Released: 12 Aug 2019

Play with £0.20 or £100.00 per spin, or many numbers in-between, for a chance to win £10,000 on the Imperial Fruits 100 Lines slots. The game comes with five reels and four rows that deliver classical fruit symbols, as well as the lucrative stars and the hot red lucky seven symbol. The game doesn't have a bonus feature, but the wild can expand on the reel when part of a win. 

Imperial Fruits 100 Lines Slot

Imperial Fruits 100 Lines Slot Review

Play for a chance to win £10,000 and other hefty prizes on the Imperial Fruits 100 Lines slot

Imperial Fruits 100 Lines Introduction

A very familiar layout and choice of symbols is found in the latest Playson slot game that boasts a retro theme. Imperial Fruits: 100 Lines slot follows the same pathway as its predecessor which had five paylines. 

However, this time around, those who know their slots and are distinguishing the behind the faceplate details, ought to know what are the advantages of a 100 payline machine with the specific symbol pays and features.

The Imperial Fruits 100 Lines slots has four rows and five reels. The paylines are always active and there is a range of bets that include amounts that make the line bet count for some heft. 

Playson have thrown in both a wild and a scatter - two of these to be precise. Both of the scatter symbols are involved in some terrific payouts. 

Even though the wild doesn't substitute for either, it does come with an additional feature that modifies the reels and helps in increasing the chances for a bigger win.  

Imperial Fruits: 100 Lines Design

One look at Imperial Fruits 5 Lines and Imperial Fruits 40 Lines and you immediately know that the third edition of this series is a clone of the previous. There aren't any differences when it comes to the design. 

The symbols are the good old fruits, along with the classical land-casino slots symbol of the red lucky seven, and we have two stars - diamond and gold. When they become part of a winning outcome, the symbols simply gleam over, so there aren't any animated bits. 

All this doesn't mean it's a dull game. The execution completely fits the style and it's all right that a musical score is lacking. 

How to Play Imperial Fruits 100 Lines Slot

You can set up for the reel action by first selecting the wager that you are willing to spend for the chance to win a cash prize. This can be done from the window that is located underneath the third reel. This is labeled with the wording BET and the up and down arrows can be used to select the amount for the bet per spin. 

The smallest amount for the bet is £0.20 and the biggest amount is £100.00. There are many small, medium and big increments between these two sums. Each wager pays according to the line bet multiplied by the amount that had been won. The Imperial Fruits 100 Lines slot can deliver multiple winning outcomes on a single turn and the wins pay left to right. 

To set the reels going you need to press the round green play button. This will set the reels turning once, but if you want to have a relaxing time while you are witnessing the reel action, then press the A button. This stands for Autoplay and lets you choose from the number presets. You can pull up the advanced settings tab and optionally set a loss or a single win limit. 

Imperial Fruits 100 Lines Slots Symbols

To view the symbol pays select the paytable. This will open up a grid with the symbols that include two categories - high value and low value.

The latter category has orange, cherries plu and lemon in it. These pay the same amount. The middle of the road is reserved for the pear and higher up are the watermelon and the grapes.

At the top are the symbol pays for the stars and for the sevens. 

How to Win Imperial Fruits 100 Lines Slot

The dynamic paytable lets you view the symbol pays according to the selected bet. You can change the bet while in the paytable and this will reflect on the amounts. Let's get the full scope of the Imperial Fruits 100 Lines potentials to deliver big wins.

When playing on the biggest wager of £100.00 the biggest sum is £10,000 and that is for the gold star scatter landing anywhere on the screen in five instances. When it lands in four positions the prize is £2000.00. The diamond scatter is just as valuable, albeit in a slightly different manner. 

The Diamond star doesn't pay winning outcomes above three stars on reels one, three and five. However, the prize for three of the same is £2000. You need four gold stars for the same amount. 

The lucky red seven pays £5000.00 when five land on a line and this symbol can get a substitute from the Wild. The four-symbol win pays £750.00, which isn't peanuts either. The watermelon and the grape symbols pay 1000 when five of the same fall on the grid. 

Imperial Fruits 100 Lines Bonus Features

Even though it has a scatter symbol it doesn’t trigger a bonus feature. So, no free spins on the Imperial Fruits slot, however, there is a reel-modifier and it comes with the wild. When the wild helps a winning outcome be formed, it can expand on the reel as an expanding wild and by that increase the chances for a win on another payline. 

Imperial Fruits 100 Lines Free Play

The game can be found at online casinos that offer demo play or free play. This is a good way to check out the gameplay, the look and feel and how this game vibes with you. Although it isn’t equipped with a free spins bonus, a demo play will suffice to see what’s it all about. 

Imperial Fruits 100 Lines Closing Thoughts 

We are glad that the series are continuing. This, much alike the previous two, slots of the Imperial Fruits series, does offer a full reel action experience, and the top payout of £10,000 is quite decent. However, the silver star and the diamond star symbols are very rare, so you’d have to play for the time to increase the chances of a jackpot win. 

Play Imperial Fruits 100 Lines slot at either one of the best UK online casinos that can be found on this page. Claim a welcome offer to start today. 

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