Released: 24 Jul 2018

Big Money Slingo Slot

Big Money Slingo Slot Review

The Slingo craze has entered town. The game combines the best of slots and the best of bingo to splash these two for a wild combination called Slingo. Naturally this game is appealing for both slots and bingo players and the response has been more Slingo titles being produced. Following a number of Slingo spin-offs, such as the Rainbow Riches Slingo, the game has its own Big Money slingo edition. This game is available at SlotsWise online slots venues and you can claim a bonus package to give a go and fall in love with it. So check out the Big Money Slingo features, the bonuses and the potential payouts. 

Big Money Slingo Overview

Because the game of Slingo is just breaking through the ice sheet, it is a due course of action to give it a decent introduction to the players. How is Slingo played? How exactly do you "dab" the numbers to connect the horizontal and vertical lines? Here we have all of the answers to let you in on the game that will surely find a middle ground between slots and bingo in the time ahead. 

Slingo has a centrally placed reel set of five horizontal and five vertical rows. Below the reel set is the real reel set, the one that actually spins to deliver a set of numbers once at a time. The one row five reels thing puts out the numbers that the player can locate on the reel set which is in other words the bingo ticket. See how how both can combine so well! So, the player, just follows the action that takes place on the reel set. Whatever numbers that are displayed on the reel and match the ones on the ticket will be automatically marked. 

To score a winning combination you need to draw a full line either horizontally or vertically by marking the matching numbers between the reel and the ticket. Clearing each line brings you one level higher which means the winnings become higher as well. It is an interesting feature that the payouts in Slingo can be set in more than one fashion. While some Slingos are really bland (honestly, Britain’s Got Talent Slingo), other can be extremely entertaining, like the Big Money Slingo

How to Play Big Money Slingo

The game lets you select from six different settings. Each one is a world of its own and each one has its own name and style. 

The Joker's Hamlet is a small village. The Golden Fields are just what it says - a beautiful landscape of golden wheat. The Royal Forest is a misty mountain with pine trees. The Smuggler's Cove is a mysterious world with cascading platforms. The Diamond Peak is an icy, purplish world. Finally the Lucky Gulch is another fantasy themed realm within Big Money Slingo. 

When it comes to playing the game, you can wager different amounts per spin, starting from 50p and going all the way to £10. But to visit in the world of your choice you have to buy your way in and with it, you will get to play for a different jackpot amount. The maximum payout in this game is a sweet lump of £100,000 and there are many other great prizes in-between. 

How to Win Big Money Slingo

The lucky world that you select will have you started with some free jokers on your ticket. Clicking or tapping the Go button will display new numbers with each turn. The jokers will replace a number of your choice on the grid. To win a Singo you will need to fill a horizontal, vertical or a diagonal line. You can win multiple lines during one turn at the Big Money Slingo game and there is more than one way to get there, besides relying on your own luck. 

Without any surprises, there will be bonus features in the Big Money Slingo version. For starters, the Joker is a wild symbol and replaces any number that may visit upon the ticket. Then there is the Free Spins bonus feature. You will get six free spins and if you get closer to clearing the entire ticket you can even purchase another spin. As you get closer to clearing the remaining numbers the additional spins will cost more, but that could be justified as you would be closer to winning a top cash prize. 

The developers behind Big Money Slingo are Pariplay. This company has existed for some years now and they are always active in the online slots world, always releasing hot and entertaining titles. Pariplay Limited are behind many excellent games and now they have recognized the Slongo trends and they are part of it by making new and exciting titles with a twist on the gameplay, as much as the Slingo platform can sustain that, and it does well in that regard.

If you haven’t played Big Money Slingo or any other titles of this game you should check it out and see what it’s all about. Compared to online slots, slingo plays a little bit slower. The game isn’t the typical stop-and-go which counts for slots, rather, it unfolds in a paced manner, but also a little bit quicker than your typical bingo game. This detail of slingo is just one more to the checklist which represents the pros and cons of this game - but in all sincerity, it is mostly pros when it comes to deciding whether to play.

Our Big Money Slingo Review

Considering the multiple levels of prizes one concludes that the top payout is great, but any other sum before that number is equally exciting. Of course, the odds of reaching the £100,000 prize are much slimmer, but scoring a bunch of ‘slingos’ for a payout that is halfway there is pretty solid of an outcome as well. Big Money Slingo can be played at a number of online casinos that are available here. Claiming a welcome package sets you on the right footing to experience this or any other slingo title, but also the multitude of online slots which are available at any of given brand, from BGO to Paddy Power to Mansion Casino. 

Take your pick from the bonus deals and see if you will dab a ticket full of numbers to claim the top prize in the Big Money Slingo game. 

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