Released: 14 Dec 2023

Get ready to party with DJ Fox in this brand-new slot from Push Gaming! Step on the dance floor and increase the grid size with the innovative Push-Up mechanic for electrifying, colossal wins with the DJ Fox slot! What's more, you may walk away with a fantastic maximum win of up to 10,000x the stake!

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DJ Fox   Slot

Dj Fox Slot Review

True to its name, a fox in the DJ spotlight brings the entertainment. While numerous games share similar themes, this one, featuring a fox, feels refreshingly distinct - avoiding the trap of being overly familiar. Other excellent games to try on the theme include the Dance Party slot, Disco Diamonds slot, and many more.

DJ Fox is anything but your average game. Unveiling VIP Symbol, Row Activation, Multiplier Meter, Meter Lock, LP Records, and much more, making it different and much more exciting than all the others.

Table of Contents 

  1. About DJ Fox Slot
  2. Design, Symbols, and Graphics
  3. RTP, Variance, and Payouts
  4. Gameplay and Features
  5. DJ Fox Casino
  6. DJ Fox Mobile
  7. DJ Fox Demo Play
  8. Our Verdict

About DJ Fox Slot 

Push Gaming’s DJ Fox follows up on the Generous Jack slot, Push Gaming’s initial Push-Up release with the innovative Win What You See mechanic. Unlike the sophisticated Generous Jack, DJ Fox invites you to show your style in a club, and this theme shift isn’t the only transformation.

VIP symbols dish out respins and unlock extra rows, and the Push-Up feature provides more immediate winning opportunities. The Multiplier Meter reaches up to 20x, and the Meter Lock feature secures those values for an extra spin.

DJ Fox organises its gaming area with five rows, each holding three positions in a stack. You can activate 1 to 5 rows at the start of each spin, with more rows increasing the stake. The default is one active row, and stakes range from 0.10p to £100 per spin. 

Dj Fox

How to Play DJ Fox Slot? 

Step into the vibrant world of DJ Fox and experience the electrifying beats of this exciting slot. To start your DJ Fox adventure, follow these steps:

  • Choose a trustworthy UK online casino that features the DJ Fox slot in its game library. It is also advisable to Check for any available bonuses or promotions at the casino, such as welcome bonuses or free spins.
  • Set a gaming budget for your session and stick to it to ensure enjoyable gaming.
  • Once ready, launch the DJ Fox slot and familiarise yourself with the game interface. Adjust your bet amount per spin based on your preferred stake level.
  • Choose the number of rows you want to play with, considering that more rows increase the stake.
  • Press spin and watch the reels come to life with DJ Fox’s exciting features.
  • Take advantage of VIP symbols, the Push-Up feature, the Multiplier Meter, and the Meter Lock for enhanced winning opportunities.
  • Keep an eye on your bankroll throughout the gameplay, ensuring responsible wagering.
  • Have fun.

Design, Symbols, and Graphics

DJ Fox works the decks beside the reels in a pulsating club setting. The soundtrack pounds, offering an exhilarating or frenetic experience, depending on your perspective of the game’s unique mechanics and the club atmosphere. 

On the reels, symbols are straightforward, featuring values from 1-9 and 0 and 00, combining as previously mentioned. A VIP record symbol also stands out, playing a unique role in unlocking extra rows.

Here are the symbols, along with the payouts: 

  • 9 - Rewards 0.9x the bet
  • 8 - Rewards 0.8x the bet
  • 7 - Rewards 0.7x the bet
  • 6 - Rewards 0.6x the bet
  • 5 - Rewards 0.5x the bet
  • 4 - Rewards 0.4x the bet
  • 3 - Rewards 0.3x the bet
  • 2 - Rewards 0.2x the bet
  • 1 - Rewards 0.1x the bet
  • 0 - Rewards 0.0x the bet (correlates with symbols above)
  • 00 - Rewards 0.0x the bet (correlates with symbols above)
  • VIP Symbol - Accumulates in the Multiplier Meter and triggers the next row

RTP, Variance, and Payouts for DJ Fox Slot

The DJ Fox RTP is capped at 96.28%, which is a great value above the industry average. On top of that, the game's maximum win potential of up to 10,000x your bet is combined with high volatility, which means that wins may be less frequent but more valuable if they land.

