Released: 29 Jul 2020

Players will find the usual Megaways arrangement regarding the reels and rows. Six reels and rows that shift between two and seven can turn up winning outcomes with three or more symbols. One bet can set you back 20p for a chance to win prizes of up to 45,000x multiplied by the bet. The variance is high, which is expected, while the theoretical return to player is above the average, at 96.20%.


1 Million Megaways BC  Slot

1 Million Megaways Bc Slot Review

Even though you are taken back to the Ice Age by IronDog studios, you can easily break the ice and get a fun-loving game on thanks to the megaways and the accompanying gameplay mechanics, such as avalanche wins and 117,649 ways to win. The theme of 1 Million Megaways BC slot corresponds to the title of the game, and the title matches what it can do in the bonus feature - and that is potentially a lot.

1 Million Megaways BC Introduction

What is fascinating about this game is its fun dynamic. The theme is the first of its kind in the world of megaways slots, so we can concur that Big Time Gaming have landed their payout system to the right developers. Not without reason, the title points to a bonus feature where players can potentially see the game working itself up in a frenzy, which is exactly where the maximum payout potential or big wins, in general, can occur, thanks to win multipliers and retriggering events.

1 Million Megaways BC Design Features

IronDog have ironed out all wrinkles for this game, so that the players can enjoy a seamless reel adventure throughout the session. High-paying symbols are a set of ice age animals, such as the saber-toothed tiger, the wooly mammoth and the royal stag. The early homo sapiens explorers are the game's highest paying symbols.

1 Million Megaways BC slots has the standard cards' symbols for the low-paying category. In both cases, the symbols are wrapped in light and an icy sheet when a winning outcome is being formed. There are few other visual niceties that the game can arrange for the players, so it's really one that keeps you entertained at all times, which adds to experiencing a potential big win event.

How to Play 1 Million Megaways BC Slot

Players can start playing without much ado, simply by pressing the spin button at the get-go. The size of the bet is shown in the bottom right area of the screen, so if the default bet is too big of a sum you can change it by selecting the coin stacks button from the bottom-left area. 

The range of bets on 1 Million Megaways BC slot starts at 20p per spin and has a maximum of 20.00. Regardless of the bet amount, the game plays across its full potential to generate the maximum number of megaways, whenever it is made possibile by events on the reels.

One way to play the game is by selecting the Autoplay option. This is the circular button with the letter A inside, wrapped by two comets. Pressing it opens up a menu where players can choose the number of automatic spins and add optional breaks that stop the autoplay mode when the condition has been met. 

This is another way of letting the game mind your balance for you. If you prefer to play 1 Million Megaways BC manually, pressing the Spin button in the bottom right corner does the job for every turn of the reels. 

How to Win 1 Million Megaways BC Slots

Winning in the game is possible across the entire six-reel playing field. Regardless of the matching symbols' position on the reel, the game pays according to the number of symbols on adjacent reels. 

Because 1 Million Megaways BC slots is a Megaways game, its symbol payouts are smaller than your average slot paytable. The avalanche/cascading wins mechanism makes it possible for the players to win multiple outcomes resulting from the same spin, so that balances out the game's potential to pay decent prizes even though a lot of the symbols don't return the bet for a win of three of a kind.

Also, there are win multipliers during the free spins bonus, which is another way to make big gains on 1 Million Megaways BC. The most valuable symbols are the portraits of the hunter-gatherers. Medium payouts are made with the animal symbols and the cards have smaller payouts, unless you land a win that has six of a kind.

1 Million Megaways BC Bonus Features

The game coems with a wild symbol that substitutes for all, except the scatter symbol. One caveat is that the wild doesn't appear on the first reel. Unlike the base game, the free spins extra feature can generate multipliers of up to 14x, compared to 8x, for successive wins.

The players cget eight free spins when the base game has triggered four wins in a row. Each extra cascade adds more free spins to the tally. 

Most notable feature about the Because 1 Million Megaways BC free spins bonus is that now the reel set gets an extra reel, so seven in total, which can result in the maximum number of ways to win growing to 1 million. 

There is another way to trigger the free spins bonus and that is by purchasing it. This costs 50x for eight spins and more for a greater number of spins. That's expensive, but on the other hand, the win multiplier doesn't reset on non-winning spins. 

Big Cat King Megaways vs 1 Million Megaways BC

There is a new game on the Megaways circuit that was released around the same time as the game at hand. Both games are similar in terms of the theme, however, Big Cat King Megaways slot is missing humans in the picture, but it definitely isn't missing a maximum payout potential, which is 50,000x and that doesn't even pale in comparison with 1 Million Begaways, because it can only pay 5000x more in the most outrageous string of retriggering events that are ripe with win multipliers and big-symbol wins. All other determinants are comparable to the T, as the number of megaways is the same. The only notable difference is that this game is strictly high varience whule Big Cat King Megaways is medium to high. 

1 Million Megaways BC Free Play

The game has an amazing gameplay that many players will be interested in trying out with free credits. This is possible as the game is available at online casinos in a free play demo mode.

1 Million Megaways BC Closing Thoughts

Going back to the ice age may not be such a terrible idea and you don’t need a time-travel machine for that. The max win potential of 40,000x is the thrill that seals the deal for many players to try their luck as a hunter-gatherer.

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