Released: 11 Sep 2017

Valley of Gods is top of the line, ultra sleek slots game with stunning graphics, 3125 paylines and amazing 96.10% Return to Player for a maximum win of 580,000. The game offers a wealth of amazing features that make it so much fun to play and win. 

Valley of Gods Slot

Valley Of Gods Slot Review

Valley of Gods is top of the line, ultra sleek slots game with stunning graphics, 3125 paylines and amazing 96.10% Return to Player for a maximum win of 580,000. The game offers a wealth of amazing features that make it so much fun to play and win. The gods approve of Valley of Gods slots because they are in it - columned at the sides to grant extra lives and multipliers for those who are most faithful. 

Valley of Gods Overview

Anubis and Thoth were two of the most revered gods of Ancient Egypt. Their marble statues flank the spectacularly made playboard of the Valley of Gods slot, consisting of five reels and three rows, yielding numerous winning combinations. The most amazing part of the game are its multi-layered re-spins; these become triggered and retriggered by the slot’s countless multipliers, wilds and scatters. This game is still new (August 2017) but it features prominently among players around the world and there are many reasons. why.

Valley of Gods slot features many Ancient Egyptian symbols cast in an innovative fashion: a set of hieroglyphic symbols (Eye of Horus, cat, snake, cross, etc.), several human and animal icons and golden scarab blockers. Everything is animated across a subtle pyramid and desert-themed backdrop, adorned with palm trees and a pink sky. The bar at the bottom of the screen depicts the spin button, your coin value, the amount of your wager, balance and the amount of your last win. 

The developer, Yggdrasil, had really dedicated themselves to creating a full auditory experience that further enriches the player’s gambling experience. Aside all of this, there is plenty more to be said about the actual gameplay. Valley of Gods slot is nuanced, but you don’t have to strain your mind to understand how it works. After ten spins some of the paylines become apparent and the logic of the wildcards and multipliers begins building up your anticipation of the upcoming re-spin.

How to Play Valley of Gods Slot

Before you enter the Valley of Gods you should set the coin value in the bottom left corner - this will adjust the value of your wager. It is rather amusing that the developers have included 0.004 as the minimum coin value, which corresponds to £0.10. Of course, this is just to get warmed up because you can increase your wager at any time. The game lets you make a wide range of bets, meaning that you can bet £2, £10 or go as high as £100, which is really nice because it allows every type of player to have his or her fun and, of course, win accordingly. 

On the subject of winning, count from left to right how many single symbols you have matched. If there are 3 symbols or more, you have won a greater amount, which can be found out in the paytable. The four high-paying symbols are represented by human and god icons and the low-paying symbols are the hieroglyphs. At a certain point during your play, the scarabs will become the most frequent symbols because this icon is a blocker (total of 12) that stays until a winning is released; this gives way to a subsequent win or re-spins, depending what is hidden underneath the scarab blocker. 

One more spectacular detail of the innovation behind the game is that when all blockers are destroyed the scarabs take on either a glowing blue or red color, becoming alive and land on one of the two columns on the sides. There will be more on that in a moment.

How to Win Valley of Gods Slot

The game accentuates the symbols and paylines when you’ve scored a win. After few rounds you will get the hang of it but either way, this is all automated so amount of your win is displayed right away. So when does a win occur? You make a score whenever matching symbols are aligned on one or more of the paylines. Furthermore, every time you match three or more symbols in Valley of Gods slots, that many blockers will be destroyed. The symbols are adorned with gems of different colors. Some of these gems accumulate for the extra lives and multiplier features. This leads us to the bonuses.

Valley of Gods Bonus Features

As you progress in getting all of the blockers removed, more blue or red scarabs are added to the left and right God column. When they stack to the max you get a crazy multiplier from Anubis (left) and extra lives, that is re-spins, from Thoth (right). As more re-spins are unfolding you increase your chance of scoring a bigger prize, which is again, multiplied by the number that appears in the orb on the left column. 

Free lives are actually free spins that are triggered when you don’t make a score. So if you have five free lives that is five free spins, that by way, can lead to re-spins becoming trigger thanks to matching symbols. When there are no more re-spins the blockers go back into place and you start uncovering anew the mysterious Valley of Gods slots. 

To get a full idea of the scoring details, symbol’s worth and paylines you can always click on the circular “plus” button at the bottom left, which opens up the options menu and the paytable and has few additional settings options. 

Our Valley of Gods Review 

Valley of Gods slot can get anyone pumped up about playing slots. It’s that well-made and many casinos feature this slot in the “specials” section. Both casual and experienced players are aware of this and are keen on exploiting the Bonuses, Free Spins and all other promotions which are offered by a number of excellent casinos.

SlotsWise has made sure that Valley of Gods slots is featured with our partners and we have also ensured that we get you set with great promotions that you can use on the right side of our page. Feel welcome to play a live demo of Valley of Gods and continue onwards with a deposit. With 96.10% Return to Player, the gods of Ancient Egypt are on your side. Best of Luck!   

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