Released: 31 Jan 2020

Play the Wild Frames slot for a chance to win up to 7000x on the winning bet through the game's falling symbols style of play. This is a grid-based game of seven reels and rows that can turn up cluster wins between five and more than 30 symbols. The game has the Wild Frames feature from which three different reel modifiers can post on the reels. 

Wild Frames Slot

Wild Frames Slot Review

Play the Wild Frames slots for a chance to trigger three different reel modifiers and wins of up to 7000x on the winning bet. 

Wild Frames Introduction

A grid-based game comes from the slots-producing kitchen of Play'n GO. They've given a classical look to an exciting gameplay layout that's getting frequent productions from a host of online slots developers. Wild Frames slot plays on seven horizontal and seven vertical reels that produce cluster wins.

The reason why Wild Frames has been named that is because of the feature that defines the gameplay, and this is the wild symbol. Throughout the gameplay the wild symbols create frames that become the nestling place for potentially bigger wins. 

A charge meter is present to collect all the winning symbols so that they can be released back onto the grid in the form of wilds, which can modify the reels. The payout mechanism is collapsing/cascading wins which removes the winning symbols from the area and brings in a new drop from above. 

Wild Frames Design Features

Design-wise the game professes a 'serious' theme, with some formal-looking geometries in odd off-purple hues that move every so slowly. The grid has symbols that are taken right out of classical slots machines so we have the cards suits, bells and stars, diamonds and sevens. 

All of the symbols on Wild Frames slots have been drawn and rendered in a way that makes them appear like glass. Every single symbol is treated to a light gloss-over to a cool effect. In fact the entire grid does this effect when the symbols sit idle for some time and when they are part of a win they burst and their 'spirit' goes into the meter on the right. 

How to Play WIld Frames Slot

This reel adventure can begin with the push of the spin button which is found in the bottom right corner of the screen. Before you press it however, make sure that the default bet isn't an amount that you wouldn't want to wager. 

The bet amounts can be found in the bottom of the screen where a sliding scale contains a range between £0.20 and £100.00 per spin. To change the bet use the minus and plus buttons so that the scale can slide towards the range of bets that include the amount you are looking for. 

Wild Frames slot displays the selected bet in the right bottom corner and the concurrent balance in the bottom left corner. A look to the left shows the 'i' button which opens up the paytable which shows information about the gameplay and symbol payouts. 

If you want to engage the game hands-free you can put to use the autoplay button. This is where the games offers a number of automatic spins presets and optional controls that let the players choose to stop autoplay such as on a balance increase amount or balance decrease amount that can be specified. 

How to Win Wild Frames Slots

Winning outcomes are made with five or more symbols appearing in clusters. There can be more than one such outcome on the 49 grid squares resulting from a same spin. The biggest win can post with 30 or more symbols and there would still be room for another symbol interacting with its matching kind.

Wild Frames slot's most valuable symbol is the seven. 30 of the same pay a prize of 500x multiplied by the winning bet. The diamonds in the most optimistic outcome pay 250x on the bet and the stars and bells pay 150x and 75x.

The rest of the symbols are the card suits where the payouts are significantly lower. The game can create a maximum payout of 7000x multiplied by the winning bet.

Wild Frames Bonus Features

The frames are the main feature in the game and here is how this comes around during the gameplay. 

Wild symbols make a frame on every grid square they land on. The frames stay inactive until the charger has filled with the tokens that are gotten from the winning outcomes.

On a non-winning spin between four and six wilds can be added at random and when a wild lands in a frame it can add a multiplier for every consecutive fall. 

The charge meter activates when there are either 20, 40 or 60 symbols. The transfor feature causes high-paying symbols to become the same kind at 20 charges. The wildcard feature activates at 40 and adds three to six wilds to the grid.

And last is the Shatter modifier which activates with 60. This removes all of the suit symbols, leaving a void that is filled by a new symbols drop. 

Wild Frames Free Play

The slots experts at Play’n GO release their slots at online casinos that offer free play demos. This allows the players to try the game before deciding to play with real money.

Wild Frames Closing Thoughts

One of the grid-based games that creates a more serious reel adventure. There are many games that take things on the fun side, such as Jamming Jars slot, but very few are stripped of gimmicks and provide a reel adventure akin to a posh land casino. 

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