Released: 22 Jul 2019

How do we describe a cross-over between a standard five by three slot game that has a hybrid style of payouts, that is called Black Hole slot? We can't, so it's best to check out what's in store and head on to playing the game yourself. We have five always active paylines and five ladders that can scale up the winnings as the accumulate over time for each symbol win. There isn't a bonus feature, but there is a gamble game, along with a RTP of 96.55% and a top payout of 20,000. 

Black Hole Slot

Black Hole Slot Review

Experience the Black Hole slot for a chance to win 20,000 or any smaller yet hefty prizes in style of play that is just a bit unusual. 

Black Hole Overview

Just when we resolved that there wouldn't be any odd slot releases in the remained of the summer of 2019, there comes the Black Hole slot by Edict gaming. Although the name suggests space exploration and metaphysics, the reel set itself brings us back to earth with the display of a set of classical slots symbols.

The very gameplay itself is convoluted, as black holes themselves are allegedly that, so besides the reel-set of five reels and three rows we have five gauges that display the sums which can be won when the Black Hole slot turns up subsequent wins, that is, 'steps'. 

Each of the symbols belong to one of these gauges, so when there are winning outcomes and when you choose to divert the winnings, all of part of it, to the one of the ladders, that gauge will fill up and you can get that specific payout when you reach the top. Unless you get the black hole symbol, in which case you start from the beginning.  

Besides that unfortunate symbol, the Black Hole slots has a wild in the form of the sun star, but no scatter, which means no free spins bonus. At any rate, we have enough here for an entertaining time on the reels, with the possibility to win the game's top payout of 20,000. 

How to Play Black Hole Slot

You can make the reel spin by pressing the play button, which is located in the bottom right corner of the page. To the left of it is the autoplay button which lets the players set the game in an automatic spins mode, by selecting from the number presents within that menu. 

Unless you want to play with the default bet once you start the game, check ou the window underneath the reel-set that is titled Cashpot. Beneath it you can choose your bet per each spin by pressing the leftmost button. The amounts start at just £0.10 per spin and they go up to £20.00. 

There are enough options for the bet that any player can choose a fitting amount from the available range. The bet can be changed any time the player wants, as long as this compunction doesn't occur in the middle of an active spin. Since we have five reels and three rows, this classic layout could have fitted more paylines, however Edic Games decided to make the Black Hole slot a five payline affair. 

The paytable is the place where you can view all of the symbol pays, as well as other useful information such as game rules, the features, how the game interacts with the cash ladders. All this is accessible from the menu bar, which is in the top right corner of the screen. 

How to Win Black Hole Slots

The game has a very interesting way of delivering payouts. Just like in any other slot, the reels turn and the potential winning outcomes are made through the symbols that may match on a payline. Whenever a win occurs, the player can choose whether to accept it in full, or distribute that income in a more economical way. 

Precisely, you can collect the win or you can Partially collect. The second option has part of the winnings thrown in your account and another part onto one of the ladders, corresponding to the type of symbol that's produced the winning outcome. For example, the plums and the stars go to the top right ladder.

When playing with a bet of 0.20 per spin, you can get 50.00 when you make 50 steps - that is, winnings that are multiplied by the number that is displayed in the middle of these ladders. 

If it seems complicated, it isn't. All of the reel action is automated, so no winnings could ever be lost by 'negligence'. The Black Hole lets you know what's what and what to do when there is a win. 

Black Hole Bonus Features

Since the game doesn't have any bonus features, such as Black Hole free spins, we have only the ladder type of pay, the wild symbol that substitutes for any other symbol, and we have a risk game, that is, a gamble game. 

The Risiko gamble game can be activated following any win. The point of the game is to get a higher card than the dealer. Each win progresses to the next card. With each win the winning outcome gets doubled. 

Black Hole RTP

For a game called 'black hole' and with a symbol that warps everything you have into nothingness, we have a quite decent theoretical return to player here at 96.55%

Play Black Hole on Mobile

You can play this slot game on mobile. Edict are champions that make a variety of solutions for the gaming companies and for land based casinos, so yes, they have optimized Black Hole slot for your mobile screen. The standard caveat is, the device must be android or apple for a mobile phone, and that includes tablets. 

Our Black Hole Slot Review

Few players out there will appreciate this game. It has an innovative approaches that does away with the classical winning outcomes by adding the ladders, that is, gauges, which are filled like on grid-based games, such as Reactoonz slot.

Play this game or choose something else when you claim a welcome offer to play at one of the casinos on this page. 

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