Released: 12 Aug 2019

Let's get cooking on the Hot Chilli slots by Pragmatic Play with bets that are as low as nine pennies per spin, and towards a chance to win the top payout of 555x multiplied by the winning bet. That translates to £25,000 and there are many other smaller prizes. The game has nine paylines and no free spins bonus, but does have a multiplying wild symbol that can boost winnings up to 5x. 

Hot Chilli Slot

Hot Chilli Slot Review

Play the Hot Chilli slot for a chance to win the game’s top payout of £25,000 and lots of smaller prizes. 

Hot Chilli Introduction 

Grill lovers line up behind Pragmatic Play's backyard bender if grillin' and chillin means anything to you. Wrapped by a Chinese fire-breathing dragon and playing on three rows and three reels, here comes the Hot Chilli slot. 

This game can deliver reel action based on three-symbol wins and payouts that can get as high as £25,000 in the best possible instance. Just one glance at the reel-set and we know that Pragmatic Play have invested time and energy in this release. On account of that, it is not to be overlooked if you are a fan of slots and grill. 

The entire manifestation is in the sign of the meat-red color. The chilli peppers are sizzling on the fire along with the multipliers that can get as high as 5x. When it comes to the payouts, the game does that on nine paylines that draw the lines horizontally and in six other positions. If you land three of the same from left to right you'd be in for that prize.

There is a wild symbol, represented by the chilli pepper, and it substitutes for all, but one - the scatter. There are other information that we'd like to share so brace yourself for a cookout on the Hot Chilli slot

Hot Chilli Design

When it comes to the graphics design features, Pragmatic Play have done us a solid one this time around. With an ornate reel-set and a set of symbols that seem to be levitating besides feeling the heat of the grill underneath, we have a full video slot in the most unusual of configurations (3x3) for a slot of this category.

There is a musical theme that reminds of a cheap crime movie from the 90's, but those movies were quite decent actually, and their musical scores were right on par. So you'll get to enjoy a neat upbeat track that fuses in an oriental theme and some string instruments.

How to Play Hot Chilli Slot

To start your action behind the grill, that is, on the reel-set, simply press the spin button located in the bottom right corner of the page. To be honest with you, we are surprised this hasn't been named Grill and shaped like one.

Before you spin the reels you may want to check out the amount for the bet per spin. This amount is located in the bottom left corner of the page, right underneath your account balance. To change the bet use the plus and minus buttons that are on the sides of the Spin button. 

A table will open up where you can change the values on the different sections that ultimately comprise the bet. These are the coin value and the bet level, however, you can change the values of the bet directly also

The smallest bet is one penny per payline, and multiplied on nine lines that amounts to £0.09 per spin. The maximum bet is £45.00 per spin and that is £5.00 per perline on every spin. 

If you wish to kick back while this automatic grill on the Hot Chilli slots does the grilling on its own, use the autospins button. This leaves you the option to choose the number of automatic spins and the single win or the total loss limit. Helps mind the balance, while you chill on the grill. 

How to Win Hot Chilli Slots

When it comes to winning the game, Hot Chilli offers more than you had imagined, and here is how. You can land a winning combination of any three symbols that include the corn on the cob, the pin mushrooms and the porkchop. These outcomes pay £0.40 when you bet £0.72.

Another any three can be formed by the rolled meat and the shrimp. This pays £4.00 when the bet is £0.72 per spin. The component symbols pay individually also. Three shrimps pay £8.00 and three rolls pay £6.00.

The high paying symbols are the chilly peppers in their various instances, that is, the various multipliers. The best outcome in this category is when a x2 chilli falls in two places and there is a single x5. The outcome for this payout is 555x the total bet, so when you bet 0.72 the prize will be £400.00.

Hot Chilli Bonus Features

The bonus features in the Hot Chilli slot are zero. A three reel, three row game doesn't need any in order to provide a thrilling fun, which is the case with this game, unlike many other. There is a scatter, a block of cheese and it scatters wins. The wild symbol substitutes for all, and throws on a multiplier. 

Hot Chilli Free Play

The game is available at a number of online casinos that do offer free play or demo slots. This is a way to test the game if you wish, but there isn’t a need to. With such a small wager of nine pennies per spin, you can enjoy Hot Chilly slot for real money play. 

Hot Chilli Closing Remarks

We have to admit, we’ve seen a number of grill and food inspired slots, but this one takes the cake, even though cakes have nothing to do with the theme. The x5 multipliers come especially delicious with higher wins on wagers that are a bit bigger than the one-pound mark.

If you like some more chilli slots, you might check out the Hot Pots slot by Reflex Gaming.

Play the Hot Chilli slot when you claim a welcome offer to any of the top UK online casinos. Claim yours right from this page. 

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