The Effects Of A No Deal Brexit On Gambling

Viktor Vangelov | Published 26 Aug 2019, 12:50 p.m.

If you know anything about the casino industry, and/of you’ve read at least some of our featured news articles, you are surely aware that the industry as a whole is heavily dependant on politics and political decisions.

After all, the legality of gambling itself and its scope depends on political decisions, i.e. whether parliaments and other law-making bodies have passed acts that regulate gambling. In recent months, numerous US states passed laws that regulate certain forms of online gambling. Last month it was Illinois, namely this state legalised sports betting and the establishment of casinos in Chicago. In May, we announced that Massachusetts is considering sports betting legalisation. There were certain issues with the Wire Act and the intention of the Department of Justice to appeal the ruling on its scope, but we are yet to see how this will turn out.

We’ve reported on several states that have legalised sports betting in the past few months or are about to do so in the upcoming period. In the meantime, in the UK, companies are facing heavier restrictions and increased surveillance from the UK Gambling Commission and other authorities that are in charge. This time we’re going to discuss a different side of politics and its effect on the UK Gambling industry, namely how will a no deal Brexit affect gambling in the country.

Rank Group Develop Alternative No Deal Brexit Menu

A no deal Brexit will have a serious impact on multiple areas and multiple aspects of everyday life in the UK. Rank Group, one of the leading gambling companies in the country that owns Mecca Bingo and Grosvenor casino has already published an emergency menu that will be rolled out in the event of a no deal Brexit.

Interestingly, the company’s primary concern is the menu, i.e. what sort of food they’d be serving at their facilities if they can’t rely on imported food. John O’Reilly, the company chief said that the no deal Brexit menu that they put together doesn’t include food that comes from the continent. So, instead of prawns which are imported they’d be using langoustines which come from British waters.

But the menu is not the only issue, Rank Group would face other issues in the event of no deal Brexit. Namely, 100 of their employees who work in the Gibraltar office are EU nationals that cross the Gibraltar Spain border every day to get to work.

Moreover, a large number of those who are employed in the London headquarters are also UK nationals and that could cause additional problems if they are required to leave the country. However, the company is still hoping to boost its profit and revenue.

UKGC Launch A Review Into FSB Technologies

While Rank Group are considering their options in the case of a no deal Brexit, FSB Technologies are facing a potential fine over their Blackbet site. The company has voluntarily suspended the site and all activities regarding it, but it will continue to pay out customers if they want to withdraw their funds.