GambleAware publishes NGTS annual statistics

Marta Dimitrov | Published 30 Nov 2021, 1:38 p.m.

As GambeAware is an organisation that cares and acts about responsible gambling, we lastly have informed it does a move about the women that have gambling-related issues. The article actually was pointing out a team of researchers has been granted a total of £250,000 by GambleAware to conduct research and explore the experiences of women who somehow were related to gambling and the consequences of gambling harm.

The organisation continues doing its work on analysing if and how the National Gambling Treatment Service is working. The statistics they published are actually about how people with gambling issues under certain treatments are improving.

92% of the people under treatment have improved their condition

The National Gambling Treatment Service works together with several organisations like GamCare and its partner network, Gordon Moody to provide treatments that are confidential and support people experiencing gambling harms.

In the newest report, it is stated that most of the people under treatment in 2020/21 or 92% to be more accurate, showed a particular improvement. This is measured with the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI) score, which is widely used for this kind of problem. Seventy per cent of 8,490 people receiving treatment during 2020/21 were no longer defined as problem gamblers on the PGSI scale at end of scheduled treatment.

This analysis also shows the impact on the current situation as there were 518 fewer people taking the treatment in comparison to 2019/20. However, the number of clients seeking help through the NGTS has significantly increased in comparison to 2015/16.

Zoë Osmond, the CEO of GambleAware said it is encouraging that even when many of the services moved online, the NGTS manages to deliver good results for people receiving the treatment. Yet, he notes it is needed to further raise awareness so that people know the help is available.

GambleAware recently launched a five-year organisational strategy that has been designed to help improve access to and awareness of the NGTS, with the aim of ensuring more people receive effective treatment.

About National Gambling Treatment Service

The National Gambling Treatment Service works with, and alongside, the National Health Service. It provides telephone, online and face-to-face treatment for individuals and groups, across Great Britain. 

You can chat to an Adviser who is trained to listen and help anyone affected by gambling harms. The National Gambling Treatment Service cares about confidentiality. Also, they can give you the right support if you are dealing with gambling issues.

About GambleAware

GambleAware is an independent charity, which aims to keep people safe from harmful gambling. They provide practical tips to help people with gambling problems to get their life back on track.


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