightforward. There is only one setting that pertains to the size of the bet. There is no coin size, no selecting of active paylines, simply one button that says Stake which has two up and down arrows that determine the value of the spin. These amounts start as low as £0.20 and go up to £500 per spin.

The other button in play says Bet across it. Push it and it will bring the avalanche of emoticons crashing down in the reel-set. Because in a game like this pushing the Bet button can become just a little bit tiresome, the developers have thrown in the Autoplay button that lets you set the number of automatic spins, so that you can kick back and watch this loonie show unfolds in front of your eyes. 

How to Win Chain Reactors

Winning on the Chain Reactors slot is a matter of luck, just like with any slot machine, right, but this game has a far more entertaining gameplay than most online slots. That owes to the two gauges that appear on the flanks of the reel set, and in some versions of the game, on the side and on the bottom. 

One of the gauges is the 30+ Pays Jackpot, which has the Flame and the Bomb emoticons (symbols) sitting on top of a bunch of notches, which light up as you score a big chain reaction on the Chain Reactors slots. Each consecutive chain reaction adds a notch to the meter. Now, the reactions that contain the flame symbol fill up the Flame meter and those with the Bomb fill up the corresponding meter. 

Who knows what happens when either one reaches the top. Will it be a Jackpot meltdown or an avalanche of coins? One sure way of finding out is by playing the game for some time in anticipation of this event. 

Meanwhile, on the right side of the reel-set is a field that says Free Falls on top of it. The Free Falls are basically Free Spins in standard online slots. This feature is brought on when the random number (pay) generator triggers seven chain reactions without intermission.

Then the game takes on a new mode in which the reel-set starts to explode in chain reactions that involve the mode-specific symbols Brainy and Cyclo, which bring multipliers of up to 500x and 250x respectively when 15 connect in a reaction. The 15 free rounds can be re-triggered when another seven consecutive chain reactions occur. 

Chain Reactors RTP

The Chain Reactors theoretical Return to Player outcome surprises with being on the verge of medium to high variance. Considering the style of the game and the added extra features, the Chain Reactors RTP of 94.63% looks like a bargain to us.

Our Chain Reactors Review

We have here a game that you will either love or hate. The unusual reel-set and the overall idea and design will throw some people off. Conversely, some people will be into it and go on to play and discover that there is more to it than meets the eye. What is more, the Chain Reactors bonus features are tied to cash prizes that many online slots would envy for their amount. Another argument is the Jackpot which is metered, and that means that the player can observe the progression that will trigger the top prize. 

If these arguments are enough then head on to claim any of the welcome packages that seem fit to you and play Chain Reactors slots at any one of our online casinos. 

Key Features
  • ProviderOpenBet Group
  • Reels0
  • Min BetTBC
  • Max PayoutTBC
  • RTP94.65
  • PaylinesTBC
  • Max BetTBC
  • Bonus Rounds0
  • VarianceTBC
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