DraftKings Partners with Professional Fighters League

Cvetanka Cvetanovska | Published 22 Apr 2021, 12:04 p.m.

This Tuesday, the Professional Fighters League (PFL) announced the partnership with DraftKings as their official Sportsbook and Daily Fantasy strategic partner. The operator has become the first official daily fantasy partner of mixed martial arts (MMA).

Introducing SmartCage, an innovative data technology 

The partnership will start with the possibility to wager on PFL through DraftKings’ platform across the US, considering all pending regulatory applications are approved.  Season 2021 premieres on Friday across all ESPN networks and streaming platforms, as well as during PFL’s preflight shows. As a reminder, a couple of months ago, ESPN signed a deal with DraftKings to promote their Daily Fantasy Sports products.

The CEO of PFL, Peter Murray, said that he’s excited to partner with DraftKings as they look to grow and advance the sports channel by delivering premium and unique content and gaming experience to millions of passionate MMA fans. The data technology called SmartCage will enable them to offer exciting gaming opportunities with its unique format.

PFL is the first in the combat row to offer and distribute real-time fighter data and analytics integrated into every broadcast and across all digital and social media channels. Metrics will include punch speed, kick speed, caloric burn and many more. This data will further allow innovative and distinctive bet offers. For example, fans and players will be able to place a bet on whether the punch speed will exceed 20mph.

Upcoming events will take place in a separate built environment set up in Atlantic City, New Jersey. Friday’s event will be headlined by lightweight stars. Last month, DraftKings and UFC announced that DraftKings is the first official Sportsbook and Daily Fantasy sports partner in Canada and the US. This deal is valued at approximately $350 million in cash and marketing.

Gisele Bündchen joins DraftKings

The former Brazilian supermodel and current environmental activist Gisele Bündchen is appointed as a special advisor to the CEO and Board of Directors of DraftKings. Bündchen will partner with DraftKings on their commitment to fighting climate change commit to global sustainable environments and development. The news comes after the company outlined its plans to be involved in environmental issues and challenges.

Jason Robins, the CEO and co-founder of DraftKings, said that Gisele Bündchen is a globally recognised icon that utilised her name and reputation to advocate important social and environmental causes. Players can also support the cause through charity fantasy sports and free-to-play pools.

For the public, Bündchen said that she looks forward to working with DraftKings in finding ways and channels to make a positive impact through various social initiatives. In her opinion, companies have to be successful in all areas, including those that involve social impact and responsibility that influence our future. 

Bündchen is not the first celebrity person to join DraftKings in the form of an advisor or strategic partner. We reported a few months ago about the expansion of DraftKings’ board of directors. Probably the biggest basketball icon of all time, Michael Jordan was appointed as a special adviser, taking an equity interest in the company. In exchange, Jordan will provide direction on product development, company strategy and different marketing initiatives.

DraftKings will continue to participate and take initiatives in global sustainable development challenges in line with the UN’s sustainable development goals.

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