NetEnt Launches Ninja Casino Live

Viktor Vangelov | Published 13 Dec 2018, 9:45 a.m.

NetEnt are a pioneering company, having developed a lot of innovative products and services they changed the way people look at and experience online gambling. Their latest live casino – Ninja Casino is definitely going to make a mark in the upcoming period. One of the most remarkable traits of Ninja Casino is that it is a no-registration casino. This is the first online live casino of this kind.

NetEnt used the latest streaming technology to develop Ninja Casino. The casino is customized with the aim to provide a distinct and remarkable experience. After all, we couldn’t expect anything less from NetEnt, knowing how successful their previous gaming live products have been. Ninja Casino features multiple tables and this virtual casino is placed at the top of an ultra-modern skyscraper.

Ninja Casino Games And Capabilities

You will be able to play Roulette and Blackjack at Ninja Casino Live, there are plenty of different dealers, as well as multiple game varieties. There’s even a table where the dealer is a fluent Swedish speaker. The tables are filmed from different positions and angles which only adds to the experience. In fact, players are even able to watch the other tables and see what’s going on there. It is even possible to switch tables without moving back to the lobby first, which makes the whole experience a lot more intuitive.

Players are definitely going to enjoy the Ninja Casino experience, and even though it is still early to tell, Ninja Casino Live may revolutionise live casino gaming. Still, we are yet to see how players and casino operators will respond to Ninja Live Casino, but we suspect the reactions will be positive.

Developed In Cooperation With Global Gaming

NetEnt worked together with Global Gaming on Ninja Live Casino. Henrik Fagerlund, who’s in charge of product development at NetEnt and is the one who usually gives public statements on behalf of the company said that Ninja Casino Live is going to breathe new life into live casino. He also added that the product will give casinos a chance to get better results, as they will be able to have control of the design and how the product is built.

People at Global Gaming were also quite thrilled with the final product, and Dirk Camilleri, Global Gaming’s Head of Casino said that Ninja Casino Live is a completely novel immersive live casino experience, and he particularly accented the fact that the Ninja Casino live offers advanced mobile capabilities. Plus, Ninja Casino Live will be the first casino platform with a Swedish Blackjack table and Camilleri feels that it will increase player engagement.

NetEnt Set To Increase Competitiveness And Profitability

While we are on the subject of NetEnt, the company is set to reorganise and restructure with the aim of cutting their costs and improving their efficiency. The changes will be implemented this month and they are expected to cost the company about 25 million SEK, but this will be a non-recurring cost. The company has also announced its plans to release a minimum of 30 and up to 35 new games in 2019.

NetEnt currently employs about 1,000 people in several offices throughout Europe and all over the world, including – Malta, Krakow, New Jersey, Gibraltar and more.