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Gameplay and Features on DJ Fox Slot

DJ Fox slot introduces three primary bonus features alongside the previously mentioned ante bet Push-Up feature. These include VIP symbols, multipliers, respins, and a meter lock. Let’s delve into the details.

VIP Symbols

VIP Symbols activate the next row and award a re-spin when they land on an active reel. The Multiplier meter collects VIP symbols. In respins, dud symbols respin while number symbols stay in place. VIP symbols landing on newly activated rows accumulate in the multiplier meter, triggering another respin.

Multiplier Meter Feature

The Multiplier Meter is on the left of the reels and displays values ranging from 2x to 20x. Collecting VIP symbols fills the Multiplier Meter from the lowest to the highest values. Before the multipliers kick in, two blank fox symbols are present. To activate multipliers, you must collect:

  • 2x: 3 VIP Symbols
  • 4x: 4 VIP Symbols
  • 6x: 5 VIP Symbols
  • 8x: 6 VIP Symbols
  • 10x: 7 VIP Symbols
  • 20x: 8 VIP Symbols

Collection of VIP symbols must occur on the same spin or through respins. At the beginning of a new game round, all positions in the Multiplier Meter get cleared.

Meter Lock Feature

The Meter Lock feature may activate randomly on any spin. As the name suggests, it locks your progress on the Multiplier Meter for the following spin. You can exclusively trigger this feature at the end of a spin containing VIP symbols. The Meter Lock persists for one additional spin, after which the meter resets.

Push-Up Feature

The Push-Up feature in DJ Fox functions as an ‘ante bet’ common in many slots. This option allows you to pay extra for unlocked rows, influencing the RTP. Activating additional rows through the Push-Up menu incurs the following costs and corresponding RTP adjustments:

  • Two active rows cost 2.5x the stake with an RTP of 96.42%.
  • Three active rows cost 5x the stake with an RTP of 96.21%.
  • Four active rows cost 7.5x the stake with an RTP of 96.36%.
  • Five active rows cost 10x the stake with an RTP of 96.31%.

DJ Fox Casino 

To experience the DJ Fox slot, explore reputable UK online casinos offering diverse game selections and collaborating with top-tier developers like Push Gaming. 

When choosing an online casino, prioritise essential factors such as a valid gaming license from respectable organisations. Also, check for attractive bonuses and promotions, safe banking methods, and quality support. 

Playing at a secure online casino enhances gaming enjoyment while protecting your private info. With safe casinos, you can relish the DJ Fox slot with peace of mind, knowing you are in a trusted gaming environment. You can check out the following casinos.

DJ Fox Mobile

DJ Fox is tailor-made for mobile casino enthusiasts, following Push Gaming’s commitment to delivering an optimal gaming experience across devices.

Using HTML5 technology, this slot seamlessly runs on desktops, tablets, laptops, and iOS and Android devices, offering versatility in your gaming choices. Whether you prefer the convenience of a smaller screen or the expansive view on tablets and desktops, DJ Fox ensures a visually appealing experience. 

The game’s portrait format caters to mobile users, ensuring an enjoyable play on all phones, including those with smaller screens. Embrace the freedom to spin the reels wherever you are, with DJ Fox bringing the excitement to your fingertips.

Dj Fox Slots

DJ Fox Demo Play & DJ Fox Free Play

Are you ready for some DJ Fox excitement? Well, good info – you can test the game without risking a penny with the demo version. It’s like a small taste of the DJ Fox world, allowing you to enjoy the game before going all-in with real money.

But here’s the top good thing. Have you ever tried free play? Imagine getting a sweet no-deposit, or free spins deal from an online casino. Now, you are not just a spectator but directly in the DJ Fox action, feeling the rush without opening your wallet. 

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Our Verdict 

Push Gaming nails the club theme with flashy lights and a lively soundtrack in the DJ Fox slot. While the Win What You See may seem confusing, VIP symbols and the Multiplier Meter can make big wins straightforward. 

My favourite thing was the Meter Lock, which provided multipliers for an extra spin. Despite similarities with other slots, Push Gaming stands out with a fast-paced, slick game offering a max win of 10,000x your bet.

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