Released: 21 May 2020

The present game is one of those rare online slots that comes with a single payline. It plays across three reels, which isn't too unusual, but the way in which the payouts are made is quite rare: matching the color parts of the Arowana fish can result in wins of up to 888x.



Arowanas Luck  Slot

Arowanas Luck Slot Review

Playtech can be quite ingenious as a company when it comes to making innovative online slots. Most of the time they stick to what they do best, which means they tend to stay away from Megaways games and cluster-payout mechanisms. Nevertheless, there are some games that stand out due even from the midst of most unusual games, such as The Incredible Balloon Machine.

Arowanas Luck Introduction

The maximum payout potential gives it away that Arowanas Luck slot has been inspired by Asian culture, where this type of fish are quite popular. The reel-set on the game sports a patterned background that reflects the Chinese traditional characters for the game's title. At any rate, this is a very simple game that is going to find acceptance among some online slots payers as well as in the land casinos from Macau to Vegas.

Arowanas Luck Design Features

The game's simplicity is its major strength when it comes to graphic design. The slots experts at Playtech have created a fish tank of a reel-set that spins three separate reels. The frame that represents the single payline of the game is wrapped by a golden pattern and the very top of the reels is reserved for the game's paytable.

Arowanas Luck slots has a musical theme that echoes the calm waters of a Chinese koi garden. Everything else is a deep-sea blue that sits in perfect harmony with the separate parts of the game. Did Playtech's slots experts learn the art of Feng Shui for this game? There is no way to know for sure, but we are sure inspired to make some Tai Chi moves this afternoon.

How to Play Arowanas Luck Slot

The game plays as smoothly as the magnificent fish threads its waters. Setting up for the gameplay requires of the players the simple task of choosing a bet amount from the range that is available below the reel-set.

Your online casino may have ascribed a default bet at the get go, but it this amount is one that you wouldn't play at the start, selecting a different amount is as easy as one and two. Simply choose from the available amounts between 10p and £300 by utilizing the minus and the plus buttons.

Each time there has been a winning outcome, Arowanas Luck slot announced it by fanfare on the reel-set and by displaying the amount on the screen, on the Total Win window. Few other displays are there for the players' convenience.

The spin button is the big, blue round arrow in the bottom-right corner of the screen. To the left of is a right-pointing arrow that causes the spins to speed up when it is toggled on. And to the left is the autoplay button which allows the players to choose from the available automatic spins presets. 

How to Win Arowanas Luck Slots

The random number generator can turn up wins for filling the entire fish with parts of the same color. The available colors are blue, green, red, yellow and teal and in the same respective order of value. The fish created by three parts of a different color pays the lowest amount, which is the bet multiplied by 8.

The blue Arowana pays 20x, the green pays 40x, the red pays 60x, the yellow 100x and the teal pays the Arowanas Luck slot jackpot prize of an amazing 888x.

Those who hail from the Asian continent may recognize that number as one that is most revered as the number of luck and fortune. This is especially true about China where 8 is many a people's favorite number, and so we have it on this Playtech slot.

Arowanas Luck Bonus Features

The only bonus that one may get from the game is the peace and calm gained from the soothing display of colors and music. We can't call it a tragedy that Playtech have omitted a bonus feature. the game is meant to be as simple as that. 

Three different parts represented by three different reels make the winning outcomes come to light and pay what is an astounding paytable of winning outcomes. Indeed very few online slots can boast with this kind of potentials, which is balanced out by a high variance. In that regard, there ought to be some wait between the hits and misses. 

Arowanas Luck Free Play

The game may become available as a free play demo slot at online casinos that offer their slots in practice mode. This enables curious players to try the game for free and enjoy it for what it is, before deciding whether to play with reach cash or not.

Arowanas Luck Closing Thoughts

A jackpot prize of 888x isn’t that slim of a sum for the game’s highest paying win outcome. How often this figure can hit is a question that beats us, but let’s rely on our freedom to speculate that it isn’t such a common sight. On the other hand, the smaller payouts may be taken to occur as per normal, and these aren’t bad for cash prizes either.

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