UKGC partners with Twitter to control the gambling-related content

Cvetanka Cvetanovska | Published 31 Jan 2020, 9:20 a.m.

When it comes to pushing new regulations and restrictive measures, UKGC continues in much the same manner in 2020 and it’s not even February yet. Previously they announced the implementation of  GAMSTOP scheme as a mandatory move for all online game operators.

Also, there is the credit card gambling ban that was not well received among the players and operators. After this ban came in force, many betting operators were afraid about the performance of their business and overall impact of this measure. Starting from April 2019, the FOBTs wagering limit was cut to £2 to tackle the problem gamblers. This affected around 800.000 players that previously were placing wagers using their credit cards.

This time, Commission restrictions refer to social media communication, content and paid media. The restrictions will impact social media platforms, content management tools and advertisement preferences.

UKGC creates a Twitter consumer guide 

The UK Gambling Commission made a partnership with the social media platform Twitter in order to support responsible advertising priorities. For these purposes, they created a guide on Twitter’s safety tools and settings. The guide explains how your profile can be further adjusted to reduce gambling-related adverts and content.

This year the UKGC regulator is looking to produce similar guiding systems for other social media platforms. Twitter makes the first platform in the row to support this initiative. 

The publication includes guiding tips around:

  • Managing the interest within the profile (Interests are shown in a list of keywords associated with the individuals’ Twitter activity)
  • Using the mute feature (This way users have greater control over what they can and can’t see on the feed by ensuring certain words and phrases are not visible) 
  • Turning off notifications and muting accounts (This prevents the user from receiving notifications from certain types of accounts they would like to stay away from) 

In October 2019, the commission Chief Executive Officer Neil McArthur expressed worries over the exposure of the younger population to gambling ads. In addition, he encouraged gambling businesses and advertising spaces to embrace various technology features. The level of exposure represents a concern and he challenged the industry to quickly accelerate opportunities in order to reduce the gambling content across digital platforms. 

This guide is expected to explain the different methods for adjusting Twitter’s safety tools. This will help in mitigating the risk of gambling content exposure. Logically, this will reduce the gambling-related messages and sponsored advertisements that appear in feeds.

Twitter go all in for tailored gambling content

The Head of UK Public Policy at Twitter Katy Minshall embraces this bold move. She adds that improving the content and public conversations is their overall mission to achieve the desired level of security. This way they will provide the safety and support their members need on the platform. Keeping that in mind, Twitter continues to enforce its policies in terms of prohibited and restricted ad content, as well as determining the eligibility of ads. Twitter will continue to work with industry partners on tools and extensions to support the responsible advertising plan.

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