Michigan Step Closer To Sports Betting Legalisation

Viktor Vangelov | Published 20 Sep 2019, 6:11 p.m.

We’ve been reporting on UK gambling news in the past few weeks. To be fair, a lot has happened on the UK gambling market, including regulations and initiatives. Few operators have been fined by the gambling authorities. The latest topic of conversations and interest was loot boxes and how they are regulated.

Earlier this month, gambling operators, i.e. their representatives were drilled at Westminster over a range of issues, most notably the system of voluntary donations, seen that major operators expressed readiness to increase their voluntary donations to a total of 1% within 5 years. Lawmakers were curious to know why companies wouldn’t increase their contribution sooner rather than in five years’ time.

US states geared towards legalisation

All in all, it has been an eventful period, but this time we want to have a look at the situation on the other side of the pond, namely in the United States. As you probably know, the situation in the US has been changing lately.

America was the least gambling friendly country of all developed Western nations, but the situation is changing, and many operators have already used the opportunity and started offering services in the US. With the Supreme Court decision to repeal the PASPA, seen that it has been determined that the act is unconstitutional, a lot of states went on to legalise sports betting and in quite a few of those states, residents are already enabled to place bets.

Michigan looking to legalise sports betting

The list of states where sports betting is legal keeps on growing and we might see few more cases of gambling legalisation by the end of the year. Michigan is coming closer to legalising sports betting. Three decisions that have to do with sports betting legalisation are closer to being enacted. The House Committee on Regulatory Reform passed the bills, the next destination is the Ways and Means Committee. Although the bills passed the first hurdle, it will be a tad more challenging to pass through this committee, as the bills will be placed under a lot more scrutiny.

The first bill 4916 is the key piece of legislation that should be passed and it will legalise the placing of land-based and online wagers by citizens of Michigan. This bill was passed by the Commission with 11 votes in favour and two against, with two members abstaining from voting. If this bill becomes law legal bookmakers will be established in three commercial casinos in the state.

Interest exists in Ohio

Ohio is another state that’s eyeing sports betting legalisation and even though it is not very likely for sports betting in this state to be legalised soon, companies are getting ready to enter the market as soon as that happens.

Kambi Group is one the leading operators in the US and they have signed a partnership deal with JACK Entertainment. JACK already operates few facilities in the states of Ohio and Michigan.

Speaking about gaming legalisation in Ohio, it has been reported that this will have to wait at least until 2020, seen that it is difficult to draft an act that will satisfy all interested parties and stakeholders. The path towards legalisation is in no way clear, but the interest exists.

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