USA Updates – DC, Colorado and Wyoming

Viktor Vangelov | Published 26 Oct 2020, 3:47 p.m.

We’ve reported on a wide range of initiatives in different US states. It makes sense because the US market has seen the highest amount of activity in the past few years. There is a positive trend and the number of states that have or are going to legalise gambling has been growing steadily. Soon, there will be very few states in the US where at least some forms of gambling aren’t legal.

Last week we reported that we could see a sports betting launch in Tennessee as early as October 30 And last month we brought to you the news that Miching is closer to launching iGaming and betting platforms. And today we have an update on the latest developments in the District of Columbia, Colorado and Wyoming.

Monopoly status of Intralot in DC upheld

Currently, there’s an online betting monopoly in DC and that has been upheld by the court. The monopoly situation is considered to be rather controversial and it has been challenged legally on at least a few occasions. The latest challenge came in 2019 and was brought by a citizen, software developer Dylan Carragher. He felt that a more transparent procedure should’ve been put in place when the operator license was awarded to Intralot.

The court officials thought otherwise, ruling that Carragher hasn’t suffered any financial consequences as a result of the decision to award a monopoly status to Intralot and as a result he was in no position to raise the case. Carragher tried to prove that the District would’ve generated more tax revenue in another scenario, but the court ruled that a potential for an increased tax revenue isn’t sufficient to prove that a particular taxpayer, or in this case Carragher, has suffered any financial damage.

The situation remains controversial as many punters have claimed that the odds offered by Intralot are very unattractive.

More wagering in Colorado

There are no new initiatives in place in Colorado,  but it has been reported that the amount wagered by punters in the course of September has been increased significantly. Namely, the total generated turnover for the month was over $207 million, which is an increase of more than 60% compared to August.

But, the amount that was received by the state as tax revenue actually decreased, because the online betting revenue of the operators declined, primarily due to the bonuses offers used by punters, many of whom registered ahead of the start of the NFL season. A similar scenario was reported in Pennsylvania earlier last week.

The betting revenue also increased in Mississippi, growing 37.7% year-on-year and 29% compared to the previous month.

Northern Arapaho Tribe to introduce sports betting in Wyoming

Sports betting could soon become an option in Wyoming. It has been reported that the Northern Arapaho tribe would like to introduce sports betting at their Wind River Hotel and casino, as well as two other establishments throughout the state.

The gaming officials are currently working on the regulations which means that the legalisation of sports betting isn’t far away. However, it seems that punters would have to physically be at one of the locations, mobile betting will not be an option.