Although some fiction characters had mentioned them before, the first robot was created in the 20th century. Immediately after that, there was an interest by the people to create better and better robots. Nowadays, robots are everyday things in our lives and most of us see them every day, although we don’t realize that they are here.

The technology keeps going forward as the days go by, and robotics is probably a big part of what awaits us in the coming decades. You can already buy robots that will clean around your house or get your mail, and things are really only just getting heated. If you have always been fascinated by robots, be it the real ones or the ones seen in futuristic movies like Star Wars, these robot-themed video slots will give you plenty of satisfaction.

Robot Slots

All of the robot slots share a similar pattern when they are created, even though they are created from a different provider. The screen is like the inside of a machine and it’s almost always designed like it’s created out of metal.

Let’s check out some of the most famous Robot slots that we have on so you know what to play.

EggOMatic Slot

Imagine robots being born out of eggs. How awesome that machine would that be, and how would it even work? What will the baby robots look like? Well, you don’t need to imagine, as Net Entertainment have already created this, and you can see it and play it on our site.

EggOMatic Slot is a fantastic slot that’s here to represent the life of a young robot as soon as it’s been born out of the robotic egg. The slot game has five reels and 20 paylines, and you can play it as soon as you manage to select a casino on the right-hand side of the article. Once that’s done, set the denomination of the slot which ranges from £0.25 up to £10.00. EggOMatic slot offers something interesting as their bonus feature which relates to the theme and was high-tech in 2013 when the slot was developed – we will keep it a secret and let you guys find out what we are talking about.

Cog Mania

If you ever wondered how the robots are created, you should definitely try Cog Mania slot. The slot game is a Random Logic creating which has nothing else but robots on the screen. Even the ones who are creating the new robots are robots themselves. Is this the end of humanity and how the future will look like?

The online slot game offers eight reels and 12 paylines at your disposal, and you can play it as soon as you select a casino on the right-hand side of the article. The game’s denomination starts from £0.01 and goes up to £50.00.

Check out some of the other Robot Slots that we have on this page to find your favourite.

How to Play the Robot Slots

If you want to play some of the robot slots that are on this page, you need to click on them first and let the site take you to the game review that we have written for that particular game.

Once you are there, choose a casino, make sure you get the welcome bonus by making a deposit, and enjoy the mechanic adventure.


Written by Sanja Tasevska

Game Expert

Sanja uses her knowledge to review all kinds of slot games, both old and new. The detailed reviews include the most important info about a particular slot game. She’s been a part of this industry for many years and so far she’s played and given her opinion on thousands of different slot titles. Contact Sanja

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