Released: 12 Mar 2020

A band of heroes has headed to challenge a fire-breathing dragon in a megaways slot of six reels and more than 40,000 ways to win. The reel modifiers can remove symbols, create expanded wilds and trigger bonus spins, all towards a grand payout potential of more than 20,000x on the winning bet.  

Heroes Hunt Megaways Slot

Heroes Hunt Megaways Slot Review

Is a trend of heroes, epic battles and dragon-slaying slots on the horizon? 

Heroes Hunt Megaways Introduction

The latest megaways release by Phantasma Games may nudge us to look in that direction. The Heroes Hunt Megaways slot pits the players against a fire-breathing dragon who is guarding a reel-set of six reels and six rows. 

In terms of the features, the game offers a standard wild as well as an expanding wild symbol with added multipliers. The payout mechanism is all about wins on consecutive reels made by matching symbols on a maximum of 46,656 ways to win. 

As for the theme, it is obvious that the cast of characters have been selected for the role of heroes whose mission is to battle the dragon. Fittingly, the reel modifiers emanate from their involvement, such as the arrows that are launched by the elf squirrel. 

Heroes Hunt Megaways Design Features

When it comes to the graphics design the game offers lots of moving parts and a dynamic gameplay, which is owed to the cascading wins system. The megaways does its own thing in terms of the entertainment value. The visual field is filled with symbols that are cartoonish, which has to be seen in the character of the theme.

Nevertheless, Heroes Hunt Megaways slots does what it is supposed to - it keeps the reel adventure unfolding onwards and makes payouts of three or more symbols on its six reels. The slots experts at Fantasma Games have paid attention to details. Very much adventure-like is the rumbling of the reel-set, the exploding of orbs, the onslaught of arrows and so on.

An epic musical theme fills the ambiance with the type of sounds you are expected to hear in a movie of the same vein. 

How to Play Heroes Hunt Megaways Slot

Your adventure on the reels can begin with the push of the play button, which is the big round one to the right of the reels. This will cause the symbols to drop once, deducting the active bet from the balance one time. 

If you want to, you can play the game hands-free, that is to say, in its autoplay mode. Setting up this mode is easy. You just need to select the number of automatic spins and add the optional stops and conditions, such as 'stop on a single win amount' and the similar options. To do this select the double arrows button in the upper right corner. 

To change the bet you need to select the button that appears as a stack of coins with the plus button on top. Press it to reveal the grid of available bets. The   offers a wide range of bets which start with £0.20 for the minimum and £100.00 for the maximum. 

All of the numbers pertaining to the game are included in the bottom end of the screen. The thin strip below the reels holds information about the current balance amount, the latest win amount and the active bet. 

How to Win Heroes Hunt Megaways Slots

When it comes to making wins in this game, it's all in the hands of the megaways engine. Although limited to less than the usual maximum 117,000+ ways to win, it delivers the same exciting reel adventure on 46,000+. 

bets start at 20p per spin but there is a range of bets that allows for a low, medium and high stakes reel adventure where wins are made on consecutive reels with three or more symbols.

Optimum wins are with six of the same. The most valuable symbol is that of the dragon, paying 20x multiplied by the winning bet. The gems pay amounts that are much smaller, while the heroes pay returns better than the gems. 

Heroes Hunt Megaways Bonus Features

The game has a progressive scheme to unlocking achievements, which return as reel modifiers to potentially benefit towards big wins. 

The three heroes each carry their own reel-modifier. The beaked wizard triggers an explosion which clears a number of symbols that is either 2x2 or 3x3.

The squirrel archer sends a barrage of arrows on the grid which causes between six and 12 symbols taken, which in turns results in a respin.

The lion causes the reel on which a wild has landed to expand and cover its entirety. What is more, the expanded wild posts a multiplier between 1x and 6x on the eventual wins. 

The occurrence of these modifiers is conditioned by two things - the corresponding symbol to the modifier needs to stop on the reels however its corresponding hero's picture on top of the reels. 

Heroes Hunt Megaways Free Play

Fantasma Games are the makers with the support of the slots experts at Relax Gaming have released their game at online casinos, some of which enable free play demo slots. This is the best way to try a game before deciding whether to play it with real money.

Heroes Hunt Megaways Closing Thoughts

The multiplicity of reel modifiers is what makes the difference between the game's weak payouts and the same when under the influence of a modifier. The free spins bonus has two iterations and provides the setting for potentially big payouts of more than 20,000x. 

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