Nolimit City

Published 25 May 2022, 12:08 p.m.

We love collaborating with innovative gaming studios and Nolimit City is definitely one of them. The company is known for its unique slots with eye-catching themes and awesome mechanics.  Therefore, we were fortunate to arrange an interview with the guys from Nolimit City and learn more about their games and future plans.

Per Lindheimer, Product Owner at Nolimit City, sat down with SlotsWise to discuss Nolimit City slots, xMechanics, drawing inspiration, brand journey, and plans for upcoming releases. If you want to find out where all the innovative ideas at Nolimit City come from, continue reading our interview!

Welcome, Per! Thank you for taking the time to chat with us. We’re really excited about Nolimit City and are eager to hear more. But first, could you introduce yourself and Nolimit City to our readers?

"We're pretty well-known these days, foremost for our volatile titles and our xMechanics. A lot of players have played our games with xNudge, xWays and xSpilt or xBomb - in the titles like San Quentin, Deadwood and Fire in the Hole.

I'm the product owner, I guess you can see it as the producer but also heavily involved in our marketing activities on forums and affiliate sites. I do everything from the game concepts to leading the game projects and other stuff around the games, like marketing material and certification stuff. I've been in the industry for more than 15 years now, so I'm becoming a bit of an old fart.

We're not a huge studio, with around 50+ employees with a very flat hierarchy, which means that you need to roll up your sleeves and dig in wherever it's needed. Incredibly fun, but also very challenging. We do everything in-house and most of us have been with Nolimit for years and years."

san quentin slot

You’ve been present in the slots market for more than 10 years. What would you say you’ve learned since your first release?

"Lots. 10 years is maybe a bit of a stretch since we released the first game in 2015, but before that, we have built up the infrastructure and platform. The games we released in the first few years were quite vanilla - even though some were on the volatile side of what was popular back then.

Once we released our two first xNudge titles - Hot Nudge & Tombstone - we noticed that the volatile titles that we liked ourselves, was also very popular with our crowd of players. And from there on we've zoned in even more into these types of games - both in terms of the math side but also when it comes to the crazy themes."

The slots from Nolimit City are really eye-catching and unique, which makes us curious about the creative process. Could you give us some insight into it? Where do all the innovative ideas come from?

"Our f*ed up minds, I guess. We try to push ourselves and remind each other that we want to do something new and unique for our games. Not all games turn upside down in the slots industry, but they stick out in some way. We simply don't operate like most other game studios."

east coast vs west coast slot

Not only do your games look fantastic, but they also come packed with awesome features. xWays and xNudge are such examples, we love them! What can you tell us about these mechanics?

"As I said earlier, they originate from the game Hot Nudge, which was also our first "dark-themed game", and it was an amazing feature that we just loved internally. When we did that game, we also had a super-volatile free spin mode that we didn't really dare to release. Once we finished that game, we directly started on Tombstone which had that crazy bonus mode with the sticky multiplier.

xWays is a feature that alters the reel area and the number of possible symbols on the reel. The combination of xWays and xNudge was always something that intrigued us, and we've pushed it even further with the Infectious xWays.

We're constantly trying to create new mechanics that we think is good enough to brand as an "xMechanic" - today we've got xNudge, xWays, infectious xWays, xSplit, xPays, xBet and xBomb - all registered trademarks and something that we're proud of. More will follow, as long as we're able to do the features good enough to wear the branding."

2022 seems to be a big year for Nolimit City, you released some incredible slots including Misery Mining. Could you tell us more about this game?

"2021 was great, and 2022 seems to follow to be a fantastic year for us as well. Misery Mining has been an awesome game for us - somewhat of a sequel to the popular game Fire in the Hole. We don't do normal sequels, but we do reuse assets or characters from previous games when we do new titles. The player can see the progression but are still familiar, but there are no ties in terms of the games being a classic follow-up."

misery mining slot

SlotsWise players love the Mental slot, it’s a game that stands out from the crowd with its unique theme, in-game features, and payouts. What was your inspiration for this game?

"It started with only a game name - MENTAL. And then it grew from there. The game is Mental in every way. Math, theme, sounds, big wins - you name it. That's why it sticks out. The craziness invites players to try it out further, even though you don't fully understand it all - especially when it fires on all cylinders in the bonus modes."

mental slot

Another game that caught our attention is Punk Toilet. What can players expect from this release?

"Punk Toilet is more of a "back to where it started" of the Punk Rocker slot. It was actually a toilet in a shitty pub in London that started the entire concept for Punk Rocker. The toilet at the pub close to where we stayed was just littered with graffiti and wasn't maybe the cleanest of them all. Punk Toilet goes back to the first inspiration photo that we used for Punk Rocker.

The game is set up as if it's at the gig of the band that rehearses in Punk Rocker, so it's a tight connection with this title - but this one is more bonkers and way more volatile than its predecessor."

punk toilet slot

In your own opinion, what are the key reasons behind your games being received so well amongst the players?

"We stand out – and we tap into a part of the casino market where we are quite alone. We're very clear with our brand and games, it's gritty and volatile - but you can also see the full potential of the features without winning on them instantly.

When you launch a Nolimit City game you won't get the standard slot game. You're in for a ride, and we do understand that it's not for everyone. Some games you might love or hate - that's just the way it is. We create volatile titles with a clear backstory and fun or horrifying themes, and we'll continue this road going forward."

If you could choose one, what would you say is your favourite Nolimit City slot being released so far?

"Tombstone is an old favorite, more like an "old but gold". I've also got a weak spot for Dragon Tribe, a game I think is very underrated - even though it doesn't really follow our brand in terms of theme. Hard to say which one is the best one, but I do love the games where we clearly stand out with different graphics - like in Punk Rocker and Tombstone RIP."

tombstone RIP slot

Could you give us a hint about some upcoming slots, or maybe some new Mechanic?

"We've got Folsom Prison coming up next, a game that I believe will be extremely good. It plays really well and got some new punch to it which I hope the players will enjoy. You'll find some similarities with a few of our previous games, but with a completely new twist."

Thank you for your time! Is there anything you would like to share with us before we say goodbye?

"Just want to send a big thank you to all players that do enjoy our slots and I hope that we can stand up to the challenge to continue producing kick-ass slots during 2022. We do appreciate all the love and praise we get from the community!"

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