Released: 1 Jan 2014

A three row, five reels slot splattered with blood and heightened by the thrilling creaking of the reels, is what sums up the essence of A Nightmare of Elm Street slot by Random Logic. The game has 30 selectable lines a small bet of just a penny and a bet max at 300 With a top payout prize of 10,000 the game is definitely something to consider. Although it has become a bit dated, anyone who has seen the film may be enticed by the opportunities for a big win with the free spins feature. 

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A Nightmare On Elm Street Slot Review

A Nightmare on Elm Street slot follows the popular Hollywood movie in its tracks, or should we say the tracks of Freddie Krueger. This 888 Gaming slot may not scare the socks out of you but it could hit the jackpot prize or trigger one of two bonus features. Players will find an appealing gameplay (those who can stomach the horror it at least) and play A Nightmare of Elm Street for a chance to win more than 1000x your bet.  

A Nightmare on Elm Street Introduction

Now, this is a slot game that’s not for everyone. As soon as you open the game there is a big warning screen popping out that suggests the ones with a weak heart to reconsider their choice as the content of the game is quite violent. And did you expect anything less from a game inspired by the is inspired by the famous slasher horror film, A Nightmare on Elm Street? The good thing is that it is a perfect choice for adventure and adrenaline seekers, and for the ones that desire their pockets to be filled with valuable paper. Check it out on some of our sites, claim the free spins and bonuses that we offer and try not to look behind while spinning the reels.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Design Features

As we mentioned earlier, a message with warning content appears on the screen, and that’s the 1st thing you will see when you open the game. After it, you will see the reels in the middle of the screen while in the back there is the character featured by Freddy Krueger in the movies as he goes into person’s dreams not allowing them to wake up.

The screen has a lot of red colour, the options below the reels are dark red and symbolise like they are written with blood, and the symbols are all kind of creepy. It is difficult to see, but at the top above the reels, you can see the two jackpots as a light at the end of the tunnel that will drive you forward as the ultimate goal of this game. With a perfect design and a sound that you should always keep on, this game feeds your senses perfectly.

How to Play A Nightmare on Elm Street Slot

With five reels and 30 paylines, this game offers a nice variety of betting value which starts from £0.01 and goes all the way to £300.00 where you have the chance of winning an astonishing amount of 10,000x your bet. This can happen when you adjust the paylines to all 30 and bet per lines in the options below the reels, or you can do this with one click on the “Max Bet” option. The “Auto Play” is here to give your finger a rest and spin the wheels automatically as you sit back and enjoy the ride through the scare house. Overall the gameplay is nice and reels turn in a steady pace, while if you want them to spin faster simply hold down the space bar and watch the magic happen


You wouldn’t expect less than scary bloody symbols from this horror game. The lower valued symbols are deck of cards inspired ones with blood over it. Actually, the numbers and symbols are written it blood themselves. The higher valued symbols are a selection of some of the character from the movie itself, where the Freddie Krueger’s face is the one with the highest value.

On the other hand, there are special symbols that make this game even more interesting. We can see the Freddie Krueger’s silhouette as the expanding wild symbol, “Never Sleep Again” as the bonus symbol, the “Pick Me” as the second bonus symbol and the scatter symbol which is Freddie’s Scissor hand. They are part of bonus symbols, and if you want to learn a bit more about them, just scroll below.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Bonus Features

There are two Bonus Features, one expanding wild and Free Spins Feature.

  • Never Sleep Again –Three or more bonus symbols trigger this feature. Here, you try to stay awake and to do that you must collect items such as coffee, phone to call a friend, TV to keep you busy and similar, or fall asleep and end the mini game. Eventually, you will get overwhelmed and you will end up sleeping, and when that happens, all the prices you have collected will be added to your stake, so be quick or be dead…well…be quick.

  • Pick Me –If you want the symbol on reels 1 and 5 you will trigger the second bonus where several symbols will appear and you need to choose the one you desire that will reveal the prize. Sometimes, if it’s your lucky spin, it may offer two chooses.

  • Expanding Wild –If the wild symbol lands on the third reel, it will expand to a full silhouette of Freddy Krueger which will cover the whole reel. This will enlarge your chances of a win as all the winning combinations has to pass through the entire middle reel. The best thing about this feature is that each prize you win during it gets multiplied by x2.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Free Play

Apart from the three bonus symbols, you may end up with free spins if you manage to land three or more scatter symbols. Depending on the number of scatter symbols you will receive:

  • Three Scatters – 10 Free Spins
  • Four Scatters – 20 Free Spins
  • Five Scatters – 30 Free Spins

Alas, there is no multiplier and no re-triggering option in this game.

A Nightmare on Elm Street Closing Thoughts

A nice game for you to play at 3 A.M. with max sound and no lights! Just joking, but if you want to trigger the fear inside you, this game will offer a nice amount of it. Apart from that, the four bonus symbols including free spins, a nice design of the game and a quality sound makes it a perfect slot game.

Random Logic/888 Gaming had put their effort into it, and the players are satisfied with everything the game can offer in both fields – satisfaction and payout. Give it a spin on some of the sites that you see here, claim our free spins and bonuses, and have fun.

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